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Hi. I just wanted to spark a discussion. If anyone has the psychological field as background, would you mind answering me in something. Could we map the altered states of consciousness in clusters and interconnected functions that are supported by physiological evidence through brain scans etc. A similar way of how we analyse normative states of consciousness through bio-cognitive theories. In the picture i have attached, i was talking to a friend about it and I kinda explained to them my thought bubble. What i want you to do is to offer your opinion and to mention to me if you had experiences of Possession, and how important it is for you to have agency (to be in charge of your own actions). That is all.


what would you gain from it


Before getting to the objective one must delve into the subjective. To find the switches that linger in "darkness" and connect us all. Personally i would just satisfy my curiosity. I want to research this.

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