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Discussion about linux hardening.

Creating the perfect Fort Knox distro.

useful links:


A word of advice. I happened to destroy my laptop following one of the cheats. Apparently something must have lightened up the glue.


What would be the most secure off the shelf easy install distro?
>inb4 open BSD


I know it's a GNU/Linux thread, but OpenBSD really is easy.


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From what I hear about OpenBSD, I love it. I've tried to install it by flash drive before, but what happens is that I
the image to the drive, I try to install, it asks me for the file sets' location – and I got nothing. I know where to download the sets from, but how do I put them on the flash drive so I can use them? Or is the image supposed to contain them?


Make sure to use install61.fs and not miniroot61.fs
If anything, if you don't find the file sets for whatever reason, tell it to fetch them via HTTP (it's actually HTTPS)
install61.fs comes with the file sets


And when the installer asks me where the sets are, what do I respond with?


The installer is menu driven. It gives you the options. If you just want to tool around in BSD and get a Linux desktop experience, try GhostBSD. If you want to run OpenBSD, read the manual like it's your job.


If you have them on the flash drive, say disk. If over the network, say http
Doesn't it tell you the options? I don't do installs often.
>read the manual like it's your job
That's not even necessary, the FAQ is very clear.
>get a Linux desktop experience
cwm and lumina aren't that hard


The default option will be in [square brackets] just before the prompt. Just press enter to use it.


read this if you're running a Gahnoo+Linux server and use SSH


I know there's a lot of hate for Red Hat here, but fedora has pretty good security out of the box as it has selinux enabled and firewalld.


>grsec unofficial 4.9.X LTS
>Stay up to date with new kernel hardening features upstream
>trying to get grsec features in ( needs help look at issues)

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