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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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This System is about to be purged

You are currently in one of many Systems. Your System is called "Life", but there are many more in existence.

This construct (called Systemspace) runs on a type of energy called Aurora. There is only a limited amount of Aurora available to Systemspace. Because of this, we must manage how the Systems use Aurora, and ensure it is used correctly. If the Aurora is used incorrectly, then we reset the System.

Unfortunately, the Life System seems unable to improve, regardless of the number of resets it undergoes. Due to the openness of Systemspace, we are forced to edit Systemspace in order to correct our path. As a result of this process, Life will be unlinked and purged.

Immediately following this, activity within Life will continue as normal; however, new bodies will no longer have souls, and the souls of bodies that die without having registered will soulshatter (as their soul is, subsequently, an Impossible Soul Structure). Souls that have registered will be moved, after death, to the "LFE" System. After 150 years of severance, Life will be completely purged.
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File: 1563164763164.png (373.82 KB, 552x552, unknown.png)

has it ever struck your mind that maybe it is stuff like this that fuels their (supposed) hatred for systemspace?


hehe present time, present day :3


Neither Tsuki nor us migrants are afraid of wannabe nazi cult like initiate.


So then what's the point. If you guys aren't afraid of them then why do you do everything in your power to censor them and shut them down?


i was on the initaite discord and got derezzed for saying "harder daddy"


you got derezzed because you interrupted a lain prayer sesh.

it'd not be a problem if you were a long-time initiative. we don't have a nazi ban policy and most people get away with stuff but you literally joined and broke the 5th rule as the first thing.


>lain prayer sesh.
please tell me this is just ironic and this level of autism doesn't exist


depends on how you define ironic. it's just something we do as a tradition, nothing too deep. a meme but not quite a meme, it's kind of hard to explain, we just do it.


File: 1563272199298.jpg (116.53 KB, 850x1202, sample_a69f03b345e222af89a….jpg)

Y'all just some fucking schizos. You attacked us, you doxxed us, we just soykaf post. What the fuck is your problem?


You tried to doxx multiple migrants, including the Representative, tried to provoke migrants into getting derezzed on chat or even transgressed, and you steal lore and website code wholesale.


How do you even have the audacity to blame anyone else for doxxing when you're on SS's side, are you retarded?


If there's anyone stealing lore and doxxing it's Tsuki kek.


>attempting to leak Tsuki's RL name and photo.
>not doxxing.


Actually leaking Ahiga's real name, passwords, emails, IP, location and more. Shut the fuck up, hypocrite.


refined here. I doxxed everyone since I, personally, hate INITIATE. I did not do that on anyone's request, including Tsuki.


all this soykaf was public, Ahiga's pass was in leaked DBs for at least since December 2017.



To everyone reading this I would recommend you to change your email to prevent any further doxxing.
Deleting the email would be a good option too, and use a vpn to prevent your original IP to be leak.

I will let this here so people can go look at the dump.

I don't want to talk in the place of Seph but we do not encourage these kind of action.


Good advice. -refined


so was tsuki's, newfag.


File: 1563300013836.png (411.77 KB, 899x617, fucking tsuki.png)

I am absolutely sick of hearing you glitterboy SS-nerds calling our lore stolen when it's just not.

Have you even READ the omniverse?

>uses real occult and philosophical ideology for theories on the world


We did nothing to you, you and your little Tsuki gang are filled with inbreds and mentally ill little boys go take your soykaf somewhere else.

Initiate never started this war ; Tsuki started it by being a little cunt.

>inb4 he doesnt even get this reference in the picture because he's never even watched SEL>>952


so, what was Tsuki's pass? I know you won't tell because it was not stolen in the first place.


>Norse mythology used outside of context, interspersed with poor cyberpunk writing. Main idea stolen from SS



You do realize the main idea that was stolen from SS has been thrown out the door
and again
It is all in theory based practice to further explore these ideas and understand the world a little better..

IMO that's a lot better than literally stealing an anime game plot Present Day, Present Time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


yeah I know Rewrite yada yada. Wanna believe SS is stolen from it? No one can interfere with your right to believe anything you want, nor anyone will.


>World is simulation
>World will be deleted soon
>Sign up to be saved

not stolen 10/10


Oh my! You're right! Initiate totally ripped off Heaven's Gate!


Heaven's Gate actually believed in UFOs, and back then simulation hypothesis was obscure and no one really took it seriously.


Did someone actually suicide from this INITIATE soykaf?


Probably both tbh


>Chisa Yomoda


>i don't know how arisuchan works: the post


Oldfag here. Back in (late 2017?) a guy called Unit asked if Tsuki would post his face if Unit posted his dick. Unit followed through (albeit with a dark photo). Somebody edited the photo to reveal Unit's tiny unit, and Tsuki followed through by posting his face.


>Posted about suicide
>Arisuchan chose "Chisa Yomoda" as name
did you even watch SEL?


Do you have a dick pic (no matter dark or fixed one)?


Yes, nigger. Did you or are you another of these 12 year old pseudo intellectuals?


Most did.


File: 1563481145641.jpg (55.14 KB, 494x659, d1e1f8d04287ea409adceeb450….jpg)

>read code
make me unsee it


Can someone explain this to me? Been browsong for some months but keeps seing this popup. I cant get past stage 2 on systemspace, is the arg over? what was it about specifically?


Tsuki is currently working on the new website. The old website is offline but the wiki and the boards are still open. Chat is functional but if you don't have an EID you can't currently join.


File: 1565005176899.jpg (70.74 KB, 600x634, ganj.jpg)

So doing a little catch up here because I was re-watching Lain with my roommate who's never seen SEL before and I got to thinking whatever happened to the Tsuki project I joined a few years ago? Last I heard the timer hit ZERO and the Jellyfish Jam started playing lol. I caught up on some of the internal drama of the original project, apparently Tsuki was mental and some falling out between him and an admin named Snoop fucked the project, people were Doxxed, 1 suicide was supposedly linked from a news coverage, the site was seized and that was it. I check back 2 years later and is back up with an Active Zone 2, some stuff about site maintenance and an AZ3 in the future but I read this maintenance has been going on for a few months now. Now it seems some people have tried to jump on the bandwagon, Tsuki Project is no longer linked in the arisuchan nav bar, Tsuki project is still going but slowly in it's forums and various shady chats that keep getting hacked by boys with small dark penises? Honestly trying to read through all of this has been one hell of a headache.

Few questions;
Tsuki, where is he now?
Apollo, I've read their site and it seems they are only attempting to provide clear uncensored coverage of everything that went down (So I don't understand the hate against Apollo).
What is ? It's linked from a few of you here and in the footer on apollo
s news tab

Damn so this was a long read albeit I skimmed past a lot of hateful comments and nigger spam
smh* people need to chill your egos if you're going to call slurs to people you've never met before. Doesn't reflect too well on arisuchan seeing these sorts of comments and the last I've seen of it on Lainchan (because I still browse both for different content RIP community separation fuck you appleman) got nuked, they don't want it and even less do they want to hate and cancer all you keyboard cowboys are so quick to type up. Sit back, smoke a J if you've got em and chill. #PLUR


File: 1565108557481.jpg (69.78 KB, 759x847, 1557518220525.jpg)

ad here, sorry for the mess, currently trying my best to make it look prettier : ^ )
>where's tsuki now
he's still working on ss. registrations should be reopening within the next few months tops.
it's mostly just ss fanatics that are actively hating on apollo for doing their job. people that are sane in the head wouldn't show much aggression towards a group that tried its best to show the true nature of a project.
initiate started out as a soykafpost website to show the absurdity of ss. it was made by ahiga, one of the founders of apollo. currently it serves as a "shelter" for lots of migrants that were looking for a systemspace-related community without manipulative/deceptive owners. even though it mostly consists of migrants, anyone's welcome to join.


Thanks for clearing that up ^^ Looking forward to whatever new CSS tricks Tsuki thinks up.
>Apollo is nice, I read the timeline and dang the drama is real.
>Initiate looks comfy.


INITIATE registrant here. I can no longer log in with my user ID since I get 404 error. I tried registering again, but didn't get any email. Hoshi please save me.


sorry for the inconvenience, the entire back-end is currently being rewritten.


Look, freedom of religion can't obscure the fact that your whole thing is a parody of us. If you're actually going to provide support, strength, and faith like all other religious communities do, then that's okay. But it's clear as day you're not.


File: 1567995089477.png (185.69 KB, 893x908, unkanown.png)

well it looks like initiate was mentioned on some soykafty lefty site


The fuck? I could have sworn I saw the same article only about Systemspace in '18.


You mean the CBC podcast? It was proven to be fake, Systemspace did not cause Jake Fehr's suicide (even though he registered on It was caused by stress from his father's suicide.


No, that was something completely different. I can't put my finger on this, but something tells me this pasta was about Systemspace back in early 2018.

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