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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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INITIATE has opened up a chatroom.

INITIATE is a cybercult based on Lain/simulation theory/cyberpunk genre as a whole. No, we're not asking for you to donate money or worship any of the admins, we're all simple dudes that want a comfy Lain/cyberpunk themed community. You can come and discuss anything you like here as long as it follows the rules.

To sign up for INITIATE and the chatroom, go to

You'll receive a verification along with an ID within a couple days maximum, we do this to avoid spammers.
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Oh and I just checked, Seph is initiated aswell.


sheeit, says i'm proxyfagging
oh well


File: 1560735386995.jpg (145.89 KB, 900x620, kisspng-vintage-clothing-a….jpg)

Get off my board , retard please


my girl Seph joined? Wow I guess I'm joining too :3


All these threads where people make some basic, uninteresting thing, and then hype it. Worst of all 50% of the board is SEL fanboys who will jump on anything named that, and all the lonely nerds will go "keep up the good job ^-^" because that somehow feels like they're on the path of being less lonely or getting closer to their GNU dream.

This place needs more darkengines.

File: 1557798715804.jpg (113.17 KB, 1280x905, 35970825_2141254952812502_….jpg)


Corporis quam vas. Plus animi est controller. Conscientia enim est verum.

h ttps://
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Is the link safe? someone SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!


I think it's safe. It's just a systemspace clone that's even less interesting(focuses more on astronomy than computers). I don't know where the pedo thing came from.


It's a website similar to system space and the guys use email. Quite hilarious.


And if concsiousness is based upon quantum physics.. Wouldn't that mean that it would interact with other states of realities and universes?
let's say the mandela effect for example
drawn-out fart noise


What if Tsuki but you get bored halfway

File: 1521936819287.jpg (38.84 KB, 1000x477, amazon-echo-hero.jpg)


Is she always listening?
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Yeah who am I kidding people don't give a soykaf. They will half-heartedly protest, that movement will be co-opted by ideologues and they will go back to whatever is mainstream by then. Just like what has happened with every political movement recently. Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party (which I supported since I was naive enough then to think you could change things through voting), women's march, etc. Beatings will continue until morale improves.


>>757 you say this, but I have had serious issues trying to sell drugs to normal people, because they expect everything to be done over fucking snapchat and SMS. Idiots.

Less freedom for the masses means less freedom for you and me, full stop. When every person you talk to is caught in the spider's web you're also caught in the spider's web, unless you decide to become a street urchin totally detatched from society, then you'll basically spend your days being harrassed by cops who know your name.


Yes. It's amazon, what do you expect


>you say this, but I have had serious issues trying to sell drugs to normal people, because they expect everything to be done over fucking snapchat and SMS. Idiots.
Canadian? I know many cops in Canada (family and friends). They all tell me that probably 3/4ths of drug convictions these days come from SMS and Snapchat evidence specifically. They're tight-lipped on technical details, but one RCMP staff sergeant just laughed when I asked about snapchats being self-deleting. And I've gotten the distinct impression that Snap Inc.'s legal department is a pretty cooperative bunch.

Fun fact: all Canadian cops that I know use only Signal, Wire, or iMessage in their private lives, even the very-highly-paid senior ones who travel a lot on business and have very vague job descriptions who also never ever talk about their work. They're not Whatsapp or email fans. Take from THAT what you will…


> Take from THAT what you will…

That all your friends are Canadian bacon? Guess who's not invited to the next Alice convention. Just kidding, that was pretty interesting.

File: 1495053457568.jpg (51.47 KB, 446x614, 18447138_10209170652280265….jpg)


Post spook



i would be the first gost caught masturbating


File: 1555910109568-0.jpg (156.19 KB, 450x1880, 71.jpg)

File: 1555910109568-1.jpg (198.08 KB, 450x1880, 72.jpg)

File: 1555910109568-2.jpg (218.23 KB, 450x1885, 73.jpg)

File: 1555910109568-3.jpg (226.28 KB, 450x1885, 74.jpg)

File: 1555910109568-4.jpg (291.97 KB, 450x1885, 75.jpg)



kwality kontent


File: 1556901486431.jpg (201 KB, 450x1885, 06.jpg)

File: 1553329568749.png (396.71 KB, 547x404, cycle.png)


One day you're gonna open your eyes on a reseted existence, another new existence for ruin it again and again. How we can get off this cycle? How we still allowing to this happen?

I can't long this anymore.


What is a cycle to you is just a static circle to me; if I abstract even more, it's just a well defined dot doing its well defined job.


File: 1553363527890.png (303.33 KB, 450x750, amerixan.png)

Try and change


Everything is cyclic, cycles are inevitable and inescapable. When you seem to be leaving one cycle, you are just shifting it.


well if you're asking me to get super schizo and tell my true opinions, time is an illusion. well, in the way we think of it. it's a fixed thing most of the time; it is in this reality because we have the concept of time so every possibility exists yes, but any one connecting line will be seen as a timeline, which has always existed and always will exist, but also is coming into existence gradually if you look at it within the realms of its own rules. if you want to keep your ego but not the reality attached to it you need to put more value into abstract concept. soon enough you'll realize keeping your ego hinders your ability to explore concept outside this timeline. everything just is; material is only another concept. there is no savior, there is no ruin, there is only change that both happens and doesn't and has both existed forever and only exists in a moment. nothing lasts, but nothing is lost. hope that wasn't too word salad-y for you to get the gist; these things are hard to talk about with constructed language.


such a good fucking movie

File: 1535939623582.png (12.48 KB, 640x640, check.png)


Hey, Alice. I've found something pretty strange, and wanted to talk to you about it.

I've been checking out sites like Torchan and the Google Groups Usenet archives, and the sites are infested with darknet scammers, mentally ill users, and those without any sense of OPSEC whatsoever. They post their real emails (clearnet ones!) in the headers of their posts, they misspell and use improper grammar, and they don't seem to have any logical consistency when replying or posting. Many come there to request illegal 'pizza', thinking that their code words will have any effect on their security or make them untraceable. Often they will be untrained with technology, and their political discussions are borderline conspiratorial.

Is it all just a big inside joke? I wanted to find obscure sites to help me escape the uninformative, boring insider trades I find everywhere else on the internet, and I figured that cipherpunks might have a haven on a darknet somewhere. Instead, all I've found is the insanity above.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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You should lurk onions more, there are really good places like nanochan


nanochan is trash.

The best onionsites imo are fora dedicated to explicitly illegal activity. Drug boards, hacking boards, that kind of thing. Lots of great info and you can meet very knowledgeable people there, and usually the staff are really strict about opsec and spam.


I went on there one time. Having an onion hosted imageboard or really anything except text based informational site is a bad idea with how slow it is. Waiting thirty seconds to see a thread with the exact same 4chan crap but even worse isn't worth it. Aesthetics are dumb and have no thought put into it either.


>The best onionsites imo are fora dedicated to explicitly illegal activity. Drug boards, hacking boards, that kind of thing.
The only thing derezzed on nano is CP, we already have an hacking thread and one about resisting government censorship, you can post whatever you want as long as it's a quality thread.
>It's slow
That's Tor for you in general, at least you have more time before posting to think.
>Aesthetics are dumb and have no thought put into it either.
It was supposed to be just really simple(no Javascript, no API for more security).

Anyway i don't want to shill nano too much i just wanted to say that what >>540 and >>543 said does not happen on nano, where CP is derezzed and everyone is paranoid with opsec and admin is really strict with spam moderation(check the mod log).


>you can post anything you want as long as it's a quality thread
except you have to be a nazi to use the site. It says there right in the rules.

imageboard "resisting" is weak sauce compared to actual pros doing their thing.

File: 1553496515678.jpg (566.09 KB, 948x435, fuck.jpg)


Good Morning Alice, and happy 25th birthday to me. I think I've just realized one of the key reasons I tend to almost always go to bed hammered and sleep as little as possible.

I pretty much had a hallucination this morning, when I was trying to get some rest to go in to work early today. I've been under a lot of work stress. So I didn't drink myself to sleep. Earlier I was having withdrawals from trying to quit smoking, and threw up from the massive headache. Result? Seeing I wouldn't fall asleep in the bed, I went to the couch- and felt like I was still awake for about an hour- when I realized I was stuck. Every time my eyes panned over to the small closet door all of the light in the room was sucked out- it was already completely dark- it was more like the small door was certainly just barely holding back some evil force- sucking in all of the life from the room.

I was really starting to get nervous. I couldn't move or think, but every time I looked over there- it got stronger. As the room started to twist around me- I looked as far as my eyes could from the room- and saw what I could make out as a man or a figure- wearing, what a sack on his head? Clearly distorted- but right at the foot of the couch- practically right on top of me- reaching down or out with the bag, or to strangle me.

So I tried to get my arms out- and the only thing I could do was "yell" for help. But what came out of my mouth was the thinnest- quietest- ghoulish rasps of a scream. Like a cold wind that carries a distant scream in the middle of the night, making you unsure of if you heard anything. I snap out of it- and I fall out of the couch with my arms sticking out. I hear my friends waking up- from the adjacent rooms. They meet in the hallway- "what was that?!" "It sounded like it came from outside?'

No- No guys, that was me! I stated clearly, and went to open the door. Apologizing sincerely and explaining I'd had a nightmare (I wish). They seriously looked freaked the fuck out, not in the is someone trying to break in way- but the "jesus christ that soykaf was creepy" way. Now I'm downstairs in the kitchen having a double fucking rum and coke because fuck that I am not being strangled by whatever the fuck is haunting my own brain (probably created by myself as a way to see that I suffer for my shortcomings in life due to my tendency for my hyper-self-criticism).

This is not the first time I've woken up fighting a ghost, spectrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1554709796611.png (465.77 KB, 1080x1920, vapor1554014238407.png)

Wow. It happened again. And in a big way…

I cut back on drinking and adjusted my sleep cycle. No problems until this weekend. It was a massively irresponsible weekend of partying. It's awfully interesting when you're trying to skeep and suddenly there are four shadow people at the foot of your bed.

I tried to stay calm as they climbed on the bed. I turned to the right to find one face to face… dripping out of the wall.

Instead of screaming I said "no! No no!" I grabbed my phone and anywhere the light went they dissapeared. So I jumped out of bed and got to the light switch as fast as I could. I had to duck under one of them. I tried jabbing another. But it was always just millimeters from my strike.

I hit the lights and sat on top of the table- holding an omamori in one hand and my naval Saber in the other. Looking in the corners. Seeing if the shadows were moving.

Then I heard it. A buzzing. A buzzing like a bee. A large bee. A monster bee. soykaf's Kaiju tier.

I slowly look over my head to the fan. Where a massive hornet is circling the light like a kid who's had too much caffiene. I was still not fully awake… the bastard was casting a shadow as it circled the light at Mach 5. On the wall… the shadow grew to the size of a person. And then the shadow became a person. A swirling mass of arms and heads. Laughing and dancing as it grew and shrank. Running across the wall and turning it blacker and blacker.

The Kaiju hornet. Where did it come from where did it go? I set the Saber down and picked up the drawing book for the Manga I'm working on. Psychocidal. I waited for the demonic hornet to land, and I slammed that motherfucker with the force of four fat yeets. Sucks to suck Cotton Eyed Joe.

I lifted the book.. and that rat bastard was smeared across the cover. The shadows were gone. The Dick skinner was real. I sighed deeply. I stomped the bug like it was 1990s Klendathu and my name was Johny Fuckin Rico

I was getting back to bed, and I froze. Right behind me, as if it was over my shoulder. An opera of buzzing. I flipped around so fast I fell on the bed and dropped my good luck charm.

Through a Crack in the ceiling. One. Two. Seven. A dozen. Hornets were screaming down and flying around the room like a mess of helicopters.

Nope.jpeg I almostPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


What can I legally get that is safer than alcohol?
I live in Germany, and while I theoretically have contacts that could get me illegal drugs, I am extremely anxious about those people and don't fully trust that their supply is clean.
Is there anything I can get from a store or order online?


File: 1554728396524.jpg (265.04 KB, 600x1125, 71392801_p21_master1200.jpg)

wow, odd. I posted 699 from my phone- I'm not from Germany, different guy. But yeah, how is alcohol both everywhere and demanding to be had- but also one of the worst things for you, and very judgmental.


File: 1554750776503.jpg (118.35 KB, 850x535, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….jpg)

It's an ingrained part of culture. People used to drink it partially because it was safer than water. It's very easy to produce and can be done in many different ways across the entire globe. People inherited wine yards for hundred of years, making it familial. It's part of religious ceremonies. It's consumed along with food, which itself is an even larger part of culture. It's distinguished between specific regions of specific countries. There's a social aspect to it. The direct negative effects of alcohol weren't in the past nearly as apparent to people compared to other drugs. Etc, etc, etc, etc.


sleepy drugs

File: 1554179410520.png (451.09 KB, 500x500, D500E3A9-1160-4B5F-861D-2C….png)


Has anybody else here heard of the SAFE network project? It seems very promising in concept. The basic idea is that the network will be fully automated(automatically create copies of data every time one is deleted) and use spare resources from users' computers. All data is enycrypted and distrubted in such a way that makes everything undeletable and communication near impossible to track. It uses "datachains" which isn't something I've heard of before. I don't have the technical know-how to tell whether it's legitimate.
On their forum it's been compared to freenet.

>Freenet provide no guarantee that data is not lost and always has been extremely slow.

>Freenet had a very small scope of capabilities, and none of the major pulls SAFE is ramping up to deliver.
>Freenet, as I remember it, was just a small box you’d have to buy and install, in hopes of connecting to other tinkerers and create a little network for fun. SAFE is running a whole new fully-featured replacement internet
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Their q&a section descibes data chains like this. Could any technical minded person here assess the feasibility and practicality of this?
>In the same way that the Bitcoin blockchain does not hold bitcoins, a data chain doesn’t hold data. However, it does provide evidence that a piece of data exists and where it should exist. Crucially, with the SAFE Network the data identified is real (documents, videos etc). That means that we can use that data identifier to prove the actual data itself is valid Network data (i.e. it has been accepted previously by the Network).

>So what is the architecture of a Data Chain? Imagine a block of data. This contains the data identifiers (for example, hash, name, type of data etc). Connected to this block is a link. This link a collection of signatures by all of the members of a group who agree that the details within this block of data are correct. With every change in the membership of the group, a new link is created and added to the Data Chain.

>There is much more to the detail of this architecture but to summarise, the Data Chain will split as the Network grows whilst the collective record will remain, accessible to all nodes. The links prove the membership and agreement that has taken place in the past. Using Data Chains, nodes have a provable history on the Network which means that they can prove group membership and be ranked easily for security purposes. Some nodes will not need to hold the actual data but instead hold only identifiers as the existence of that data is guaranteed. And crucially, Data Chains will ultimately enable the secure republishing of data should the Network ever lose power, as well as providing validation that data has been stored on the Network.

>We believe that Data Chains appear to be a natural progression for decentralised systems. They allow data of any type, size or format to be looked after and maintained in a secure and decentralised manner—in the sense of not only protecting physical data but also the validity of such data on the Network.


a popular one had been cjdns/hyperboria. its progress strikes me as unsatisfying though, and its development seems stalling.
>inb4 overlay net
do it the least dignity of reading two paragraphs on it, it can be an overlay yes, but its not bound to be.

of course, there's always freifunk.


>The ultimate goal is to create a net which will not fail if the internet does.
This part got me. Scalability seems limited and the whole thing is too human reliant. Humans are the source of the issue to begin with. It's basically an overlay that also works on meshnetworks, right? Meshnetworks are a dead-end.


Its an overlay that can be used also on meshnets or othernets, connecting different nodes given their IP, that is, cjdns.

personally, the internet as it stands is a culmination of human effort, and quite a lot of it. perhaps this is a poor yardstick. I'm not sure how any other large network will work without quite a lot of effort expended, this is simply the way of large projects.

if it were easy we'd have extant alternatives today. its not easy.

meshnetworks can be quite extended with gateways, that a user can use to bridge between one network and another one. To be honest I find this more than adequate. I admit my views on the ideal arrangement of an internet are potentially niche.

I havent read all of these documentations and it seems like there is quite a lot. thank you for finding an less fluffy subselection.

That does not sound, in principal impossible, nor to me entierly stupid, that is no more stupid than any other projects jumping on the blocktrain.

However this does not much speak of physical hardware infrastructure, which makes me assume he remains on the level of all of the other overlay networks, using the internet infrastructure to transport these data.

Ultimately we must admit that the internet is not a software project but also an physical infrastructure project. Sure the software side is neccisary, but its only half of the project.

You cannot lay cross oceanic cables from your office. For now, the hope of a pan global data network without centralization in those governments and corporations with the resources to handle such cables, is quite a fantasy.


File: 1554260803695.jpg (123.71 KB, 850x346, A2093704-C800-4A5E-8685-C4….jpg)

You're right that relying on wireless entirely is currently impossible. In the case of cjdns, I guess latency caused by going through gateways wouldn't be too bad if it uses the clearnet as a backbone. I wouldn't know though.
>that is no more stupid than any other projects jumping on the blocktrain
Is there something fundamentally bad about it?
Anyway, it's not open to the public yet and getting authorization requires tedious forum circular jerking. I don't know enough to make any serious use of my account and don't really plan to, so i'll just post the information here since somebody else whose more adept could post results. Why the fuck not? You can't change log-in info as far as I know.
account secret:BxCi876A&59

File: 1544421877418.jpg (17.16 KB, 300x278, C9bVO_ZXsAA9D1r.jpg)


I'm not sure where would be the best board to post this. This feels like it could fit either into /x/ or /psy/ depending on your views on magick.

This was just recently released. An overview on "technomancy" (the collision of magick and cybernetics/computers). I haven't read through it yet, but it seemed like something that would be right up Alice's alley.

The site uses Scratch for teaching principles of programming for magickal uses but I'm sure if you already know about programming you can easily apply the ideas here to a real language. If not then this is also a good introduction to programming possibly.


Haven't seen interesting new stuff like this in a while! Definitely will check it out once I have some time on my hands.


File: 1553024335494.png (660.71 KB, 600x600, 1250669595292_29543220.png)

We conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells.

File: 1552930662941.jpg (11.85 KB, 420x420, images.jpg)


A widely known thought.
Do other people exist?


No they are bots I made to feel less bored

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