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Why is people rude?


Because most of the time, it works, and it accomplishes the goal with the least effort.


No it doesn't. People work better together when they aren't pissed off at each other and/or talking about that one guy behind his back because he is always such an asshole.


They might be angry about themselves or about the person they word slap or even entirely unrelated stuff. Some might get a sadistic form of enjoyment or a push of power out of it. The latter aspect is likely the reason why one of the first things people learn in a foreign language is swearing.


I think partly it could be a "wholesome" education mechanism, like they detect something they consider to be a flaw or wrong in other people and "bully" them to change their character for the better. For instance to teach somebody to be tougher or less trusty of others, which can help the other person incorporate better into society or make society better overall.


No, it just makes people not like the one being rude. People using the art of being a dick for some kind of altruistic higher purpose are pretty deluded individuals with an inflated sense of their own importance and power.


Yes it does, it makes people who are uncertain in their efforts give up, whilst the goal of the rude person is to make them cease such efforts. You glorify cooperation but cooperation isn't always a goal, and the goal of cooperation is often contrary to your own goals.


I'm curious what line of work you're in where any of this makes sense. Very little gets done in the world without some form of cooperation, which often involves stuffing your opinions from time to time and dealing with people you dislike. Just lipping off to people to scare them away is really not very productive behaviour.

Someone with a contract isn't going to leave a project just because you were mean to them, at least not very often.


I don't get why you are so fixated on work and professional environments. I am not in any sort of work or non-work contract with the vast majority of the population, and neither are you. Interactions still happen.
Being rude to people sends a clear message that I'm not interested in them, their story, their reasons, and won't waste my time or effort guessing or learning those things. However they imagined this short little situation to go down was probably wrong. They can adapt by changing the way they proceed, or they can start some kind of scene.

If anything, being rude has been around since people live densely enough for it to happen. If it was so ineffective, it would have probably disappeared with the people who do it, but alas, people are still rude.


>it would have probably disappeared with the people who do it, but alas, people are still rude

It's like saying poor people would have disappeared because of the existence of rich people.

Angry people will always exist because they lack the skills to make their life better due to their own nature and the economy.

I think angry circle jerks seldom accomplish something and try to bring people around them down so they don't accomplish something themselves.


> I am not in any sort of work or non-work contract with the vast majority of the population
That's apparent.

> and neither are you

…you assume this why? By your own admission you are someone who does not (and does not want to) play with the other children, so all your advice about social interaction can be dismissed on that grounds alone.



why do you need to show people that you are not interested in them?


Because most people are stupid and poor. Cultured people know how to express their disinterest or displeasure gracefully and with tact. Low class people can't do so or even understand the subtle hints other, higher class people give. Go to a place with high class people if you want politeness.



>Why is people rude?
Either to build up themself, or to kick down someone else. It's purely crab-bucket mentality.

A more interesting question is why people will so rapidly jump make excuses for poor behavior, trying to present it as having some kind of social benefit or educational value.


Learn grammar, dumbass.


File: 1566633308108.png (531.34 KB, 798x897, stop bullying.png)


Y'all are either autistic or very snobby.


Just immature enough to not be able to produce interaction without some sort of low hanging trick

I imagine I would become rude IRL if, like it happens online, nobody gave a crap about what I say

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