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File: 1501243785679.png (79.58 KB, 1352x714, lainsnoopdogg.png)


Lains, let's discuss the wonderful drug that is marijuana.

Some questions to get the thread started:
What's your favorite way of consuming marijuana?
Know any neat tricks/techniques to achieve maximum efficiency, etc?
Ever done any DIY rigs?
How often do you consume it?
How old were you when you tried it for the first time?
What's your favorite activity to do when high?
What's your favorite strain(s)?
How hard is it to get in your area?
Any wacky adventures you've gone on?
Favorite combinations with weed and other drgz?


>What's your favorite way of consuming marijuana?
I mostly vaporize it. I like that you get more taste when vaping and that you aren't inhaling all that tar.

>Ever done any DIY rigs?

Yeah, I've tried making some bottlebongs with my friends a couple of times.
Weren't very pretty and they usually didn't really work all that well.

>How often do you consume it?

When I have some it's usually 2-5 times a week.
Mostly in the evenings.

>How old were you when you tried it for the first time?

I was 17, I believe. Tried it with my friend on the way home from a party.
It was probably 3-4ish AM and we were in the royal gardens overlooking the castle in our city.
Quite a beautiful sight.

>What's your favorite activity to do when high?

brewing soykaf on the internet, watching movies, or when with my boys we like to throw a football around and chill out.

>What's your favorite strain(s)?

Probably OG Kush or Lemon Haze.

>How hard is it to get in your area?

Not very hard. Usually I buy it from a place around a 30 minutes drive away.
Basically a bazar for weed.
It's pretty neat.


>favorite way
Food. Specifically, peanut-butter bars.


Depends on the effects wanted, honestly. For relaxation, nothing beats some herbal tea to combine with.
For anything else, it tends to depend on your environment. Being alone with pencil and paper are great for an introspective state, though for me it tends to result in odd artwork.

>DIY rigs

Only the common ones(soda can, corncob, aluminum foil, etc.)

>How often

Not very, I prefer other means of reaching different experiences

>How old

12? Not sure, it's easily been more than a decade.

>favorite activity

Sitting in a car while someone else drives, windows down. The motion, the feeling of wind on my face, the relaxation… All combine for a perfect experience.

>How hard is it to get in your area?

Probably not too difficult, but I just moved here recently. Everything is easy to get here, though. US Gulf Coast.

>wacky adventures

Lots, but my favorite has been with friends, at a fair. Spent an hour or so trying to find our ride because we had to cross a corn-field. And ate a ton of deep fried fair food. Was amazing.

>Favorite combinations

Any type of stimulant tends to be fun, depressants tend to knock me out, and combining it with ethanol is a terrible idea for myself.


Some questions to get the thread started:
>What's your favorite way of consuming marijuana?
in a bong with some tobacco

>Know any neat tricks/techniques to achieve maximum efficiency, etc?

Hold in your hits for more than 2 seconds and you wont be worried about efficiency

>Ever done any DIY rigs?

I have done all the standard soykaf; cans, hot knives, gravity bongs and the like. I like chasing the dragon with butane hash oil.

>How often do you consume it?


>How old were you when you tried it for the first time?


>What's your favorite activity to do when high?

my life

>What's your favorite strain(s)?

lemon sour diesel

>How hard is it to get in your area?

it's legal

>Any wacky adventures you've gone on?

I robbed someone for a quarter pound when I was 17 and my friend kicked the dude's jaw out. I regret it so much.

>Favorite combinations with weed and other drgz?

PCP and weed is pretty solid

File: 1495766094778.jpg (375.88 KB, 1920x1080, r2xqykluyiz7r6omxcje.jpg)


When one has mental illness it is sometimes difficult to have insight into your own disordered mind and behavior, but I still occasionally have a fleeting moment where I wonder to myself how I must look to an outside observer. I literally spend almost every waking moment of my life in front of the computer. My three monitors cover so much of my visual field that—combined with my headphones and blackout curtains—my subjective experience is almost completely artificial now. I think that this environment is at least somewhat responsible for my struggles with depersonalization and derealization. It's easy to feel that you and your world aren't real when everything you experience is already virtual. Despite these problems I cannot get off of the computer even to migrate to a different screen like a phone or television let alone do something not involving electronics or further still actually go outside. I know this needs to change, but I don't know how. Please help.
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I've been a depressed hikki for two years under my parents' roof, and I got nothing to say other than I know that feel or think I do at least.


Your world sounds like what I personally am craving in mine.



How old is that rant?


make no mistake, there is no coming back from the state brazil is in.


Get up and stretch. Don't think about it while doing it, but get up and stretch. Get some clothes on, get your shoes, and walk around for a while. Don't think, just do it. Get up and move, get some sun. Don't think, move. Do it a little more every day. Every morning or hell, even night. Just get up, get out and walk for a while. Take in the sights, or don't, just be out and move.

File: 1500815003171.png (372.48 KB, 630x630, 91b8fcb4aa695ec8.png)


Apparently "expired" drugs are still good:

So Lains, What's the oldest stuff you've taken?

Even if it's some old weed you found in a baggie you long forgot, did it still work? For me, I only know that painkillers that I've had for years are still pretty potent when I need them.



Once, I double dunked dex that was 7 months out of date.

It crept up slower than usual & the peak definitely wasn't as high.

File: 1496914512092.png (548.93 KB, 1280x720, .png)


I haven't had a single dream in months, perhaps even a year. How can I fix this?


Make sure your alarm clock is within reach if you use one. Also place your dream diary and pen within reaching distance. The closer the better and preferably in front of where you'll be facing. Remain still upon first waking. If you're lying on your side, stay on your side. If you accidentally rolled over, roll back to your original waking position. Stay calm. Don't try too hard. Just wait to recall your dream. If you do, then and only then reach for your dream diary. Immediately write down details as they are recollected. Don't try to make it a coherent chronological story. Just write out details as quickly as you remember them. You can revise your notes later. I'm not sure exactly why, but recording your dreams dramatically increases dream recall. This phenomenon has been documented quite a bit. Good luck lain!


Eat some cheese before bed ; chedder works best in my experience.
Not even meming, its the tryptophan, has notable effects.


turkey meat might help.

melatonin supplements helped me dream.


Do you set an alarm or do you wake naturally? Do you suffer from insomnia or hypersomnia? We could probably be more helpful if we knew more about your relationship with sleep in general.


seconding turkey for tryptophan. 5-HTP supplements work too. Tryptophan -> 5HTP/5HT2P -> serotonin is the rough digestion breakdown IIRC

melatonin always gave me too-lucid dreams (e.g. vivid nightmares with all five senses and self-control) so I dunno that I'd recommend that route

sufficient amounts of sleep will also make a huge difference, though I dunno how oversleeping changes things

File: 1498387268010.jpg (34.41 KB, 480x480, 1465420239915.jpg)


lain, i need some help. I want to know if anyone has had anything like this happen to them.
predictions through dreams, more formally known as precognitive dreams. To see or predict a future outcome. Ill go ahead and start off by saying I am no psychic, or at least i don't call myself one. This all started a while ago, not the dream but the situation.
(gonna green text it since it's not that important)
>summer night
>cant sleep so i pull up weeb-tube and look for a show my friend told me about
>anime is about this dude wanting to hook up with creepy/cute chick
>dude has crazy dream at night about gril
>gril does said things that happened in his dreams
>"wait a min….."
At that time i had just remembered about some stupid drama from way back when, and how i predicted every single thing that happened through a crazy dream. Now onto the main subject.
>school night, i'm currently fast asleep
in my dream i was in school. Dead silence, just the soft ambiance of the rain outside. (for the sake of privacy everyone's name will be replaced with an evangelion character's name) The grimy tiled hallway clashed with the black surrounding, the walls looked like dripping shadows and the ceiling was a sickly pale white. out of nowhere, my childhood friend shinji grabs my hand. without a word he walks me to down the hallway, besides the pallet switch of the school, nothing was out of the ordinary. There we're no crazy infinite halls like in mario 64, or demons condensing into the walls. Just your average public school (as scary as that already is).
So shinji is walking me down the school halls, until we make a stop in front of the principles office. I peek in and my heart jumps, inside i see rei talking to someone who's behind a desk. I've had a crush on rei since junior high, i felt so bad and worried for her. I wanted to punch right through the glass to go comfort her. I was interrupted by shinji tugging at my hand signaling for me to follow him.
> shinji: lain, i'm taking you to @#$&^!Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I was in a coma for 2 months and i had one long lucid dream where i pretty much lived my life and now i have constant deja vu because ive already done everything.


literally just happened to me.

not what happened, but I have a very visual way of thinking and the word "deja vu" made me think of a teal shape that looked just like a salt shaker that I saw once when I got deja vu. It's honestly something I try not to think about.



I'm just posting to say that I appreciate the eurobeat meme reference.

Have a good day.


I get them semi regularly
usually it's just minor things, but I distinctly remember the dreams as the events are unfolding later on


My deja vu has been getting worse the past year or two. I wonder if we're heading toward something important.

File: 1497443344254.jpg (367.01 KB, 2048x1530, 28cYobo.jpg)


Anyone else listen to ambient noise when they sleep?

My Favorite to sleep to is
It knocks me out flat.

I also have a habit of "imagine when before sleep". Like pretending I am hiding aboard a ship, street side etc.

Anyone else do that?
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do you mean like binaural beats or something audio drugs(istoner) ? i find it fantastic not really for the drugs or anything but to help me lucid dream or astral project.. .


Can you (or anyone really) share your experience? I couldn't get binaurals to do any effect on me. I've been lucid dreaming for some months but now I stopped having them nearly as often so I'm interested in trying binaural tunes.


God knows I cant get any of that soykaf to work either


File: 1499440718877.jpg (22.45 KB, 299x300, 41VT3D929ZL._QL70_.jpg)

Lull - Continue

One of my all time favorite dark ambient albums.


File: 1498429527839.jpg (69.87 KB, 525x502, SEL pic 67.jpg)


Can you get addicted to information?

Sometimes i get a sort of Very feel good rush from consuming large amounts of visual and audio information at once, is this a sort of "high" of sorts?
It makes we want to get more information to get this "High" again because it is a very wonderful kind of feeling.

Have you similar experiences of this Infornography?


There is already a thread on this subject. Please see >>50. Thank you.

File: 1497673043210.png (48.52 KB, 255x195, 1493233794890.png)


My dreams have always been super lucid, and I've been able to control most of them
They usually take place in my ideal safe space, a void with a lone Coffee shop floating, inside are all of my friends and the basement, a rabbit hole where you can go to forget all the bad things, have some tea and chill
It's really comfy in there, like a warm blanket
If you decide to leave the coffee shop, you are left suspended in the void, only surrounded by the physical form of your most favorite music
Physical and visible sound waves I guess


sounds like a great place. How great would it be to one day manifest and explore your own dreams?!


That is something I've been wishing was possible for a long time

File: 1494972855710.png (85.25 KB, 1754x1140, pattern.png)


>have slightly odd dream
>forget about it
>years/months/weeks later
>Deja Vu? how can this happen? this is completely unfamiliar…
>remember dream
>how did I dream into the future?
Does this happen to anybody else?
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I have one dream I still remember back from elementary school, it just seemed really normal about me running around with all my friends in the schools parking lot. Then I turn and look at the buses lined up, just continuing to stare. The same day after I woke up, the exact same events unfold and when I end up staring at the buses in real life, I felt something that now I recognize as dread, but then I was just unsettled.

Story not so interesting but I think about that dream and the following dream probably twice a week or so, I don't know why I can't get it out of my head.


Yes, always. My mother says it runs in her family, which I don't know what to think of, since the concept of Deja Vu is pretty common and well recognized. But supposedly when her grandmother was a child her family visited Italy. Upon approaching the hotel they were staying at, she reacted heavily and stated that she had dreamed of this place. Before entering the hotel, she drew a map of the inside of it, displaying the location and size of each room on the ground floor within the hotel. When they entered, her drawing was completely accurate. She had dreamed of the place they were going to stay well before actually arriving there in actuality. Pretty strange.


this has happened to me as well. i've read that it is just some subconscious phenomenon due to unreliable memory. still, that feeling that occurs during a moment of "deja vu"….i just can't explain it. why do our minds want to suggest this feeling? why is there that distinct sense of familiarity, accompanied by the subtle jolt of conviction in the brain, forcibly telling me that i have seen this already? it's kind of creepy tbh lol


I get the same thing. I actually pretty severe instances of deja vu. To my understanding deja vu generally only lasts a couple seconds, to around 10. I get it for a couple minutes, and it's actually debilitating. I kept a dream journal for a while, and for every instance where I felt that I was sure I had dreamt it before, there was nothing in the journal that substantiated it. I recommend doing this if it starts to seriously affect you, actually I recommend it anyway, dream journals are interesting.

Personally I can say I've never actually had any "definitive" form of precognition, nor have I ever met anyone who can really say they are precognisant. It operates on a similar level to fortune tellers, it's possible to observe and talk to someone and make semi-accurate assumptions, depending on how good you are. All the stories where people say things like "my daughter was acting weird and felt something was wrong then it actually turned out that…." where it's an extremely vague description that turns out to be correct. Presumably, people are wrong all the time, but that isn't a very interesting story, so we only ever hear about the times when people were "correct"

Deja vu can definitely be unnerving though, luckily it's fairly simple to determine whether or not you are actually predicting events, or if you have actually experienced something before.

Cool article here. Apparently Deja Vu is felt when your brain looks through a lot of memories and finds some common thread in them, and mistakes it for a memory unto itself. If you remember your dreams very well, especially assuming the interpretation that dreams are a way for the mind to work through your daily life and make sense of it, it really comes as no surprise that eventually one of your dreams would cause deja vu somewhere down the line. Neat.

File: 1495795093410.jpg (89.23 KB, 1024x680, luna.jpg)


I got some serious melancholic depression, tried escitalopram, sertraline (zoloft) and nothing

Been 6 months with vortioxetine which is supposed to be this brand new AD drug that even has positive cognitive effects and instead of getting back some of my concentration and other faculties which depression eroded but instead its making me even more depressed, dumb, slow and sleep a lot this last one really ironic since my shrink actually was afraid this pill was going to make me sleep less/be too alert but it had the opposite effect

So I'm at the end of the line, my life sucks but my crippling depression got so bad I can even muster the effort to do something about it and pills clearly don't do anything

Any ideas?
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Crash, do you have an email or something I could reach you at…? I've been figuring out which substances (over-the-counter, herbal, nootropic, experimental, etc) work for depression & anxiety for the better part of two years now because I too suffer horrible depression.

I can simply list some things here if you prefer, but I can be more comprehensive and continually helpful via other communications

My email is ; I truly wish you success in getting better and will do absolutely everything in my power to help



I'm seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist, last one once a week. CBT therapists are rare in my country and I couldn't find one but lately I been hearing CBT is not as effective as once thought

>do you have anything that can break the cycle for short intervals of time?

Not anymore, I used to read about several subjects (mostly science, geopolitics, tech) and play some videogames, but lately even those things seem like a task rather than something to take my mind off things

All I do anymore is lurk around the net, I'm like a fucking ghost…


Sent you an email



For some reason my nick didn't show up


Exercise helps, but you're probably too depressed for that in the first place.


Sorry for the delay in response to everyone! Been a bit busy, I replied to the two emails I received in my inbox. :)

For everyone's benefit, here is a short list of subreddits I recommend browsing regularly for good information on substances/nootropics/herbals/etc on treating depressive/anxious issues :


Very high-quality users/posters on these two subreddits to follow include:

(this guy also runs
(owner of, probably the single best nootropics site… brilliant guy)
(Dr. Rhonda Patrick, also has a site at
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