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hello arisu,
usually, it takes me a couple hours to fall asleep because i have an issue where i count from one to sixty repeatedly and compulsively. last night, when i went to bed, i laid down my head and forgot where i was. My body was overcome with this sense of dread and the more i tried to remember was the more information about my setting i lost. i forgot who i was, where i was, why i was there, and who my roommates were. i had to get up and look around the room a couple times to calm down. when i went back to bed, it happened again. maybe i was on the verge of a dream, but i envisioned a sidewalk in a crowd of people; i was there, lost in a sea of people. when i reopened my eyes i still thought i was at the sidewalk, but for some reason everything looked like my bedroom. My heart started racing and it felt as if i would die if i couldn't remember where i was. i heard my roommate's voice and that reminded me of what was real. i then slept soundly.


Hello. This is bad that you can't enjoy sleeping and can't calm down before sleep because of these problems. It is really important that you are well rested and for that you need to calm down and be
positive before sleep so you can start the new day with strength and positivity. It is recommended to meditate before and after sleep, so maybe that will help you. I hope that in the future you will feel
better and have peace when sleeping! :)


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Get you some Trazodone boi

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