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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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I’m always worried about my fucking health. I’m so scared that I have undiagnosed cancer or something.
Like recently one of my lymph nodes swelled up and I assumed the worst. Leukemia, lymphoma, tumor, etc. Went to the doctor and they just said it was an infection.
I’m totally aware of my irrational thinking regarding my health, but will it ever get worse? Will it ever come to a point where i’m no longer self aware? How the fuck can I prevent it from getting worse? Help me.


Could you be more specific with your question?
I can think of like 5 different ways of answering.


All I'm really asking is what steps can I take from my health anxiety from getting worse. Worse to the point where I'm not even able to suppress it anymore.


Typically one would go see a therapist and ask to be given exposure therapy. I could walk you through the steps if you absolutely needed that, but it would be much better if it were done under professional guidance. A little bit of cognitive behavioral therapy would probably be additionally useful. Anything else?


at this point I don't really care about my body. I'm still young and death is far away to me. Stress is really bad for your health.


I'm literally the same way but I just stopped giving a fuck and if I die I die still sometimes I worry if I have some sort of leukemia or cancer which is probably why I lift weights and eat extremely healthy (too healthy probably).


fam it's so hard for me to have that kind of mentality. idk. I think its because I think when you die that's it.


I think that too. I'm not afraid of it.
I take care of my body and I'm cautious. But I'm not letting my caution prevent me from living… if you think about it, what's the point of a life where you never take a risk? Might as well be dead anyway, it's probably less boring.

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