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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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Original theory.
I believe real life cheat codes actually exist to simply put it, but these aren't exactly cheatcodes,
What i want to say, is that theoretically, we can find weaknesses in our existence and make it better for us. All of our existence theoretically CAN be seen through in code, so that means that we can change it for better things.
But, it is 99.99 (and a lot more 9's) % impossible.
So, we need to get that one percent that is possible.
Technically, if it exists, it has it's weaknesses. Even though practically impossible, technically you can even kill satan with bare hands. Theoretically. So theoretically, it 100% IS possible to hack life and gain superpowers, flying skills, and stuff like this. But how?
I believe absolutely nobody knows, people who say they do know are schizos, cult leaders, e.t.c. Just know and hope it can be done. We just need to crack the code.
Technically, Matrix is consciousness, and all around us. So if you are alive, you are in the Matrix. And that means, that we can hack or program our brains to do and believe what we wish to believe. I absolutely don't believe something like this can happen even in 10 thousand years, but the odds still exist.
Just hope guys.
We just need to find the hackerman for our world!


Drugs make people stupid. But if you take a lot you might unlock "rule of funny".


I think consciousness can be creation. Like you can create a whole world in your head while you dream. And you can fly in dreams. It also feels real while it's happening. But the texture of it is not like real life, but while you're in that state it doesn't matter. Maybe life or "reality" is the closest thing we can experience to the real matrix with our senses. Maybe there are more realities than ours that can constitute a much more wholesome experience to reality. Or less, but still real in their own right.


Try up up down down left right left right BA start

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