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File: 1510508665876.jpg (14.3 KB, 720x400, spookylights.jpg)


Alright alice, we gettin all up in it now.

Have you ever seen a UFO or had an extraterrestrial encounter?

I haven't had any experiences myself. I dont believe the most famous sightings are legit, like roswell, but there is definitely a phenomena going on with floating lights (not stars). As for the greys, I have no reason to believe they are real or at all related to UFO phenomenon, but greys and UFOs flying around a night and meeting with the airforce is max comfy so im including them and am interested in all anecdotes and information related.

That said I will now recount my one experience which I think Occams razor explains well enough.

>cloudless night in the PNW coastal range, very far from civilization

>extremely clear skies, can practically see the milky way
>by myself laying on a bench in a clearing, pitch black out besides stars
>watching what appears to be a satellite move across the sky
>tiny slow moving dot, youve seen them before
>gets directly above me
>suddenly entire clearing lights up in bright white daylight
>for one instance I could see the treeline very clearly as if I had an extremely powerful headlight
>next instant everything is dark again
>eyes readjust and the satellite carries on its slow orbit to the northwest

pretty sure the satellite reflected the sun just right and lit up my spot. So probably not aliens, but still a once in a lifetime event. Totally blew my mind. Was completely sober and lucid during the event.
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>Is that possible?
idk, but best explanation I can provide that isnt orbital gangstalking or aliens. Was definitely not an illusion and was also definitely some type of satellite.

>I can only describe as a fireball

did it look like it was made of fire? also where did it cross to, did it fly up and away or disappear over the horizon or something? sounds interesting.


Well, I wasn't there, but that just sounds like a meteor. These happen all the time, but in someplaces, its too dark to see (most of) them. That said, its not uncommon for large ones to be visible from the ground, and that sounds basically like what you describe to me anyway.

I wonder if perhaps a reflective mirror (like for an antenna) could have had you in its focus, (more or less anyway). Sounds pretty freaky anyway.

Is there anyway that could have been a coincidental lightning strike in the distance? often if there is a storm sort of far out, one can see the flashes at night, though the distance mutes and delays the thunder to the point of indiscerability.


>Is there anyway that could have been a coincidental lightning strike in the distance?

not a chance. It was ridiculously clear out. Thats how I was able to trace it across the sky (like any old satellite). The flash happened when it was directly above me too. My guess is something reflective. It lit up the entire clearing.


>did it look like it was made of fire? also where did it cross to, did it fly up and away or disappear over the horizon or something? sounds interesting.
I was in a suburban area, so it's not like I could see far in the distance.
I barely caught a glimpse of it. From where we were standing, it appeared to come from behind. I saw something shiny above our heads and before I could focus my sight at the sky it had already crossed it in straight line.

>Well, I wasn't there, but that just sounds like a meteor. These happen all the time, but in someplaces, its too dark to see (most of) them. That said, its not uncommon for large ones to be visible from the ground, and that sounds basically like what you describe to me anyway.
It could have been. But my impression is that it's halo was too big to be meteor.


I think UFOs and Aliens are a very interesting topic, I've read several books about it when I was in my teens (yes, school wasn't easy for me), seen a lot of documentaries and from time to time still read about sightings and meetings between humans and aliens.

First off, given the endlessness of space and the billions and billions of planets, I believe that there are some planets where life developed. Some of this life may just be bacteria or other small animals, on other plants maybe there are living creatures that are humanoid and have a basic civilization, some may even have more advanced societies and technologies then we do.

Now the question is: when did these civilizations arise? Given the relatively short span our species will have lived in the universe and on this planet once we're gone (I personally don't believe humanity will survive the next few hundred years) some of those alien species may have died out already or reached a state of an advanced technological civilization when life started to develop on earth or we still lived in cages.

With all that said, that brings me to my general problem that I have with this UFO/Alien visiting.
Even if we ignore all the physical difficulties about traveling these vast distances through space, why would an alien species send their people and not drones or robots?
Given that even with very advanced space travel technology it could take hundreds of years to come to earth, why would they not simply send a robot?

the other question that I have and that, at least in the literature I've consumed, what would they want from us? They could be interested in resources and maybe some basic informations about us as humans, our technology and our environment. From my point of view that doesn't really fits in with the dark conspiracies and stories about abductions.

So why do I still have some believe in it? There have been mass sightings of aliens and ufos that I simply can't refute and, while many ufo sightings can be explained through planes, drones, space debris etc., there is still a small percentage of sightings that can't be 'rationally' explained.

I want to end this with two anecdotes from my father.
When my father was a young teenager he and some friends went camping near a small lake. My father had trouble sleeping so he laid down in the grass outside his tent. Until this day he swears that he saw a light bulb, similar to a star, moving quickly Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1504409408625.png (946.79 KB, 720x720, 1498854985540.png)


I never did anything like this. I tell fortunes. I can do tea leaves or coffee grains. I also interpret dreams. So if you want a quack come and post.
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What dream symoblism system or whatever that is called, do you use? What books etc or are you just making things up?


I simply take what I hear and give my take.


Do me pls <3


File: 1505998569276.png (140.27 KB, 300x282, tmp_25694-1505850898551952….png)

Can't you read their directions?


Hope you're still here. Take a crack at a dream interpretation if you like.

It seemed to take place during WWII, though there was no indication of war. I was a boxer in line to challenge or train except we it looked like everyone was going away from the ring. I got up to a mirror and saw wanted poster with what looked like Alan Turing's face on it instead of my head. I got a call in the dream from a cell phone (looked like a motorolla startak or whatever it's called) and the caller said "Aye yo fuck you, Mr. Miyagi" in some kind of New York/ Boston accent. Woke up after that.

File: 1513460845561.png (415.34 KB, 921x478, UFO.png)


>In the $600 billion annual Defense Department budgets, the $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was almost impossible to find. Which was how the Pentagon wanted it.

For years, the program investigated reports of unidentified flying objects, according to Defense Department officials, interviews with program participants and records obtained by The New York Times. It was run by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring, deep within the building’s maze.

The Defense Department has never before acknowledged the existence of the program, which it says it shut down in 2012. But its backers say that, while the Pentagon ended funding for the effort at that time, the program remains in existence. For the past five years, they say, officials with the program have continued to investigate episodes brought to them by service members, while also carrying out their other Defense Department duties.


It seems the way the charge of the US war department is often interpreted is to encompass a great many things. Obviously maintaining the military, the nuclear weapons and missiles, the army, et cetera. But also to a large extent research.
Not all research that they do must yeild some new weapon or tool, nor must it be in the direction to hopefully do so, It pays to understand the world, to understand how things normally are, so if something is amiss, you can tell.
Furthermore, a great deal of sort of silly seeming things, as this example, might outwardly make little sense. But even if there is never anything of interest in the topic of "UFO"s, there is a motivation to study the phenomena. Humans are now and likely will remain for some time very important in many aspects ofthe military, and human perception, or misperception, is often incredibly important to general operations. If people see weird things in the sky, and they arent there, or arent how the people relate them, I would want to know why, what is happening, and how I can prevent false alarms.

As such, to me, it seems sort of like it would be surprising for the military to not still be running at least some research into "UFO" type events. and honestly at the scale of the US defense budget (to which you likely could add the CIA budget at least if you want a more real figure), 22 million usd is not that much.


I think the video from OPs picture was kinda interesting.

I'm not sure what to think about this program and there isn't enough data available in my opinion.
I can see that there is extraterrestrial life but I do not believe that there are little gray men in flying saucers coming to visit us. If they're so advanced that they could travel through space, why not send robots or just keep hidden from us? This species would have to be much much more advanced than we are.

I would love to see all their archives.

What do you guys think about this? Do you believe in UFOs?


How does a 'fake conspiracy' sound.


>I can see that there is extraterrestrial life but I do not believe that there are little gray men in flying saucers coming to visit us. If they're so advanced that they could travel through space, why not send robots

What if these "tic tacs" are unmanned?

File: 1509986346644.jpg (370.77 KB, 1912x1404, agrippa-62-63-fs.jpg)


(A Book of The Dead)

by William Gibson

I hesitated
before untying the bow
that bound this book together.

A black book:
Order Extra Leaves By Letter and Name

A Kodak album of time-burned
black construction paper

The string he tied
Has been unravelled by years
and the dry weather of trunks
Like a lady's shoestring from the First World War
Its metal ferrules eaten by oxygen
Until they resemble cigarette-ash

Inside the cover he inscribed something in soft graphite
Now lost
Then his name
W.F. Gibson Jr.
and something, comma,

Then he glued his Kodak prints down
And wrote under them
In chalk-like white pencil:
"Papa's saw mill, Aug. 1919."

A flat-roofed shack
Against a mountain ridge
In the foreground are tumbled boards and offcuts
He must have smelled the pitch,
In August
The sweet hot reek
Of the electric saw
Biting into decades

Next the spaniel Moko
"Moko 1919"
Poses on small bench or table
Before a backyard tree
His coat is lustrous
The grass needs cutting
Beyond the tree,
In eerie Kodak clarity,
Are the summer backstairs of Wheeling,
West Virginia
Someone's left a wooden stepladder out

"Aunt Fran and [obscured]"
Although he isn't, this gent
He has a "G" belt-buckle
A lapel-device of Masonic origin
A patent propelling-pencil
A fountain-pen
And the flowers they pose behind so solidly
Are rooted in an upright length of whitewashed
concrete sewer-pipe.

Daddy had a horse named Dixie
"Ford on Dixie 1917"
A saddle-blanket marked with a single star
Corduroy jodhpurs
A western saddle
And a cloth cap
Proud and happy
As any boy could be

"Arthur and Ford fishing 1919"
Shot by an adult
(Witness the steady hand
that captures the wildflowers
the shadows on their broad straw hats
reflections of a split-rail fence)
standing opposite them,
on the far side of the pond,
amid the snake-doctors and the mud,
Kodak in hand,
Ford Sr.?

And "Moma July, 1919"
strolls beside the pond,
in white big city shoes,
Purse tucked behind her,
While either Ford or Arthur, still straw-hatted,
approaches a canvas-topped touring car.

"Moma and Mrs. Graham at fish hatchery 1919"
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"Since 1948"

Gene Wolfe once said that being an only child whose parents are dead is like being the sole survivor of drowned Atlantis. There was a whole civilization there, an entire continent, but it's gone. And you alone remember. That's my story too, my father having died when I was six, my mother when I was eighteen. Brian Aldiss believes that if you look at the life of any novelist, you'll find an early traumatic break, and mine seems no exception.

I was born on the coast of South Carolina, where my parents liked to vacation when there was almost nothing there at all. My father was in some sort of middle management position in a large and growing construction company. They'd built some of the Oak Ridge atomic facilities, and paranoiac legends of "security" at Oak Ridge were part of our family culture. There was a cigar-box full of strange-looking ID badges he'd worn there. But he'd done well at Oak Ridge, evidently, and so had the company he worked for, and in the postwar South they were busy building entire red brick Levittown-style suburbs. We moved a lot, following these projects, and he was frequently away, scouting for new ones.

It was a world of early television, a new Oldsmobile with crazy rocket-ship styling, toys with science fiction themes. Then my father went off on one more business trip. He never came back. He choked on something in a restaurant, the Heimlich maneuver hadn't been discovered yet, and everything changed.

My mother took me back to the small town in southwestern Virginia where both she and my father were from, a place where modernity had arrived to some extent but was deeply distrusted. The trauma of my father's death aside, I'm convinced that it was this experience of feeling abruptly exiled, to what seemed like the past, that began my relationship with science fiction.

I eventually became exactly the sort of introverted, hyper-bookish boy you'll find in the biographies of most American science fiction writers, obsessively filling shelves with paperbacks and digest-sized magazines, dreaming of one day becoming a writer myself.

At age fifteen, my chronically anxious and depressive mother having demonstrated an uncharacteristic burst of common sense in what today we call parenting, I was shipped off to a private boys' school in Arizona. There, extracted grub-like and blinking from my bedroom and those bulging plywood shelves, I began the forced invention of a less LovePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


ACGT, sounds like DNA to me

File: 1515700609637.jpg (55.24 KB, 600x600, pbn.jpg)


Here is a list of some of my favorite things, alphabetically (no particular
semantic order). Could you recommend some things that I may have missed or
stories I might enjoy based on this list?

Alien (1979)      
Coast to Coast AM Blackout
Cropsey (2009)    
Death Valley Germans
John Titor        
Metroid Prime (2002)
NATO Phonetic Alphabet
Number Stations   
Prime Number Distribution
Primer (2004)     
Ted's Caver Story 
The Max Headroom Incident
The Voynich Manuscript
The X-Files       
The Zodiac Killer 

File: 1504648486364.jpg (152.28 KB, 1170x748, illuminati-1-1170x748[1].jpg)


Secret societies like the Illuminati, Skull and Bones are well known. What are a few societies that are secret that most people don't know about?
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Take your pick. These clubs, particularly White's, were the breeding grounds for most of the "secret societies" you have heard about. Internally, in each of these clubs, there's a lot of very powerful people, with a lot of money floating about and a lot of people in other clubs (particularly military member clubs) that can get things done, that you haven't heard about.

"Hiding in plain sight" is a much better tactic than the cloak and dagger secret handshakes horse soykaf you read about from conspiracy theorists.


If you get really involved with your local religious group, you might find your way into a secret society.


Opus Dei gets a bad rap from soykaf like The Da Vinci Code, they're really just a normal group of Catholics.


Pirate Radio


File: 1513221827596.jpg (15.82 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>If you get really involved with your local religious group, you might find your way into a secret society.
You might also find yourself into a nice pair of black Nike Decades.

File: 1511990458974.jpg (291.06 KB, 566x800, Sylvie.jpg)


I saw someone on here bring up Majestic 12 claiming that it was a real thing. I thought that it was debunked as a hoax or disinformation by Phillip Klass. Is his analysis wrong or invalid in some way or did something else come out about it that I was not aware of? I'm genuinely curious if I'm just buying into some bullsoykaf debunking or if I'm simply missing something


File: 1512083718663.jpg (18.25 KB, 300x279, GCC_Air_Conditioning_Annex….jpg)

I think you might be referring to a comment I made.
Basically Majestic 12 was leaked in a fake document. However certain theorists believe that this was created by Majesty 12 to discredit anyone claiming about their existence. I haven't read the book in a while but I believe they are also a council of 13 members and not 12 to further discredit things and make it harder to out them.

The video below should explain this:

File: 1511687476578-0.png (260.59 KB, 842x437, Lain_Lied_To_Me.png)

File: 1511687476578-1.png (22.78 KB, 637x385, users.png)

File: 1511687476578-2.png (30.49 KB, 1335x604, archive.png)



The project name for Lainchan is WOUNDEDBIRD. All communication is fed into analytics software that assists in profiling and threat assessment operations.

WOUNDEDBIRD was behind the Tsuki Project's Image Submission scheme, as a way of tracking users.


WOUNDEDBIRD collected persona data from users via agents within IRC.

Data is sent off via files, which contain all of the posts in a given snapshot. applechan has removed theirs, but still has theirs at


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File: 1511722569920.jpg (54.99 KB, 675x430, 26explicableai2-master675.jpg)

Yes, Kalyx is in the CIA and Seph is in the NSA. We all know this. Seph's address on IRC even gives it away:


Seriously though, it's an anonymous image board. What part of that don't you understand? Those that had their region and photograph listed on (now offered that information voluntarily. It's offline at the moment, but it may have had 50 people at most. That is hardly "every user."

<crash_override> guidojoon, can I have a picture of you for

That is from #lainchan on their IRC channel. That user was derezzed on #arisuchan on Freenode so you don't have to worry about that happening here.

>Data is sent off via files, which contain all of the posts in a given snapshot. applechan has removed theirs, but still has theirs at

That is the archive of applechan that they used to make the lainchan archive. There is nothing malicious in the file. They link to it directly from the main page of the lainchan archive.


If anyone actually fell for this "conspiracy theory," please leave this site.


Who says we're "being ourselves" here?
Maybe you're just not in on the false profiling scheme.

The here is updated to around August 2017 (If I parsed the unix timestamps right), not exactly up to date. Wouldn't it be easier to web scrape the board occasionally instead of getting these zips?


I really don't know why people would voluntarily put their photos out there. I don't see how it's combined with, it doesn't hold IP addresses or anything identifiable beyond what you see on the board yourself. The pool of people in the photos to machine learn something from is really small so how'd that benefit anyone I don't know.

You'll need to get more to get me paranoid.

> that's look rediculously huge for texts files.
It's thumbnails too!


So uh where are the hidden boards? I know they're kinda for fun and less real but I still think the goberment would want those. Also as everyone said before why wouldn't they just scrape the web?


Because archive is not of arisuchan. It is of the old applechan.



File: 1532926216434.jpg (29.55 KB, 480x480, Longy(RIP).jpg)

I have over 300 photos of irc users now.
I am not derezzed from #arisuchan? is long gone and isn't coming back, but I still have an unmaintained list of lainon websites at, is such an old domain of mine I dunno why op even mentioned it.

File: 1508560074494.png (1.72 MB, 1000x1000,


Gonna try again. What is the likely hood that the world is run by s secret group? If so, why do conspiracy theorists freak out so much? If we are already ruled by a bunch of reptilians or whatever then we're probably already screwed. I don't expect humanity to be able to fight back. What do you think the end goal of the Illuminati or reptilians would be? Do you think that they're just messing with humanity for the fun of it?
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>to be THE political model, even though there could be hundreds in it's place

Call your state a kingdom, an empire, a republic, make your flag red, blue, or both, in the end it doesn't change much.
The USSR authoritarianism was just the authoritarianism of Tsarism.
Democracy is just a market economy oriented, light bureaucratic regime controlled by check and balances and international treaties bonding the state and giving rights to the people. From that regard, what defines the political regime of a state is if it is integrated or not into the liberal Western international system, and thus controlled by these treaties. The era of isolated states and legal alchemy is well behind us.


yeah, those lucky Japanese Americans in 1942 were glad to have their "protected, inalienable rights" I'm sure.


First, international law really got off after WW2 so your counter-example is a bit weak.
Second, internment camps would lead today to an international uproar and the USA can't do as they please without losing a tremendous amount of power in our interdependent world – a fact that really riles Trump.
Third, I'd rather be a Japanese in imperfect 1942 America than a Chinese in imperial 1942 Japan.

Now, of course the US and Western Europe don't hold up to their obnoxiously proclaimed standards, lies and crude propaganda are ingrained in the sociopolitical structure of this part of the world since centuries, only Arab nationalists got more shameless than that. But at least there WERE standards proclaimed by the people of the West and forced against their own states and churches.
That the State and its "politician" leeches, faithful to their nature, constantly make up excuses or "emergency" pretexts to brush them away does not mean they don't exist. It means they have to be used against them by using the legal levers you still have.


File: 1510701811964.jpg (23.22 KB, 540x362, 1509894632113.jpg)

Only problem here is the fact that the pope selects the leader of the NWO and if he's wrong they become the anti christ
>behold a pale horse

But for real about secret societies
There definitely are:
>Skull & bones
>Trilateral Commision
>Majesty 12
Now even though all of these may not exist lots of them do.

What is their goal:
This is pretty easy for most of the ones we know Skull & Bones are a bunch of Yale frat boys. But after they graduate I assume they do soykaf like nepotism and increase their own wealth. Stuff like:
>Hey Rex Cowdry it's the dude from blackstone group we need you to boost sales of this drug. Make the disease it treats a big plan for the government.

>Hey President Bush it Cowdry I need you to mention this disease in a speech the one dude from blackstone needs us to do this for him.

Now Bush can claim he focused on mental health Cowdry gets some sort of kickback in return and blackstone makes a ton of money off the drug.

Also I don't even think it needs to be secret society's Who do you think controls the world to a village in china. The guy who owns the coca-cola bottling plant. If he want's to siphon off all the water in town no one can really stop him.

At this point I don't think they will try to form a major coup or rock the boat too much. Try to place their pawns in developing countries so they can control it from secret. But at this point they make more money on the status quo and control us enough for them.

I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility for the illuminati or some other world controllers existing but I don't think they're plan is as sinister as the end of the world and more about how to make willing slaves of the people.

File: 1509692404847.jpg (24 KB, 384x383, images.jpg)


I am wondering what it would entail setting a lab of sorts, I'm thinking of starting with common medical brews and roots such as ginger, garlic.
Do you know about occult science, lain? inb4 it's not science


if you're gonna call what you do "science", at least hold it up to rigorous standards of proof.


File: 1509813410473.jpg (136.42 KB, 618x767, aasb.jpg)

You don't see too many people who are interested in alchemy these days…

If you're interested in starting a lab, I'd refer you to the archives of the Practical Alchemy e-mail list hosted on Adam McLean's site - This is a short thread that runs through the basics of setting up a first lab.

I would suggest some of Adam's books as well ( I have Study Course on Alchemical Symbolism and How To Read Alchemical Texts. These were the study guides for a year-long course that Adam used to offer; but I don't think he's still doing it. Either way, they are a good primer for figuring out the meaning behind a lot of the older texts and images. There's also other books in the educational series, but I can't comment on them since I haven't bought them yet.

Getting some copies of the old texts is a good idea - even if you never make anything from them they are an interesting read on the philosophy and thought process of the original alchemists. I have a copy of the RAMS Digital Library ( which isn't expensive to buy. I'm sure it's in a torrent somewhere too, but support the group, they are doing good work. The books have high-quality translations and include the images associated with the work.

The Alchemist's Handbook by Frater Albertus is well recommended ( but I don't have a copy. I have heard good things about it.

Mark Stavish's Practical Plant Alchemy ( is a short introduction to production of some spagyric tinctures that aren't that difficult to make.

Do you have any areas that interest you more than others, or aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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