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what is the meaning behind the number 23? also i was watching the number 23 movie trailer on youtube is it good or 2sp00py


mediocre thriller


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alright thanks wont be bothered about that one. but have you heard about 23 having specif meaning by some books or such and its somehow connected to how "everything" and is always dividable by 5 given the right amount of possibilities, e.g; a fifth sided "triangle" is dividable by 5


its bullsoykaf invented to sell the tickets to the movie


>what is the meaning behind the number 23?
It's an old Discordian thing called the Law of Fives. Everything in the universe can be connected to the number 5 (and five can be derived from 23 if you add 2 + 3), if you try hard enough.

Too many people place too much importance on the pseudomysticism of the first part of the law, and completely ignore the important human-psychology bit that is the second part. The Law of Fives isn't about some secret cosmic rule. It's entirely about the ability of humans to rationalize any sort of nonsense.

And then some hollywood hacks made a bad movie based on some half-remembered version of the rule. It's not worth watching.


The law of fives is absolute. I can prove it: suppose the law of fives is false. Then why does 5 show up all the time? Check mate atheists.


Reminds me of something I've read online

"What is TOPY? What is thee Psychick Cross? What is thee significance ov 23?"



No offense Alice, but you are being such a uncultured swine here. The 23 enigma is an old thing, "discovery" of which is most commonly attributed to a great druggie writer and twink hanging fetishist William Seward Burroughs III. You can learn as much from the Wikipedia, there also should still be some lists of lots of fun coincidences in the natural world and history related to this number on the Net. Discordian Law of Fives is similar, but more lighthearted concept, as some of you Alice in this thread already pointed out. Nevertheless, the only 23 movie that OP, or anyone here, should see is the German one about Karl Koch.


>Not knowing about an obscure number superstition with no basis in math created by a late twentieth century American writer who only wrote two notable novels makes you uncultured.
k. I never really felt like spending my time on Beat soykaf considering the mountains of books from more intersting cultural movements.


But it's not really in any of the Billy's books AFAIK, just an anegdote that took a life of it's own. And if it wasn't clear "uncultured swine" comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously, for me it's secular analogue to phrase like "faithless dog" - no sane person would say it and mean it. Besides that:
>Not interested in obscure superstitions
>Why live?


i have heard it be called the number of death, although i don't remember the source of this


File: 1563510705707.jpg (82.71 KB, 960x708, 39301802_10214705503623458….jpg)

it's not about 23 it's about /32/

remember it's all in your head


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What's the story behind this? I remember seeing songs with 23 as a genre but they just sounded like hardtek as far as I could tell.

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