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File: 1561106897659.gif (1009.78 KB, 500x284, shinjialone.gif)


hey arisu,

what are your opinions on doing psychdelics with other people? Are you in favor or nay? And how much do the other person(s) affect your experience? Would you you do psychdelics with a complete stranger? As someone who's tripped with people and alone before, I've come to the conclusion that tripping with other humans makes you more acutely aware of the sense of complete aloneness that you is human existence.


I've only ever had horrific experiences when doing them with other people. The other people freaked out and couldn't handle it and were never the same again afterwards.

Doing them by myself was a fantastic experience, I've done so multiple times. Absolutely one of my favorite experiences. Even better is the day after. One night I tripped on LSD and stayed up all night, and then when I got up in the morning these friends of mine were doing some mechanic work on a van, and I got down and helped them all afternoon on a whim. It was great. One of my favorite afternoons.


I do them frequently because I find it fun to bend and warp my perception of reality.

I find it less fun with people because it's distracting and usually everybody just ends up wanting to do their own thing.


Having experience both doing /psych/s alone and with people, they both have their pros and cons.
If you want to do them with other people, make sure these are people you're already comfortable with.
If you choose to do them alone, make sure you're in a good place to do them. Don't, like… take them in your room at 12 AM in your parents house while everyone is asleep. You'll most likely have a soykaf time.

I took shrooms with good friends recently, and I had an amazing experience.
I've also taken a vast amount of different psychs alone, and also had a good experience.


Can be fun, if you're with people you trust and get along with. Making collaborative art, talking about life, having sex, etc. are all really great, and IMO are often the most fulfilling uses of psychedelics. I don't trip with people if it's their first time any more though.


Doing them alone and staying alone can be great. Doing them with a group and staying with the group all night can also be great, with maybe short solo missions where you wander off for a few minutes. Starting off alone and then wandering into a group setting like a party midway is highly ill advised and must be avoided.

File: 1562062023220.png (1.31 MB, 894x894, grit_your_teeth_by_lezrodi….png)


I am stuck. Fading in and out of the self.
Conciousness is weird and to be concious of the concious and of your over self concious behaivors is scary.

Who am i?

I am scared…
Do i have schizophrenia?
Is there really another self?
Why do i dissasociate and feel so lost in all things.

Who and what is other self
Why does it tell me to kill myself
What does it what
What do i want

I dont have a family
I dont feel real

Please help me understand this arisu.

I wanted to grow up and have a family.
I dont think i can.


Maybe call a helpline? You should see a doctor


Stay true to what you believe in. Doesn't matter if you're living up to it; make it your light. The mind is a forest and you live in the cabin of You. You're not the forest, so don't sweat about what you see in it. The beasts that roam outside are fear and hate, and it's very much animal as you are human. Ignore it when you can… when you can't, know it will not kill you. Learn it and yourself in those encounters and you'll be stronger. Chill, man.

In the meantime, do seek help. Just because you're going through this doesn't mean you're schizo, but that doesn't mean you won't benefit from help either. Trust yourself and keep your spirits up!


Obviously you should go take a bunch of DMT in one go.

File: 1525141452107.jpg (124.64 KB, 1280x886, sky.jpg)


Has anyone ever heard god asking you to do stuff?

I mean, the answer is obviously yes, that's how religions are born, I just didn't want to start this post with "I can't take this anymore please help me"

First things first: I'm not schizophrenic. I'm 100% sure I'm not mentally sane, but it isn't schizophrenia. I don't hear or see things. If I did, I would be able to convince myself that it's schizophrenia and I wouldn't be having any of the doubts I currently have. My problem is that since I don't actually hear anything or see anything physical, like schizophrenic people do, I have no idea if it's actually true or I'm just making stuff up.

So let's start by describing what I "hear" and "see".

A goddess, which I've named Emi but I'm really not sure that's her name, "talks" to me inside my mind and tells me to do stuff. Again, it isn't like hearing a voice, it's more like if someone was thinking inside of my mind. Sometimes I have a hard time telling which are my thoughts and which are hers. If all of this is true, she was very clever to not speak to me directly, because if I could listen to a voice telling me to do stuff I would just assume I'm schizo.

She wants me to take the stories she shows me and spread them, she basically wants me to start a religion.

So let's describe how these things happen. Maybe I'll be sitting around, doing my stuff, playing videogames w/e and then suddenly I have a memory, like when you suddenly remember where you left your keys this morning, but it's something related to her and it feels so real, like I really was there, but I KNOW it's not real, it just feels real. Or maybe I'll be preparing to go to sleep and suddenly a thought crosses my mind "you should start writing" and I know it's her telling me to write a literal bible.

I started having the most basic version of these when I was around 13, I'm 18 now.
Back then, it was a lot different, all of it. I've always been a creative child, I drew stories when I was younger and I don't remember a single moment in my life I haven't been thinking of other worlds, even before the first of these events occurred. When I was 13 it was the first time a story felt real, like I wasn't making it up but instead was remembering it. It was all downhill from there.

The fact that I can't tell my own thoughts from the goddess' is also making everything much harder than it needs be. My current process for kind of trying tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Also, the results of the test are inconclusive. Either it's statistical probability at work, or you're just getting better at something like knowing what you've typed without seeing it and doing mental arithmetic. Practice makes perfect. You're alternative test with names reminds me of how magicians coax out information. Chances are some random person will have been born on a date with your general specifications. How is a goddess with magic hair that created everything limited? Does she lack enough faith? If she exists in more than person's head, I guess the statistical probability of her being right grows as her capabilities grow. This would make her a parsitic "goddess" that feeds off her followers mental capabilities. Sounds like a great book idea.


>more than one person's head


having "schizophrenia" does not mean everything you are experiencing is not real


I would definitely like to read whatever Emi has to say. It does seem like it could be somewhere in the realms of schizophrenia, but that doesn't
make it less interesting if only to read and not to believe


>get weird looks from people
You could start anonymously and see how it goes.

File: 1550638077194.gif (536.52 KB, 500x526, 1543167729099.gif)


hello arisu,
i took LSD for the first time yesterday and it was a wonderful experience for the most part except a couple things, most notably among them i kept thinking of suicide. i felt as if my psyche desperately wanted to leave my body behind, as if it was trapped in there as a prisoner. every thought i had ultimately ended in me wanting to commit suicide, and everyone on the planet to do it with me too. i even remember thinking of a scenario where everyone committed global suicide and how wonderful it would be. has anyone else experienced this?
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>It isn't inventing fantasies.
Is there any drug that invents fantasies ?


I think you guys are over-simplify the effects of LSD. It isn't just an accelerator, LSD isn't accela.

Brain activity and tought patterns change significantly when the 5HT2A receptor is agonized, not only speed up. First of all, it turns down our "natural information filter" processes, and we can achieve a completely different action from the same stimulus and transduction. (That's why we feel and percieve our world like little children when tripping, because little children don't have a fully developed form of this "filter" and they get overjoyed, very sad, very interested, or really mad over little everyday things) Of course this means the high level processing areas of our brain handle much more information, so information processing is sped up a lot, but it isn't the same information that was already there before the trip. The way of signals that travel through our neuronal network changes, so we can create brand new thoughts and feelings that wouldn't happened with the everyday working of our brain. There's absolutely no guarantee that any of theese new thoughts and feelings will be useful or true. Also a lot of new perspectives: we can see ourself, our relationships and even the whole world as a third-party. (again, nothing guarantees we will see the "truth" or anything like that). Our mind consist of lots of subunits (number of them, dominancy of them and state of development varies from person to person of course) and a psychedelic trip can make some subunits depressed or even turned off, while others stimulated.

If you trip in "silent darkness" it probably really takes what's already there, but chances are you never knew that it was there and never could think about that in the way you do it while tripping.
But if you trip while having stimuli from the outside world, it definitely aren't taking things only present before tripping. So no i don't agree, LSD isn't a simple accelerator. That would be piracetams, amphetamines, adrenaline, etc.


When I created a datura tea it actually invented fantasies that were quite terrifying. It was terrifying because it felt 110% real and not like a hallucination. The stories you read about it online are really true. Here is a short version of my experiences with it since I don't feel like retyping it but.

>Take the tea and just sit in my living room for a bit waiting for the come up.

>Friend comes in and says hey, grabs a couple books that I had borrowed from them for a class.
>Tell them what I'm up to, trying to check out this trip, they tell me cool and leave.
>Waiting and it seems like forever and nothing is happening at all.
>Bored, all of a sudden I drop the cigarette I was smoking out the window.
>FUCK going to burn the carpet.
>Searching around but can't find it anywhere.
>Slowly realize that the window isn't open.
>Realize that the books my friend came by to grab are still there.
>Realize I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, don't even have a lighter.
>Proceed to flip out. Can't tell reality from fantasy.
>My friend never came into my apartment that night, I had just imagined it.

If you want a drug that actually invents things that aren't there but feel 100% real try datura. It was not a pleasant experience in any sense of the word, and I don' t think that is even possible to have a 'good' trip with it. It was definitely an experience that was unique to that drug specifically, never experienced anything like it in my life. It was like what movies depict drugs as being like.



If somebody wants to try a deliriant with real hallucinations he/she has much safer alternatives than datura or even medical atropine.

safe anticholinergics are diphenhydramine, trihexyphenidyl, myristicin(nutmeg) and a lot more.

GABA deliriants: zolpidem, zaleplon, muscimol and a few more.


I feel like that all the time though

File: 1546902079564.jpeg (84.11 KB, 634x935, AE8ABB27-9AF9-40D9-9C84-F….jpeg)


I can’t move forward in life, I just can’t take a single step towards improving my situation. I have a job and a car and just barely make it every month, but that’s it.

I made new year’s resolutions that were really easy, call a doctor to see what’s wrong with me, apply online to some jobs, call down to the local university to register for courses. But I haven’t done any of them, when I get off work I just want to veg out and lay in bed on my phone for the nine hours or so that I have before I have to go to sleep and repeat.

Is this normal? Do most people do the exact same thing I’m doing? Should I be getting on anti anxiety meds?
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>>754 gave the best answer so far.
In my opinion, it's all up to you. For me, life doesn't have a meaning itself; this gives us the freedom to choose our course of action. My wish is to be financially free, to do whatever I want for the rest of my life, to give my children that freedom.
If you want to spend the rest of your life like you are right now, sure you can. But by simply asking how to improve your status, you show that you have more potential than many people.
As you said, you made new year's resolutions. You don't have to do successfully everything in there, but at least try. And if you fail, try again taking into account the experience you gained early; and keep failing and trying, and so on. Eventually, you'll find yourself where you want to be right now, or closer. Good luck.


This really sounds like what I'm going through.
I've also become more and more afraid and hateful of everything.
Somehow I think I want to be in this situation since it's way easier to become a shut-in than take control of my life.


Well if you're able to get healthier by going to the gym consistently enough and figuring out a workout that you can stick to and get results, it will be good experience in planning and commitment with clear and obvious results.
If you can't commit like that then you won't get healthier and you won't continue using the gym, which leads to the connection between going to the gym and learning how to be successful.


File: 1558394595774.pdf (159.93 KB, how-to-operate-your-brain-….pdf)


I will pester you daily so you can fulfill those simple tasks

Have you looked up some jobs?
Have you called a doctor?
Have you checked on your local university?

File: 1557419733276.png (1.12 MB, 1833x888, ketamine-ravejungle.png)


hi arisu,
where to buy (s-)ketamine on darknet right now?
I wanna pay with monero and it should ship to germany.


check out z–(tn00)fff

File: 1492496344202.jpg (69.96 KB, 600x337, meditation-techniques-bodh….jpg)


seemed to be popular on /zzz/, so let's bring it back.

I try to meditate at least once a week, it used to be once daily but I've fallen behind. There's a really nice spot at my campus: an old amphitheater that was closed for renovation after a kid nearly died there. It's a really calming place, I can usually spend 20-40 minutes there if it's nice out.
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>Thinking of nothing is much more challenging than one would think.
Taking a look at the general population I find that surprising. Any resources on combining meditation with cannabis?



I would suggest meditating sober first, and then later experimenting with MJ.


The paradoxical aspect of this is, that if you acquire skill at sitting still and thinking about nothing, meditation can be a more powerful hallucinagin then marijuana… if that's what you're looking for. After much practice, one can enter hypnogogic and lucid dream states that the highest aspirations of virtual reality technology could barely approximate.

Also, to use a stretched tech metaphor, aquirring the skill of sitting still and thinking about nothing can allow for a hard or soft reset to consciousness. That skill can be indispensable to an individual who suffers from racing thoughts or anxiety.


people are constantly assaulted with information, constantly worrying, constantly thinking about what others think of them and so on and so on. Very few people ever truly think about nothing. Not even the most enlightened buddhist monk thinks of nothing at all times. It is very difficult. I myself can barely do more than 20 minutes.

File: 1552656524299.jpg (26.37 KB, 599x480, AL-LAD-3.jpg)


where to buy AL-LAD in germany?
which darknet market has it?


Is it the close to ALD-52 ? If your waifu wants to try out legal psychedelics they may want to give bash designer labs a try


isnt that tryptamine still technically legal i.e. not covered by the NPSG or BTMG?
obviously law enforcement wouldnt care either way. the schengenraum should in theory gurantee no customs controls within its member states, but they obviously bend the law

thus far ive had no negative experiences ordering de jura legal chemicals from the netherlands via insured and tracked UPS shipping to the mailbox of non existant people off the clearnet while using public wifi with an innocous laptop.
but the particular vendor ive got the most experience with seems to have problem with their stupid cloud fare, this far realchems has treated me well, especially when you take notice of flash salesor watch crypto values closely. though last time i visited their site they had started establishing some kind of treuepunkte system, which seems quite retarded to me tbh


It's definitely covered by the NPSG. Had the cops show up at my door already because of this. No one cared and there were no repercussions, but whatever.

File: 1547568136667.jpg (81.93 KB, 500x823, 1510976423038.jpg)


So I'm currently on paroxetine for my major depressive disorder and while it works it only does barely, is like the windows XP of antidepressants but considering that in my case sertraline was like windows ME I say its an improvement.

So I been thinking on ways to boost it with another, heard that peterson guy is or has used 2 antidepressants at once and it works for him. Frankly I thought if I did two SSRIs I would get serotonin syndrome and die but then again I'm no doctor.

So has anyone here done this? what was your combination? side-effects? and most importantly: did it work?


Bad idea to use two SSRIs. Just take more mg of paroxetine.


probably do not mix ssris i do not see this ending well. Also maybe talk to a medical professional about this instead of strangers on the internet.


Jesus Christ, no. You're not even supposed to mix anti-depressants with St. John's wort (probably other herbs either).


it's hard to tell if it is a good idea or not.
Try asking multiple doctors and reading multiple papers and making a decision based on multiple professional opinions.


If Alice asked ONE doctor, the answer would be a hard no. This is really a simple one, gang.

File: 1499633761242.jpg (171.2 KB, 800x700, Psygeo.jpg)


What is Psychogeography?
Psychogeography is an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and "drifting" around urban environments. It has links to the Situationist International. Psychogeography was defined in 1955 by Guy Debord as "the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals."

Another definition is "a whole toy box full of playful, inventive strategies for exploring cities… just about anything that takes pedestrians off their predictable paths and jolts them into a new awareness of the urban landscape."


Psychogeography and Urbex share a common ancestry, although the latter is generally divorced from the more esoteric foundations of Psychogeography.

Reading/Watching Material


The London Perambulator

Will Self: Obsessed with Walking

Will Self's Kafka Journey: A Prague Walking Tour

Will Self at Google

Will Self: Isolation, Solitude, Loneliness and the Composition of Long-Form Fiction

From Hill To Sea - Dispatches from the Fife Psychogeographical Collective too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1543072231385.png (358.28 KB, 520x487, Japanwalks.png)


File: 1543354910545.jpg (89.26 KB, 377x588, citycomeawalkin.jpg)

Thanks a square mile, Alice! I do similar rituals whenever getting into a new city, or coming back to an old urban friend. Half a city across, one night on foot. No maps, no phones. Feels like saying hello to your party.

Pic rel is a decent sf novel i happen to be reading now. Nothing fancy in term of psychogeopgraphy, but the premise is much related.


Really great to see there are others around also interested in this stuff. I actually read that Merlin Coverley book recently, it's a nice little read and taught me some stuff even though I've been interested in psychogeography for a while (e.g. I never connected Defoe's Plague Year with psygeo before). Rebecca Solnit is another interesting author who writes about these broader themes of wandering and getting lost.

My first real experience was when I was quite young, getting hopelessly lost in Venice and deciding "well if I'm going to get lost anyway, I might as well enjoy it in its own right" … walked for hours and days, discovered the beautiful feeling of just drifting through the urban environment. Doing it in my home city was extra special, a rediscovery of something I thought I already knew intimately. Unfortunately I'm currently staying in a very cold city, so my opportunities for night walks are severely reduced. Thanks >>335 and >>719 for the book recommendations, I'm always looking.

Nothing to contribute, really, just wanted to say I'm glad Alice is drifting alongside me.


File: 1550865600695-0.jpg (8.29 KB, 250x396, of_walking_in_ice.jpg)

File: 1550865600695-1.djvu (422.72 KB, of_walking_in_ice.djvu)

Recalled another good account on the subject.


That was great, thank you for sharing!

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