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Hey lain,

Does anyone have any info on microdosing with magic truffles? I'm especially looking for dosing and frequency info for fresh magic truffles.


It should be the same as microdosing psilocybin mushrooms considering that they have the exact same active ingredient but the dosage may change because of the amount of psilocybin per gram. Honestly I'd just go with 4-aco-dmt for microdosing for convenience but that's just me.


>>62 is right. Definitely something accessible pure and powdered, research chemicals are an obvious choice.
4-HO-MET would be a close match, as well, depending on the legal where you are.
Microdosing an unrefined, organic substance seems like a hard thing to pull off. I would advise against it.


Hi all, I just want to ask if someone ever tried using shrooms or truffles for medical purposes? I was reading some articles about this magic truffles and shrooms before engaging my self for the first time. Like this one from .They say that it has a very potent effect on the brain and hallucination. Unlike marijuana does it have any medical use? In one article that I've read magic truffles or shrooms compaired to synthetic drugs are very alarming. Also magic mushroom are use on reducing the symptoms of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety. It can also help people to quit smoking and alcohol addiction. Some studies also suggest the property of magic shrooms/truffles can be useful for cancer patients. I would really want to hear other insights regarding this new possible alternative meds. Thanks


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I cannot tell you how effective it will be for your particular situation, but I can tell you how things worked out for me.

I am what psychologists would probably call "depressed" but I imagine that the majority of the world feels the sense of purposelessness and longing that I feel, so I'm not special in that way. It's simply a function of modern society, people just aren't willing to admit it. I am, however, an alcoholic, so there's your label that you seem to be interested in treating.

A friend of mine had some mushrooms, I'm not sure of species and I don't really care. He and I resolved to take 4 grams dried weight of whatever it was that we had. I am inclined to the esoteric side of things, I decided to fast for the week prior to the engagement (no red meat, no meat at all on Wednesday and Friday, no alcohol, no caffeine, etc.). I meditated and tried to prepare myself for a spiritual experience. I had no experience with mushrooms at this time, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Aside from the spiritual aspect, I was hoping they could help with my drinking problem.

Here's where everything went sideways…

On the day of the event, my friend suggested that we have some beers before consuming the mushrooms, which of course I agreed to since I love beer. We probably had about three before getting to the main event. Additionally, I did not board my dog, so I had him hanging around.

Fast forward to about an hour later and the floors and walls are dancing. I imagine that I see shadows down the hall from my seat. They are telling me that they can come out if I promise not to judge them, but my mind can't process that since I'd be making a positive judgment of them coming out at all. My friend won't stop talking about whether or not I'm really feeling this, and I just want to get outside and have a cigarette. I can't stop petting my dog, and that's an anchor that's also preventing me from really experiencing things as they were

I finally had to take the dog out to do his business. Mind you, this is winter and it's about -20F and I'm bundled up. The sky is clear and the stars are out. So, I'm walking my dog, and I start feeling like I am the first man that ever walked the earth. I live in a rural area so there's no one else out. Just me and my dog, like the cavemen used to be. This should seem profound, but it doesn't, at least at the time.

We get home and the inevitable comedown starts happening. I consider smoking some weed to see if I can extend things, but I see that my friend and I have drank about 12 beers each. I decide against it.

The next day, I am hung over and depressed. The depressed feeling doesn't go away for a couple days - it's worse than usual. It takes some time to really process everything. I've achieved none of my goals outside of being able to say I've done mushrooms.

There's a lot of things that went wrong here, and most of them were my fault. When I have the next experience, I'll do much better based on the knowledge I gained. Do I believe that mushrooms can have a medical purpose? Absolutely, but not in the home environment. What we really need is a shaman or some other type of spiritual healer to really help us to get the full value of the experience. If nothing else, do them with no one else around. That includes pets, if you have any. Perhaps a Jungian psychologist could help as well, but I tend not to trust the profession in general.

Also, unlike marijuana, for medical use, what is this? Are you arguing against marijuana and for mushrooms?

I cannot speak to microdosing, but given the unpredictability of natural products I'd also suggest RCs as others have.


eat the whole truffle. experience the magic or die. this is the way to god.


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if you're after microdosing, you're much better off getting some LSD or research chemicals in raw form and measuring them out. naturals unfortunately lack consistency, so you'll be getting varying doses. If you're trying to actually function in the world, you're going to have a bad time.


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THat's just some liberal soykaf they push in san francisco and silicon valley.
those people are batsoykaf in silicon valley because they are obsessed with technology business.
also, san francisco is know for being a drug addled heroin infested soykafhole for leftists to fester in.

Don't listen to Tim Ferriss. everyone knows that psychotropics are for losers and schweebs



the very way you worded this sentence shows that you don't get it.


I'm so sorry you had such a negative experience.I think a big problem, though, is that you took 4 grams with no prior experience.
>=5 grams is considered a "heroic dose". What you took is way beyond what most people would (or should) do. The most I've done is 3.5 and I'm not sure I'd do that again.

I've microdosed shrooms with great success. I find it to be stimulating, like a good cup of coffee without the jitters. I've taken as much as .5 grams (to microdose) and found that to be quite psychedelic. ~.25g is probably my sweet spot. A lot of people might find even that to be too high, but I like things to get a little weird when I microdose.

Some people have mentioned trying out RCs, and I've done that many many times.
It's easy to get the exact dosage you're taking. Easy to tweak things up and find your sweet spot.
Also, convenience. It's very to get RCs in most places (USA).

I've microdosed using 1p-lsd and 4-aco-dmt.
1p-LSD gave me a lot of headaches.
4-aco-DMT made me very euphoric and happy, but it also was prone to giving me headaches (though, not as much or as bad as 1p-LSD).
And this is a personal reason, but I find organic to be more "natural feeling" (as fucking cliche as that is to say). Fewer headaches, and doesn't make me feel "burnt out" as RCs do.

As far as how effective any of this has been for medicinal purposes, it's hard for me to say. I still suffer from depression. I still get mad over little things. I'm not cured. I'm not smarter or creative than I was before any of this.
But it does give an interesting edge to my days now. I've had days that I feel like were definitely enhanced by microdosing.
But I'm still me.


You have no idea what you took when you were trying to microdose. Psilocybin content can vary widely between and within species, between batches, and even individual fruit bodies within one batch. If you're just weighing dried mushrooms, that's not enough control.


And you have no idea where I was sourcing my RCs, so I don't believe you have any reason to accuse me of taking something I wasn't.

Unless you're strictly talking about the shrooms. And to that I say, you're right. I dont know exactly how much I was taking. Doses vary, even in the same batch.
However, its not hard to take a little bit and realize it was too much and then shoot to take less next time, or vice versa. Microdosing isn't an exact science yet. Besides, at doses that strikingly low (less than a gram) its all just barely perceptible regardless of potency and physiology (unless you got some good soykaf, but even then my point still stands).

I'm not a professional, I don't have the specialized equipment or knowhow to test exactly what I'm getting. But I have years of experience with various psychedelic drugs, and I've gotten decently good at reading how my body is reacting to taking psychedelic drugs. Of course take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. This is the internet after all.

OP all I'm saying is ymmv


Shameless plug i know but perhaps you are interested in my topic, the one about altered states of consciousness and how we could map it and about other stuff. This has been tackled by psychological researchers as of late and it might as well give a certain kind of proof to Jungian psyche theories.


> san francisco is know for being a drug addled heroin infested soykafhole for leftists to fester in

Is it 1997 or something? SF is ultracapitalist yuppie central now.


make capsules. Microdosing straight mushrooms, it's impossible to know how much you took because the psilocybin density varies within the mushroom.

I have microdosed LSD, I find it to be a very effective anti-depressant and mild stimulant but it does change your perceptions more or less permanently. I think for the better.


There are a lot of researches that support your opinion actually. they're pretty interesting to read through as well. Google it.

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