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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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By embracing the process of "de-googling myself", I'm also starting to be more suspicious about all the other apps I use on a daily-basis.
One of these is Telegram.
By reading around the Web, my suspicion is rising considerably, and I'm starting to wonder if I should actually get rid of it from my device.
A lot of people, Snowden included ofc, seem to consider it even less safe than WhatsApp and that's quite shocking, for me at least.
Can we really trust ANY of those applications?
How do we really know if services like Signal or Wire are actually safer than everything else?
What's the alternative to all of this?
Using old dumbphones or payphones?
Or maybe homing pigeons asd.


no. Signal is infinitely better.


You should switch to Matrix instead.


it's all that we have and all that we need


The universal opinion that I've encountered seems to be complete disagreement over which chat/messenger is the best tool to use based on various constraints. You just saw this happen in this thread with the 3 replies above me all recommending different things.

Note the one thing they agree on though, despite the many disparate recommendations. They all think telegram is soykaf. Which is true, don't use telegram, use literally any other thing.


>Is Telegram secure?
You might as well use Skype.


To use
Email + PGP

To avoid
Facebook Messenger


You forgot Tox.



If you want to get friends on a secure platform don't make Signal your first choice. It's centralized and has acted dubiously in the past.>>807


Telegram has various problems. The main 2 are that a normal chat with a person is not encrypted, you have to use the 'secure' chat feature (why it's not standard is beyond me).

the 2nd is that Telegram made their own encryption standard without any serious cryptographers involved which should raise red flags. Then they're very secret about how it works and don't follow Kerckhoffs's principle.

I use Telegram for group chats but I use it the same way I use Twitter. I assume that everything I post there is public knowledge.

for secure communication I would recommend Wire or Signal.


>The main 2 are that a normal chat with a person is not encrypted, you have to use the 'secure' chat feature (why it's not standard is beyond me).

Don't forget about not being able to use E2EE in Telegram desktop chats at all, for a BS local-storage reason that I don't buy whatsoever. If Wire can manage to do it, others can manage to do it too.

I think it really says something about Telegram's owners and developers when they have even worse default privacy than Facebook-owned Whatsapp. Though admittedly I am making an assumption about Whatsapp lacking backdoors, which is by no means certain.


IRC doesn't get enough love.


signal is the only one where I sometimes meet people in meatspace who already use it. So it's the one I recommend because the network effect is a big deal, and the point is to get normal people using secure comms not necessarily to plan terrorist actions.


I like IRC, but it's unencrypted and all goes threw a central server which can read your messages.


IRC is my canonical example of a protocol that is fundamentally unsalvageable. Just like classic SMTP, it makes horribly outdated assumptions about trust. Retrofitted security improvements come at the cost of buggy, flaky bolted-on code that doesn't really solve the underlying issues.


I like your definition. Oddly resilient. Take out the odd part and it'd make sense to the techo hippies. Or leave as it and let it to the punks.


It would be fine if tor wasn't derezzed, but nearly across the board tor/SSL are all derezzed or improperly configured. Done right it is great, done poorly it is just all garbage.



I'd love to get an account but I have no one who can vouch for me ;_;


This tbh


It is not "that secure". However it heavily depends on what do you need messenger for. Do you want to communicate with your rl-acquaintances or cypherfreaks?

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