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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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Kalyx ######

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What would arisuchan users put in their bug out bag?


File: 1520739775880.jpg (110.65 KB, 900x675, 74jGEYm.jpg)

Adjust per local laws:

>Hunting knife

>Garmin GPS
>Pure alcohol
>Pain killers
>$500 in local currency
>Fire starters
>2-4 packs of cigarettes for trade
>3 days of food
>1 day of water
>water purification tablets
>Glock 22 chambered in 9X19mm
>5 magazines

Hopefully that'll small enough to carry far and it'll last me long enough to get out of the DANGER ZONE, from which presumably I'll need to take the highway.


>Hunting fork
>Panasonic QZSS
>Bandages, leather, laces
>Impure alcohol
>Pain healers
>$500 in foreign currency
>2-4 packs of Polaroid printed memes for trade with Gen Z-ers
>3 gays of food
>1 gay of water
>water purification pot
>Sigma TY67 with 4-inch nails
>5 newspapers


What the fuck is this site


>3 thinkpads running obscure distro
>stockpile of casio watches
>leather duster coat
>broken crt monitor
>bunch of wires
>dvd copy of serial experiments lain


seven cans of over boiled brussel sprouts (or similar)
2 packets of baking powder
one scoop of icecream (in a thermos)(mint chocolate chip preferred)
a dozen eggs
all my data, in micro SD cards (about 5TB unmirrored)


an imageboard. are you okay?


lots of lockpicks. its the only fool proof solution to big bulky and 'unpickable/unbreakable' locks in the disaster scenario. imagine being able to take shelter in a storage box in a 28 days-like world


that's all you need in life really


I disagree. Actively making tobacco a priority in life is the devil's wet dream


certainly no bugs


What about my pet spider? I don't want him to freeze to death.


whats his name?


they probably only meant true bugs.


Hoxha, which is the only appropriate name for a creature that spends its life living in a bunker.
What about aphid husbandry? There's no stealthier way to be a shepherd, and you can totally farm them for their sugar. Sweetner is hard to find innawoods, you know. Just throw a couple of 'em in a yogurt tub and you've got your own mobile ap(h)i(d)ary.



Stopped reading there.


Stopped reading there.


You had to, it was the end of the post.


I see what you did, there.


I could have read it again several times if i wanted to, but i didnt.


Probably bug spray and some moth balls. Maybe some ant traps


Does anyone have any recommendations on those water purification straws? I was thinking about buying one of the expensive ones but I couldn't decide which model seemed to be better. Would love to hear some of your thoughts.


Sawyer Squeeze mini… Rated to 100,000 gallons, works incredibly. The company also has ones which are rated to 1,000,000 gallons.

The mini is perfect because if fits inline with the camelback bladders. Just fill it up in a stream.

Pic related, mini is on the left.


File: 1563742247415-0.jpg (80.85 KB, 1200x800, Filter.jpg)


my backpacking gear. Idk just whatever I have.

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