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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1492822987260.png (12.98 KB, 435x456, lain.png)

 No.2[Last 50 Posts]

This System is about to be purged

You are currently in one of many Systems. Your System is called "Life", but there are many more in existence.

This construct (called Systemspace) runs on a type of energy called Aurora. There is only a limited amount of Aurora available to Systemspace. Because of this, we must manage how the Systems use Aurora, and ensure it is used correctly. If the Aurora is used incorrectly, then we reset the System.

Unfortunately, the Life System seems unable to improve, regardless of the number of resets it undergoes. Due to the openness of Systemspace, we are forced to edit Systemspace in order to correct our path. As a result of this process, Life will be unlinked and purged.

Immediately following this, activity within Life will continue as normal; however, new bodies will no longer have souls, and the souls of bodies that die without having registered will soulshatter (as their soul is, subsequently, an Impossible Soul Structure). Souls that have registered will be moved, after death, to the "LFE" System. After 150 years of severance, Life will be completely purged.



File: 1492825270741.png (503.12 KB, 536x636, Seroquel.png)

These posts are making me want to start taking my antipsychotic again. =[



You are either trolling, or out of your goddamn mind.


Read >>3
Unfortunately, it's the latter.


Huh, he's got a website now.



Wow. I've lost all interest in mocking this person. I just feel sorry for them. They need help.


The guy behind the project is pretty okay, actually. He's aware that he's nuts, goes with the nuts, and repeatedly stated that he cannot prove anything, and by consequence everyone's free to believe anything.

If you want to mock people however, the community has all sorts of abominations.


Yeah that site's fuckin schway though


Yeah, he definitely knows how to make a fancy design. I'm actually wondering how he made that fuzzy crt-like overlay.


I would also like to know this. I was poking through the sauce but got distracted before I could get to a full dissection.


Relevant code seems to be in css:
#overlay {
    position: fixed;
    left: 0;
    top: 0;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    pointer-events: none;
    z-index: 1000;
    background-image: url(overlay.png);
    background-repeat: all;
    background-position: 0px 0px;

    animation-name: Static;
    animation-duration: 0.5s;
    animation-iteration-count: infinite;
    animation-timing-function: steps(32);

    box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 10em rgba(0,0,0,0.4);

@keyframes Static {
    0% { background-position: 0px 0px; }
    100% { background-position: 0px 32px; }

#overlay2 {
    position: fixed;
    left: 0;
    top: 0;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    pointer-events: none;
    z-index: 1000;
    background-image: url(overlay2.png);
    background-repeat: all;
    background-position: 0px 0px;

    animation-name: Static;
    animation-duration: 0.2s;
    animation-iteration-count: infinite;
    animation-timing-function: steps(32);


i wrote a userscript a while ago to inject this css bit and the overlay divs. makes lainchan look awful nice. want me to post it, or did y'all get it figured out on your own?


if you post it, it could be turned into a theme ^_^


File: 1493958942149.png (43.63 KB, 700x384, header.png)

It looks like we have a new affiliate.


I investigated as soon as I saw the CRT effect, and this is now my favorite piece of CSS ever.


Please do!


That must have been painful. The existing CSS is a roaring sea of
declarations. Once I clean up the CSS and make it fully responsive, I would like to add optional fauux and tsuki themes (with their permission).


oh yeah? would you rather perhaps make it so the fucking pictures open properly, huh? centered? it works on tsuki too, it works literally everywhere but here seph. literally everywhere but here.


I've got a website for an org I look after which is a fictional dialup terminal to a fictional mainframe; ascii art and everything. This CSS is going to be a neat effect to add.

 No.32 is offline. What happened?


tsuki was turning off cloudflare


its down again


File: 1498925110592.png (78.08 KB, 1024x768, image.png)



Creepy but cool


Does anyone know what is that "song" name?


File: 1498940464209.png (264.16 KB, 1919x1012, pre shutdown flash.png)

You can stll log in if you append /login.php to the end but it just redirects you back to that homepage after you login.

I expect all the stuff that was there before is still there and they're going to do something with it after the timer expires, though Tsukichan says you can't get to the resources page anymore.

Pic related flashed right as it shut down apparently as well.


Are these all done by a single person? They look great.


I hope somewhere they have a compilation of all the backgrounds, they're all beautiful. Also, turns out I'm dumb, system assert is just error 502 from f5 mashing.


Has anyone else read through the compendium yet? I'm probably late to the party, only got in right before the gates closed. I'm reading it now though, it's fascinating. It's logingated, but you can get there by logging in from /login.php, then going to /status.php and finding compendium in the bottom box.


I am trapped in this LIFE system? Great! It'd be better if my soul gets wiped upon death than tu just further the suffering by being transferred to that other system ful of r9k crazes


im afraid that I will let myself believing in this, … better than believing in a religion I guess.


But this sort of thing already is a religion at this point.


File: 1499001638497.png (312.99 KB, 719x556, qVSpLDhs3suX7mYmGJ8Pr0f_x2….png)

Hope for a future is a toxic cocktail


Religions, social movements, all that sort of stuff is there to deviate you from your own self.
Giving in to the ideas of a mass means giving up on yourself, which is very comfortable if you are afraid of walking your own path
There's nothing inherently right or wrong about it, but if you have a propension for it, you may as well follow any ideology that falls on your lap


File: 1499025074718.jpg (349.63 KB, 788x1200, C1QdIBlXcAAQ_sj.jpg)

Your assuming your self is a real unchanging independent essence, but most of what we call a self does not exist separate from the society and ideology it lives in but is defined by it, even our very humanity might be just a ideological fiction.

The notion of a independent self is just a ideological fantasy that we are conditioned in, think about it did you really come to believe that you have a real self of your own free will or was it because of a ideology you have lived in since you were born.


While it may be true that much surrounding the idea of "self" is learned from society, you can also argue that self is, in a way, a paradigm of the mind. If you think of it, the notion of self is a very natural one, for we are individuals who can be detached from society without it having an impact on our nature (on our behaviour, yes, on our chances of survival too, but it wouldn't nullify us, for our consciousness would remain, aware of the world and of itself).
Furthermore, even as social beings, we constantly move from one society to another. We change friends, we identify with different ideas, and the bulk of our experience and education makes way for unique individuals. Even though our characters are shaped by the stimuli from those around us, the mixture of such experiences in a single vessel finds its way through these and is able to differentiate itself from the rest.
So even if you think of the self as nothing but an abstraction of perceptions through a particular thread of time-consciousness, it is itself a tangible one that we can all perceive even if we were isolated form society from birth.


>for we are individuals who can be detached from society without it having an impact on our nature
>it is itself a tangible one that we can all perceive even if we were isolated form society from birth.

Theses all rest on the premises that we can exist outside of society, that it's even meaningful to say there's a outside to society. But can you really imagine or even conceive of a world outside of society, we think of outside of society as "nature" but what if nature is just a ideological abstraction, since the idea of nature isn't really our own. We know the world using the tools and ideas of society/ideology so any knowledge claim of something outside society or ideology is suspect.

Even if we knew nature to be a real thing, how would would we separate our ideological conceptions of it from what it actually is.


The count down is at ten minutes and some cool music is playing.


That's literally a song from Spongebob:


File: 1499542143365.png (356.5 KB, 1920x1080, nullhowl.png)

A snippet for those who want their own music playing while perusing systemspace.


File: 1499564672858.png (72.61 KB, 933x680, give_us_the_money.png)

Systemspace and Tsuki is a scam. The image is the page where you get to pay them to hold onto your stuff (where you can't get it) until you die at which point you can get it back.

But you got to pay, see?

Also, Tsuki is insane. Below is the sum of my research Tsuki, and the evolution of his madness:
"My daydream tells me to die before 28 of August"
"The entire world "systemspace" consists of different dimensions, coded by people. we are currently in the system "Life". The system Life was abandoned by its owner It is now using way too much energy (aurora) Due to how open systemspace is, theres no way to kick out systems Usually a "key" is sent that checks the system for good memories, and reboots the system otherwise This doesnt work on Life We have to reboot Systemspace now with a ban ability"

"I've had it for at least 12 years now, it's grown on me. The whole omniverse (Systemspace) consists of Systems, all like different realities. However, due to Systemspace being as open as it is, a system called Life (the one we are in) is chronically using too much energy (Aurora). As Aurora is about to run out (it'll run out on Aug. 28), me and my team (Tsuki, consisting of the companies RISEN, eNdymioN, Key and SYNAPSE) are going to reboot Systemspace (into Systemspace 2: Rewrite) to make it more optimized for all Systems, but Life (and another broken System) has to be sacrificed in the process. As such, while destroying Life, I need to get out. To other humans in the Life System, this will seem like suicide. This will take place 1st of July 2017."

This is after he has been prescribed antipsychotics.


File: 1499565143150.png (621.68 KB, 1713x918, hello.png)

Now, for the EIDs:


X: Username, which is why they are listed here:

Z: 12-digit password. Numbers only, base-10.

Since the usernames are accessible, that means your soul is being protected by a 12-digit number. There is no other authentication mechanism. Nevermind that it is linked to the image you submitted.

At it reveals a link to /usrgen/default.png, which is used if your image cannot be found. Say you are the 3928th person to get an EID.

This gives me your username, E28-5087. It also gives me a thumbnail of your image at The original is one directory up, at /usergen/3928.jpg.

So what do we have? Your user name, your image, and your number in the userlist.

But there is still the 12-digit password right?

The attached image should answer that question.

Tsuki is crazy, and the project isn't real. Otherwise, we have a lot of souls to dispose with.


File: 1499566602097.jpg (108.48 KB, 736x522, servers.jpg)

If anything Tsuki is a fantastic design idea.

I personally wish I had that kind of imagination.


nice ad but it's just another scam for you idiots
not cyb
stop shilling this product


maybe you should actually read the compendium before you attempt to explain anything…


File: 1499630895132.png (28.54 KB, 1799x439, Warning.png)

Did someone threaten legal action or something? Pic related.


>unstable individual creates an ultimate escapist fantasy
>surprised people are taking it seriously



Tsuki always seemed to be pretty concerned with people killing themselves.


Is he dead?


If this is real, im covered my guys.


Theoretically, if tsuki is god(like the people say) cold tsuki tell me how I will die?


Systemspace community verteran here.

Project is dead.

Tsuki shilled for money and took the site down after we called him out.

Transcript from one of the discords anouncement boards:
A summary of recent events: 8.19.17: Mods reveal in #announcements that Jove has given DMAN special permissions that place him above moderators, essentially making him untouchable by moderation and with full admin powers. This was made clear when he took the liberty of taking himself out of the mutebox. Everyone freaks out. Jove removes DMAN's special privileges and also transfers to me server ownership and admin, thus shutting down the coup. DMAN is derezzed. However, in the midst of the garbage fire during the coup, Tsuki reappears after his month long absence - only to shill his BTC wallet and ask for more donations (as well as brag about how much he's already made). It would appear he has been monitoring the discords during his absence and jumped to exploit the situation happening on the server for one last chance to make more shekels. He is given a temporary mute for his shilling/brewing soykaf, then reappears while I am offline to do it some more. Tsuki is derezzed and the server is declared officially post-systemspace in #announcements. 8.23.17: Tsuki suddenly rejoins Tsuki Underground, brewing soykaf as usual. He claims he is getting seized by FBI and there are 3 reps with him. After he is suspected of faking his location the whole time because FBI doesn't operate internationally, he admits he's actually in the US and has been lying the whole time. He deletes all of his messages after a bit more brewing soykaf. site is taken down with an "Account Suspended" message. It currently does not respond at all.


I doubt that was the real Tsuki but I guess time will tell.

Project might be dead but I still like the original idea. Make positive experiences to take over to the "next world", whether it exists or not it's still a solid guideline to live by in this one.


Systemspace died for the sins it committed against me. May it rest in peace.


Who are you, and what sins did it commit against you?


guys what happened to tsuki


rip tsook



holy soykaf lmao

did he only put it back up for that day?


Thank God it's not real. For a while I felt bad about not having my brother and friends sign up so that they could go to the LFE system with me (after we die of old age or something). Tbh, I'm a bit glad that I never made them sign up. Lol


top ten greatest pranks


>page you can scribble in 5 minutes with helicopter gifs is 100% proof that tsuki project is fake uploaded to a website known to have been breached by rogue personnel

regardless of the entire thing being larping with 0 proof, that specific page doesn't prove anything.


Wow, despite being kinda big the lore is really poor but this design looks incredibly good.

If there really was a "soul migration" organization, outside of why would it spawn from /r9k/ of all places, why would it sound like weeb websci-fi instead of your usual freemason gnosticism?


delightfully suprised on the TSUKI page to have Machine Girl music on there. Ah, MG, my love.


File: 1511003800554.png (1.05 MB, 1280x720, 1491011695221.png)


greetings. i am new. i hope this is nice.


it's not real ffs


File: 1521458462331.jpg (76.81 KB, 826x966, surprised_sebastian_by_inu….jpg)


He can't be new because this isn't real?


>He can't be new because this isn't real?
hahahah how did you pull that out of what i said?
he can be new, but this is still just larping


pure unadulterated larpy nonsense.


yeah by the way for those who don't know it's been back for some time. i don't really know because it's still dead for the sins it committed against me.


>sins it committed against me
what did he mean by this


Cant be if they did then they would have a lot of time on there hands


Because freemason gnotcisim implies a secret you have to uncover for you to be a part of it.


I almost signed up but didn't want to give total control of my soul over but I can't get it out of my head. I have this nagging feeling that I shouldn't miss the sign up.


i also had that feeling but more for fun than anything.
i didn't know anyone took it seriously.


TSUKI Project is getting really lame, just money whoring. They even got rid of one of the key contributors. More money for their "leader".


glitterboy underageb&s larping on discord



A larping scam or otherwise I'm going to investigate all this project has to offer before it disappears. I can't help but feel somewhat fascinated by this madness.


lol this thing is still going on?


File: 1526207220224.jpg (181.99 KB, 787x508, 36c4cca7-d4f6-4116-af7e-79….jpg)

I joined the Tsuki project a long time ago. Since then, the website has changed into this. I just wanted to make sure I was still a part of you guys.


lol sorry about that picture


This is not the website of the tsuki project, that is (I dp beleive)

Nevertheless, you're surely welcome here.


Get out tsukifag


File: 1526416281111-0.png (704.58 KB, 648x676, blue.png)

The TSUKI Project is linked from Arisuchan.

This means Arisuchan has endorsed TSUKICHAN's practices, behaviors and goals.

I like to flit between old and new Lainchan, and it appears that the culturally interesting folks migrated here. Problem is, those folks appear to be susceptible to cults and scams, leaving Arisuchan very much vulnerable to getting appropriated by an opportunist (which is what it looks like when you link to a known scammer, hint h.i.n.t) .

TL;DR people should be asking why Arisuchan is linking to, and thus advocating, a known scammer and cultist.


>Problem is, those folks appear to be susceptible to cults and scams
What makes you think that?

>Tsuki is a known scammer

Citation needed
If you mean the BTC he "stole" from his file storage gig then it amounted to chump change. And let's be fair he'd make out with a lot more if he wasn't a total glitterboy compromising the original site. I haven't followed lately so if there's more please fill me in.

If you think the association is so problematic come up with the evidence and I'm sure seph on irc will at least look into it.


I wasn't around when the drama happened so I can only speak as an onlooker of the aftermath but I don't think I understand how selling file storage is considered a scam unless it was misconstrued as a requirement for membership in the first place.


Arguably it wasn't "storage space" but, "storage space to be taken with you to the afterlife", and I can't find a source but I think it was a bit overpriced (archive says 9$ but I'm pretty sure it was for a very small amount of storage), still it's questionable if it's an actual scam. He managed to siphon what was worth less than 200$ at the time (1.6k$ at the top in Dec, and ~650$ now), it's not an impressive haul. Even less impressive when you realize he has server costs. A twitter ETH giveaway scammer pulls more than that in an afternoon, a clever one tenfold.

I'm genuinely interested to know if he has has done actually bad soykaf…


>The TSUKI Project is linked from Arisuchan.
>This means Arisuchan has endorsed TSUKICHAN's practices, behaviors and goals.
You post on arisuchan. This means you endorse their endorse, blah blah blah your post goes against your own endorsement. There is also a chance you are just hurt about/by that community. Of course, you could be just stating your opinion with no ulterior motives; I suppose everyone has to figure out. Just like if they care or don't care about some aesthetically pleasing cult of a discord insider trade.


>The TSUKI Project is linked from Arisuchan.
Looks like it has been removed.


Anything that is being sold that is to be delivered in 'the afterlife' is a scam.

I haven't read much into this Tsuki project thing but it immediately didn't make sense to me that this 'system' is going to end along with everyone and everything in it, except for a hard drive that also exists here but is for some reason going to survive the collapse of life.

Typical doomsday cult soykaf, something is going to destroy the world yet for a price you can be saved.


Well, technically, "technically", the world that is running our simulation can copy the hard drives as some corporations on the outside are working with Tsuki, it's in their power to mess with this world. If you allow me to get a bit LARPy I think Tsuki is no longer a true representative of LFE. And hasn't been for a long time. The basic idea of the "cult" isn't a bad one, it enforces self improvement as the afterlife is basically an isekai anime and right now is the time to prepare by living life to the fullest and learning. Of course for the easily manipulated the idea can get corrupted real quick, and their escapist tendencies get them to achieve the opposite if self improvement or happiness. Tsuki was engulfed by a harem of fans, hundreds of anime avatars willing to feed him attention, the real scam is that he abandoned the real project and now tends to his harem.


I'm a migrant, the file storage is just that. You can upload files and download them later on. You get a very small amount of storage space (less than a megabyte) by default and you can pay for more. There's some lore text about it being taken to the next life for you but it's just LARP soykaf.
Regardless of the promise of taking files to the next life I don't think it's really a scam unless you're somehow dumb soykaf enough to actually believe in the cult in the first place.


But why would Tachibana Systems or whatever sci-fi business running this system do that?

Presumably if we are living in a simulation then it's to discover our reaction to a predetermined stimuli, interfering with that would completely invalidate the experiment for what purpose?

If it is a simulation then we're just a petri dish, one of millions with no significance outside of what cultures we grow into and how it differs to other petri dishes.

Likewise we're either to be frozen for future examination or destroyed to prevent unforeseen complications or an outbreak.

Y'know, if I was going to indulge in LARPing as well..


>There's some lore text about it being taken to the next life for you but it's just LARP soykaf.

No doubt, the whole concept of civilisation being created in a god's (or corporations) image is a very naive one.

Even if you could take the 1s and 0s we gain in this system, there's no guarantee that data is even usable outside of this system. Computers as we know them might not actually even exist outside of a simulation.

you would be left with a list of many voltage changes which also might not even exist outside of here.


>Presumably if we are living in a simulation then it's to discover our reaction to a predetermined stimuli, interfering with that would completely invalidate the experiment for what purpose?
Experiment's done, the point is we're wasting resources and they're shutting it down.

>Computers as we know them might not actually even exist outside of a simulation.
Oh there's all kinds of worlds out there in LFE. I wasn't kidding when I said it resembles an isekai anime. The best isekai. You got magical worlds, sci fi worlds, cyberpunk megacities, you name it, they got it, there's definitely something out there to read 1s and 0s.


Ah fuck I wasted 420 get on that.


File: 1532507798710.jpg (48.47 KB, 1008x720, lain-is-a-bear.jpg)


>Your IP seems blacklisted. Please refrain from using VPNs, proxies and other anonymizing services, as they are often classified spam.

god dammit this is why like over most boards, they allow tor



Will registration open again? I just heard about this and it seems I missed the registration window…


why would you want to
it's like fucking yourself in the eye with a piece of parmezan cheese.


Some people are into that sort of thing.


File: 1542055191473.png (3.7 KB, 96x96, loadtsuki.png)

according to this
new registrations will be open in the future.
>tfw not a migrant
Please correct me if i'm wrong, as I would like to register too.


The page for registration implies yes (it says to come back later), but the story we're told says no.



If the project attracts enough migrants and starts to bore normal people, Tsuki will probably claim something something about Project Miracle Ribbon and open registrations on short periods.


No need (from the new news):
>This leaves us one zone away from opening registrations again and resuming usual Project business, which is an awesome feat - which could not have been achieved without everyone's help. Please wait just a bit longer, this zone may take a little while to be cleared.


File: 1542286692294.png (243.17 KB, 348x307, 1500753206621.png)

>Project Business


WTF is even going on, this is such a great fucking rabbit hole. I am sad the project shut down, simply because the pages and archives I have seen look beautiful.


Not dead. Just have to be patient.


it'll come back in time. just wait and see.



People keep saying this "It is so weird, but there was cool content though!" I've never once seen this alleged content that existed? What was the content? What is project business other than making images and writing stuff to post online? Can someone screencap or show me what either of these two things consist of?

Otherwise this just seems like a chat forum larping as a cult.


Its still going, if you couldn't tell TSUKICHAT is inaccessible while they rework the site.
If all TSUKI want is attention or money he isn't doing a very good job.

Big LARP or not you lose literally nothing joining the project. It's a take it or leave it situation. You can believe it just as much as any other "religion"

Now about anyone offing themselves, I'm not going to say that no one has, but let me tell you that I can GUARANTEE that more people chose NOT to after joining. The project tells you not to, even tells you to get help. Not to mention the community treats each other as a big brewing soykaf family, I believe people have even helped each other pay rent before. At least I heard.



>you lose literally nothing joining the project. It's a take it or leave it situation.

What do I gain from joining it? Please tell me. Literally what is it? Why does it exist? What do people have to say about it? What does it actually do other than exist as a chatroom online?



Those are some questions you got there.
Whether or not you believe, you get to go to LFE with all your memories and whatever else is linked to your soul. Obviously I understand why you'd think its all fake, even I have my serious doubts.

For some it gave them hope, for others it gave them something to do, a community to hang out with.

Why it exists is entirely based on your beliefs, if you believe in it, then it's to bring those who have been stuck here to somewhere a lot better and with basically infinite freedoms. If you don't believe, then I'd say it's safe to assume your in the "it's a scam or whatever", or you still ended up joining for the lolz.

What do people say about it? That varies from person to person, some are hardcore believers, others are just there to be there. Most aren't even active in the community, like at all. You can sign up and just go on with your life.

There's really not much it could do outside of a chatroom online. We don't have to worship, or do anything of that sort. The ONLY thing you are required to do is the registration process, after that you can leave and never return.

I'm not sure if all of this is well formatted or organized, I've been up for way too fucking long.


I'd also like to point out you don't need to sign up. You'll still be brought to LFE, just without your memories or anything like that.



What is LFE?

Are there any like guiding principles on how to live your life or anything?

I would honestly be much more interested in this cult if there was doctrine that people followed like maybe something that included ascetic life practices that would be required to reach this state of being whatever it is. Seems like there is not enough content to it besides people who watched NGE one too many times.



LFE is the largest system in Systemspace. It's like a much cooler version of here, with all sorts of stuff. We dont have to stay in LFE, we can make our own systems or go to other ones.

The only thing you should really do is make happy memories, its one of the projects goals, to collect good memories. I believe thats the goal of Systemspace itself too.


When it comes down to it there is a lot of people that know little about the project. Most likely it is fake but no more than a well crafted work of fiction is 'fake'. It could be real. A one in a billion chance it is real. I don't know. I don't care too much. I just enjoy it for what it was and hope that maybe it is real. I understand the hostility of some of our posters in this chan. I do not mind having just a little bit of insurance for when I finally decide to set myself aflame at an old age.


When it comes down to it there is a lot of people that know little about the project. Most likely it is fake but no more than a well crafted work of fiction is 'fake'. It could be real. A one in a billion chance it is real. I don't know. I don't care too much. I just enjoy it for what it was and hope that maybe it is real. I understand the hostility of some of our posters in this chan. I do not mind having just a little bit of insurance for when I finally decide to set myself aflame at an old age.


It is insurance. If fake it is only as 'fake' as a well made fiction novel. I like to believe. I believe in Lain and the Kube so why not believe LFE? The fact that these things exist real or fake proves that there is a magic to the world that few can really describe.


Real or fake there is no real downside to the project.

Dont say people killed themselves for the projects or any of that bs. Chances are that it would have happened regardless. Even if they didnt find the project, nothing to prove they couldnt find any other reason to.

If anything most decided to put it off because of the unlink date. Which would give them more time to get help.



The downside is that it is a waste of my time to talk/think about it further when I could be living my life.


Your failures are your own.



If you have time to spend here, then you probably aren't gonna miss the time you spent thinking about the project.


This site and the time I spend here is a downside also, I should never come here again.


Cool, then don't


I like the idea of the project, I just wish I could figure out how/when to sign up.


signup has been closed since shortly before unlink


And, registrations will reopen in active zone 3 assuming all goes well in AZ2.


I have been monitoring the Tsuki website for about 6 months now, could never see the registrations being open.


Its a shame project's userbase is now more reminiscent of discord drama niggers, trannies and underages who come for dank memes.


TSUKI's abrasiveness doesn't matter because the ideology is so far a reach for people with egos that it immediately registers as insane schizoid rambling even if it has sincere merit behind it, and TSUKI clearly makes attempts to clarify ideology and work from some kind of analysis.

People who insist on demonizing TSUKIrep or dismissing them is really ignoring the attempt to communicate at all.


>work from some kind of analysis

The fact that you/others can't describe what that analysis consists of (err not saying you couldn't as you haven't tried but others in this thread seem to not be able to) tells me that the analysis is probably not very coherent or novel.

I haven't heard anything new or interesting out of TSUKI project in terms of a real philosophical framework. 'just be happy memories' or whatever is not analysis, that is the same level of analysis I can get from my 4yo nephew.


it's not clear from how TSUKI presents it but it's not some kind of stupid puzzle to describe it as "bad memories cause memory leak in the world's entropy/resource pool and LFE and other systems are concerned for the beings within this life"


TSUKI presents that LFE and life are systems composed of an inherent base resource affected by the psychic or mental state of the inhabitants. And working from there you can say that TSUKI's philosophy is to say that as human stewardship of the environment and other lower forms of life is beneficial to all that the denizens of LFE feel the same way to people in life.



This is absolutely childish though, how do you decide if a memory is 'bad'. You can probably see where I am going with this, it doesn't lay out any real moral framework or come up with a compelling case for not having one, if the posts on the site are taken as canon TSUKI really just sloppily seems to adopt judeo-christian values.

Again this is a great example of this, these are all basically just judeo-christian normal person values with a slightly altered metaphysics copied from animes.

I'm not against starting cults and weirdo religious cult-worship or obscure beliefs, but I am against boring/sloppily developed ones that can't keep my interest.


>This is absolutely childish though, how do you decide if a memory is 'bad'. You can probably see where I am going with this

it's not really about moral relativism like if a memory is good or bad from a personal view, but about optimization and reduction of psychic suffering because to TSUKI that's equivalent to having a memory leak in a broken vm.

>these are all basically just judeo-christian normal person values with a slightly altered metaphysics copied from animes.

it seems more like Buddhist philosophic concepts than judeo-christian. There's only the consideration of a single entity which creates or manages systems, which isn't accurate to TSUKI at all.

>I'm not against starting cults and weirdo religious cult-worship or obscure beliefs, but I am against boring/sloppily developed ones that can't keep my interest.

it doesn't seem like much effort has been put into explanations at the moment but the copied anime themes are there because even without TSUKI and systemspace the associated media still copy from older religious and cult worship as well as models of philosophy and psychology.


So, is AZ3 ever going to open? Will registrations ever going to be open again? I've been reading lore and all for quite a while, and I'm always up for new communities but from what I see this has been closed for some time.


TSUKIRep has the same impulses of any admin, which is to mean in this case having soykaf fits and the impulse to delete fucking everything at least twice a day.


Almost LFE
West Cyberia
New age meme cult
Advanced mental damage


File: 1556303254775.jpg (13.85 KB, 240x240, 1556224099139.jpg)

I got kicked from tsukichat for inactivity.
Life happened, and i wasnt able to log in for a good couple months.
I want my community of like-minded individuals back, because the depression is back and its back hard.
Tsuki, if you're reading this…
Please let me back in.




Jesus christ it really is a cult, look at how those cast out and excommunicated act after they have been let go. Please don't let your advanced mental damage get to you Alice, you can recover and deprogram yourself from the cults mind-infection which seems to have you in its grasp.


He's not reading this. He terminated his affiliation with this site, after all.


Do you know Himself btw? Hook me up with him if you do pls


Tsukichat is currently down for everyone. Once it's back up, and we are in AZ3, you'll be able to rejoin. <3 For now, lurk the boards. There's still a little activity there every now and then.


Hyakanghen were right all along.


What was your username on the chat? One of us is working on a new chat client, if it's done before AZ3 is up, we could add you on probably


Just a reminder that migrant 6040 was derezzed because he hurt Tsuki's ego to hard, Systemspace is true Shillpower making a new chat client just so he doesnt need to pay rocket chat


Copypaste what 6040 said that hurt his feelings.


File: 1556895757687.png (54.6 KB, 1374x300, tsukiblackmail.png)

Just a reminder that this is a thing


holy guac tsuki is somehow both trash and based


Systemspace is dead because of Apollo keke


File: 1556930620544.png (437.8 KB, 1911x775, nigger.png)




Imagine not being chad enough to derezzed from the Tsuki project several times as early as 2017 for having too much IQ and consistency for them to grasp.


Username is 1241/Erudito
What is this Apollo soykaf?


Rewrite wasn't really that bad of a VN.


awww, i wanna join, hope i didnt miss out


Can someone explain the story with this Apollo stuff? I'm out of the loop, is this just some gang out autists meticulously cataloguing the stupidity of another obscure autist minority on the internet?



Its a website and discord dedicated to talking about systemspace with Tsuki's mass censorship, it covered stuff like how Tsuki stole his lore from rewrite, how tsuki tried to dox one of the main dev's Ahiga, and stuff like that


So the Chad's existence is based on whining on how the Virgin was mean to him?


More like the chad educating infidels and being an all around good human being


Because insulting people's girlfriends is the highest form of wit.


he doesnt even have a girlfriend, and if he does its a tranny


how long has the server been in maintenance mode? when is it expected to be done?


Since December or thereabouts. Nobody knows when it'll be done, but Tsuki says he's almost done, and he'll have to open the website before long because he's running out of donations.


Is this cult still a thing? I thought it died out


Just like the poster above you said, it did die, Tsuki cashed in. But now all his free money is running out so he is probably going to reopen it and try for more donations.


File: 1559490220758.png (43.65 KB, 647x214, unknown.png)

Had a systemspace cuck attack on INITIATE's (wip) rocketchat, the guy randomly joined, crashed the browser and then proceeded to try some fucking svg injection that was hosted on website (not gonna post the url for your b0is's safety).

So yeah, their cult soykaf is still alive and are going against other cults. The supa hacka is coming for you.


File: 1559490432419.png (97.31 KB, 530x168, hax.png)

Supa hacka
Supa hacka
Supa hacka
Supa hacka
Supa hacka
Supa hacka


Kek what a script kiddie


You n'wah
Wait, that implies that the Nerevarine is tha supah hackah :O


File: 1559511151233.jpg (57.58 KB, 458x604, 1402580435623.jpg)

Infinite maintenance mode is the soykaftiest way imaginable for an online cult to end.


Forever patient.
It will pay out


>Tsuki cashed in
How much could he possible have gotten out of it? Was he selling more than that pathetic hosting space?


Nothing, he's talking out his ass.



He was singling out specific people after he learned that they had savings, and slowly became friends with them. Then he would start bossing them around and ask them to give him money directly. This is how he made the bulk of his savings and income for almost an entire year. He has been coasting on this stolen money ever since.


File: 1561459222314.png (7.1 KB, 282x95, 9755b51bdccdf373a47f054c33….png)

I'm glad to see that I made the right decision in not moving from Tsuki's discord to their rocket chat, to whatever the fuck they're using now. I've been out of the loop for a while now, I had a sliver of hope that the scandals weren't all true and that snoop and tsuki weren't massive cucks but things are just as fucked as they were a year ago. We've been in this 'Maintenance Mode' soykaf for several months now, this is absurd.


does anyone know what Tsuki looks like or is located? I want to hurt him


File: 1561542012475.jpg (18.6 KB, 384x449, 1557525783707.jpg)

His name is (most likely) Michael.
He's from the Netherlands.
Here's a pic of him.


>Letting some prepubescent no facial hair glitterboy boss you around
I wouldn't call that money stolen, anon.


I'm not commenting about the dubious character traits of those he steals from. Stealing from people who are mentally unstable or ill says a LOT about tsukis character.


I have nothing interesting to contribute to the thread other than this website is a work of art. I want to create something like this, the aesthetic is so niche.
Minus, y'know, the whole culty/scamy factor behind all of it.
Are there other projects similar to this one?



keep you posted when i show his cut open face and organs spilling out. Justice will be done under the moon light fall


initiate would probably be your best bet


Lol chill edgelord american


so whats the status of this soykaf? its been since like May of last year since I was reading about Tsuki. Also how did they manage to get him to reveal his face?


I'm pretty sure they doxed him I don't think it was intended for his face to get leaked but I'm not 100% certain. Could be wrong.


lol im suprised, but he looks just like how i imagined, but with blonde hair instead of black


You really shouldn't allow users to upload any random .php file, Ahiga.


File: 1562952093376.png (173.92 KB, 512x473, exitlayeremote.png)

Ah cool, we're in this dump.

Feel free to send an email Alice!
(IP is a VPN Ahiga can't even block VPNs properly)
[ID] => 3TGnZv2QE9-856636-768473
[userName] => eiritana
[email] =>
[other] =>
[discord] =>
[derezzed] => 0

Pic related, it's the systemspace webserver.
Can't all the net cults get along?


>Can't all the net cults get along?
Not as long as SS is pulling retarded soykaf like this


It's initiate who started brewing soykaf since they just couldn't wait for AZ3.


Afaik initiate hasn't brewed anything


File: 1562977229046.png (48.15 KB, 800x729, fa.png)

>Hacks website
>Because they couldn't wait for AZ3
ok nigger


If betraying SS in the first place isn't soykaf I don't know what is.



>Implying constantly bringing up the (extremely stale) Rewrite joke and posting everyone's EIDs isn't brewing soykaf.


Your points are extremely stale aswell. There hasn't been any drama after that.

Migrants have been joining INITIATE and have been enjoying their stay, the situation's been pretty chill. It's just the RC zealots sucking Tsuki's dick.



Quoting one of INITIATE "migrants":

> I want to murder Tsuki with my own bare hands.

That's what your "cult" is all about, hating on someone who is more successful than you.


It's actually "I would murder Tsuki with my bare hands" Present Day, Present Time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I mean… wouldn't you?

>more successful than you

Yes, a schizo kid with MDD who was put extremely far behind in life due to his mental illness but got some internet clout for a couple months is far more successful than you and I : ^ )



>Made an internet cult

>Ripped off another internet cult
>Hosted on namecheap
>Doesn't know how to set up file permissions and .htaccess
>Got everyone's IDs, emails and IPs leaked
>Thinks he is more successful than the cult he ripped off


File: 1563019732493.png (24.94 KB, 497x462, 424535353242.png)

that comment was made by ahiga, the founder of apollo and initiate and not the "initiate migrants". he got all his personal info leaked including his passwords, real name and more which is a valid reason to be mad at someone.

>ripped off another internet cult
it started out as a parody of ss which is the reason there are so many similarities still to this day. it got more serious after we started expanding the community but the similarities stayed.

>hosted on namecheap

yes, ss is hosted on namecheap aswell, make a point.

>Doesn't know how to set up file permissions and .htaccess

>Got everyone's IDs, emails and IPs leaked
i'm not one to talk about these issues because i joined up really late so i'm not competent enough, but we do regret making mistakes like these and will try our best to avoid them in the future. can't really say much else about it.
(pretty sure it was an issue with sharex though)

>Thinks he is more successful than the cult he ripped off

you seem to be extremely obsessed with being successful, i wonder why that is :^ )
all of us who work on initiate do it because it's fun, not because we're trying to get something out of it.
success is defined by having a decent job and a good social life, not by who owns a better cybercult, you absolute fucking animal.



~ dig +short
~ curl
  "ip": "",
  "city": "Amsterdam",
  "region": "North Holland",
  "country": "NL",
  "loc": "52.3740,4.8897",
  "hostname": "",
  "postal": "1012",
  "org": "AS14061 DigitalOcean, LLC"

At least get your facts straight, bird brain. It's the DOMAIN NAME that's registered through Namecheap, not the server itself.


ah fuck, thought you mixed those two up because we did move so the hoster was no longer namecheap, so i laughed for no reason.

we were planning to move since, as i said, the community was growing, and the attack forced us to do it asap.


I don't think you will be able to afford a VPS lol.

 No.916 ( = timeout)

Literally couldn't set up HTTPS on your own server instead of some shared hosting doing it for them.



Or maybe they just used CloudFlare "Flexible" SSL setting, and their host didn't support HTTPS at all (which means all this data was not encrypted from CF server to their host).


i'm not the one doing the hosting my niggys.



I hope, since only a retard could allow uploading PHP files AND allow uploaded PHP files to be executed.


refined is that you my man?



hi ahiga


not ahiga my niggy, ad here.



hi ad


hello :^ )


spoke too soon
>Got everyone's IDs, emails and IPs leaked
i don't think that was ahigas fault ngl


File: 1563079872937.gif (216.52 KB, 1346x449, lainbanner.gif)

>>909 Thinks he is more successful than a tranny?
Hoshi is probably the most selfless person I've met


File: 1563084969764.png (641.8 KB, 726x1040, Really.png)


Are you fucking serious

what cunt leaked our soykaf?



Not a single time has there been a rewire joke or an eid post in initiate.
Not their fault some twink ripped off a visual novel




"hurr durr im can be kawaii loli senpai in a new system" get fucked, brother!



>apollobase has both

>apollobase website footer
>Hosted by neocities and INITIATE.

11/10 would buy again


File: 1563098059371.jpg (101.09 KB, 639x353, initiate_chan.jpg)


no one is scared of you, pyramid head wannabe


>Used to actually have nice music on main page (
>Replaced with weird glitched sounds
>Thinks they are more schway than SS.


boi the music follows the same aesthetic and reaches for the theme of initiate lmao. It's like you only listened to the homepage music.


The old lore about pataphysics, ancient race sending explorers into a void between worlds etc made more sense and was at least ORIGINAL. Now you just copy systemspace en masse. "This system is about to be purged".

You even copied Tsuki's post:
>Would you leave your world behind for a better one?
>The old world will cease to exist, and the new one will have many people that love you. A big team will help you make the switch. You cannot return.


If you actually paid attention you'd know that hoshi picked random quotes from the boards you dumb retard.


And it's ironic that you complain about stealing when systemspace doesn't even have its own lore nor music. Rewrite lmao xdddDdd


>246 KB, 5722 sloc compendium and even larger wiki
>no lore
pick only one


The wiki is made up of material that was taken from a slightly obscure japanese game/manga, IIRC, the entire projects lore is similar enough and uses the same made up metaphysical terms almost verbatim. It is close enough to the stolen source material that he could probably be sued. The above poster was implying that there is no lore original to tsuki.


You can always email Key (company that made Rewrite) and complain to them. Also since you have a law degree, you may even offer to be their lawyer. /s


Ideas aren't copyrighted, dumbass.


File: 1563164763164.png (373.82 KB, 552x552, unknown.png)

has it ever struck your mind that maybe it is stuff like this that fuels their (supposed) hatred for systemspace?


hehe present time, present day :3


Neither Tsuki nor us migrants are afraid of wannabe nazi cult like initiate.


So then what's the point. If you guys aren't afraid of them then why do you do everything in your power to censor them and shut them down?


i was on the initaite discord and got derezzed for saying "harder daddy"


you got derezzed because you interrupted a lain prayer sesh.

it'd not be a problem if you were a long-time initiative. we don't have a nazi ban policy and most people get away with stuff but you literally joined and broke the 5th rule as the first thing.


>lain prayer sesh.
please tell me this is just ironic and this level of autism doesn't exist


depends on how you define ironic. it's just something we do as a tradition, nothing too deep. a meme but not quite a meme, it's kind of hard to explain, we just do it.


File: 1563272199298.jpg (116.53 KB, 850x1202, sample_a69f03b345e222af89a….jpg)

Y'all just some fucking schizos. You attacked us, you doxxed us, we just soykaf post. What the fuck is your problem?


You tried to doxx multiple migrants, including the Representative, tried to provoke migrants into getting derezzed on chat or even transgressed, and you steal lore and website code wholesale.


How do you even have the audacity to blame anyone else for doxxing when you're on SS's side, are you retarded?


If there's anyone stealing lore and doxxing it's Tsuki kek.


>attempting to leak Tsuki's RL name and photo.
>not doxxing.


Actually leaking Ahiga's real name, passwords, emails, IP, location and more. Shut the fuck up, hypocrite.


refined here. I doxxed everyone since I, personally, hate INITIATE. I did not do that on anyone's request, including Tsuki.


all this soykaf was public, Ahiga's pass was in leaked DBs for at least since December 2017.



To everyone reading this I would recommend you to change your email to prevent any further doxxing.
Deleting the email would be a good option too, and use a vpn to prevent your original IP to be leak.

I will let this here so people can go look at the dump.

I don't want to talk in the place of Seph but we do not encourage these kind of action.


Good advice. -refined


so was tsuki's, newfag.


File: 1563300013836.png (411.77 KB, 899x617, fucking tsuki.png)

I am absolutely sick of hearing you glitterboy SS-nerds calling our lore stolen when it's just not.

Have you even READ the omniverse?

>uses real occult and philosophical ideology for theories on the world


We did nothing to you, you and your little Tsuki gang are filled with inbreds and mentally ill little boys go take your soykaf somewhere else.

Initiate never started this war ; Tsuki started it by being a little cunt.

>inb4 he doesnt even get this reference in the picture because he's never even watched SEL>>952


so, what was Tsuki's pass? I know you won't tell because it was not stolen in the first place.


>Norse mythology used outside of context, interspersed with poor cyberpunk writing. Main idea stolen from SS



You do realize the main idea that was stolen from SS has been thrown out the door
and again
It is all in theory based practice to further explore these ideas and understand the world a little better..

IMO that's a lot better than literally stealing an anime game plot Present Day, Present Time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


yeah I know Rewrite yada yada. Wanna believe SS is stolen from it? No one can interfere with your right to believe anything you want, nor anyone will.


>World is simulation
>World will be deleted soon
>Sign up to be saved

not stolen 10/10


Oh my! You're right! Initiate totally ripped off Heaven's Gate!


Heaven's Gate actually believed in UFOs, and back then simulation hypothesis was obscure and no one really took it seriously.


Did someone actually suicide from this INITIATE soykaf?


Probably both tbh


>Chisa Yomoda


>i don't know how arisuchan works: the post


Oldfag here. Back in (late 2017?) a guy called Unit asked if Tsuki would post his face if Unit posted his dick. Unit followed through (albeit with a dark photo). Somebody edited the photo to reveal Unit's tiny unit, and Tsuki followed through by posting his face.


>Posted about suicide
>Arisuchan chose "Chisa Yomoda" as name
did you even watch SEL?


Do you have a dick pic (no matter dark or fixed one)?


Yes, nigger. Did you or are you another of these 12 year old pseudo intellectuals?


Most did.


File: 1563481145641.jpg (55.14 KB, 494x659, d1e1f8d04287ea409adceeb450….jpg)

>read code
make me unsee it


Can someone explain this to me? Been browsong for some months but keeps seing this popup. I cant get past stage 2 on systemspace, is the arg over? what was it about specifically?


Tsuki is currently working on the new website. The old website is offline but the wiki and the boards are still open. Chat is functional but if you don't have an EID you can't currently join.


File: 1565005176899.jpg (70.74 KB, 600x634, ganj.jpg)

So doing a little catch up here because I was re-watching Lain with my roommate who's never seen SEL before and I got to thinking whatever happened to the Tsuki project I joined a few years ago? Last I heard the timer hit ZERO and the Jellyfish Jam started playing lol. I caught up on some of the internal drama of the original project, apparently Tsuki was mental and some falling out between him and an admin named Snoop fucked the project, people were Doxxed, 1 suicide was supposedly linked from a news coverage, the site was seized and that was it. I check back 2 years later and is back up with an Active Zone 2, some stuff about site maintenance and an AZ3 in the future but I read this maintenance has been going on for a few months now. Now it seems some people have tried to jump on the bandwagon, Tsuki Project is no longer linked in the arisuchan nav bar, Tsuki project is still going but slowly in it's forums and various shady chats that keep getting hacked by boys with small dark penises? Honestly trying to read through all of this has been one hell of a headache.

Few questions;
Tsuki, where is he now?
Apollo, I've read their site and it seems they are only attempting to provide clear uncensored coverage of everything that went down (So I don't understand the hate against Apollo).
What is ? It's linked from a few of you here and in the footer on apollo
s news tab

Damn so this was a long read albeit I skimmed past a lot of hateful comments and nigger spam
smh* people need to chill your egos if you're going to call slurs to people you've never met before. Doesn't reflect too well on arisuchan seeing these sorts of comments and the last I've seen of it on Lainchan (because I still browse both for different content RIP community separation fuck you appleman) got nuked, they don't want it and even less do they want to hate and cancer all you keyboard cowboys are so quick to type up. Sit back, smoke a J if you've got em and chill. #PLUR


File: 1565108557481.jpg (69.78 KB, 759x847, 1557518220525.jpg)

ad here, sorry for the mess, currently trying my best to make it look prettier : ^ )
>where's tsuki now
he's still working on ss. registrations should be reopening within the next few months tops.
it's mostly just ss fanatics that are actively hating on apollo for doing their job. people that are sane in the head wouldn't show much aggression towards a group that tried its best to show the true nature of a project.
initiate started out as a soykafpost website to show the absurdity of ss. it was made by ahiga, one of the founders of apollo. currently it serves as a "shelter" for lots of migrants that were looking for a systemspace-related community without manipulative/deceptive owners. even though it mostly consists of migrants, anyone's welcome to join.


Thanks for clearing that up ^^ Looking forward to whatever new CSS tricks Tsuki thinks up.
>Apollo is nice, I read the timeline and dang the drama is real.
>Initiate looks comfy.


INITIATE registrant here. I can no longer log in with my user ID since I get 404 error. I tried registering again, but didn't get any email. Hoshi please save me.


sorry for the inconvenience, the entire back-end is currently being rewritten.


Look, freedom of religion can't obscure the fact that your whole thing is a parody of us. If you're actually going to provide support, strength, and faith like all other religious communities do, then that's okay. But it's clear as day you're not.


File: 1567995089477.png (185.69 KB, 893x908, unkanown.png)

well it looks like initiate was mentioned on some soykafty lefty site


The fuck? I could have sworn I saw the same article only about Systemspace in '18.


You mean the CBC podcast? It was proven to be fake, Systemspace did not cause Jake Fehr's suicide (even though he registered on It was caused by stress from his father's suicide.


No, that was something completely different. I can't put my finger on this, but something tells me this pasta was about Systemspace back in early 2018.

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