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I figured we could have a Unix general:
>System administration
>System programming
>Kernel programming
What are your current projects with Unix? Linux Minix BSD plan9 or any other surviving variant.

The best source of information on any given system is the developers themselves:
>The GNU Operating System, also the userspace of almost every Linux-based distribution
>Linux, the famous Unix-style kernel, aims to be POSIX compliant
>BSD, a family of Unix-style operating systems based on the BSD system from the CSRG at Berkeley
>OpenBSD, a "proactively secure" BSD.
>NetBSD, one of the oldest BSD derivatives, with support for all kinds of different architectures
>FreeBSD, A strong competitor in the network server environment.
>Plan9, originally developed by the creators of Unix to aim for a modern not-quite-Unix
>Minix, originally developed for students to teach operating systems.
>Friendly introduction to Unix in general.

So what's giving you hell, arisu?
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UNIX: Are you hacking it?

I figured we could have a Unix general:
>System administration
>System programming
>Kernel programming
What are your current projects with Unix? Linux Minix BSD plan9 or any other surviving variant.

The best source of information on any given system is the developers themselves:
>The GNU Operating System, also the userspace of almost every Linux-based distribution
>Linux, the famous Unix-style kernel, aims to be POSIX compliant
>BSD, a family of Unix-style operating systems based on the BSD system from the CSRG at Berkeley

>OpenBSD, a "proactively secure" BSD.
>NetBSD, one of the oldest BSD derivatives, with support for all kinds of different architectures
>FreeBSD, A strong competitor in the network server environment.
>Plan9, originally developed by the creators of Unix to aim for a modern not-quite-Unix
>Minix, originally developed for students to teach operating systems.
>Friendly introduction to Unix in general.

So what's giving you hell, arisu?
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Hi :)

I've been working on this for a while.
It's a CLI tool to make and edit notes.
The notes are saved in an encrypted file.
It uses AES-256 encryption.
To see the notes, a password must be used.
The color theme can be configured.
And other stuff.

I made this to practice Rust and well, to make something.

Here's the repo if anyone feels like trying it

(Tested only on Linux)
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Hows your project going?

Not all projects deserve their own thread. This is a thread for discussing or getting advice on whatever project you may be working out there that isn't ready to be showcased in its own thread. Or its to small a scope or personal for anyone to care about.

I strongly believe that working on (and finishing) various projects is what this site promotes best. In a way, its what the world needs. Definitely what the social media world needs. A creative powerhouse that pushes not memes but software and trinkets. There's a war going on if you didn't know. Stay frosty out there lads.

Well any way, how's your project going?


>pic not related
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A Modest Proposal

Hello to anyone that may stumble across this first post. I have a dream of "creating" my own imageboard for personal use. Online discussion in this format has enamored me especially after seeing it from the mod point of view. Now this new board would be based on vichan, but I need a developer to help modify it to specifications. I'm a slave to aesthetics and unfortunately just an ideas guy. I feel very passionately about this subject and just don't know where else to turn to for such impromptu work - I hope the other site does get an agora board for this reason. I'm a poor NEET so I'm afraid I cannot offer much in terms of compensation, maybe a few hundred dollars, but having my own board as a hobby would mean a lot to me. If anyone is interested in realizing the modest vision of a fellow lainon under the auspices of a "charitable" side project or would like an autistic friend, please respond. I would appreciate referrals as well.
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Custom laptop I came across

I really love what this person did with the screen being able to detach and go in a face mount. Love the Ono Sendai sticker, I get those vibes for sure.

I want to see a full VR desktop experience soon, and on a machine like this. I would be so stoked to design, code, and browse in a VR environment. If I ever get the resources, I'm going to build it myself.

Anyways, this project is cool and inspired me, hope you like it
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Hey, arisuchan. I'm planning to build a small computer using arch linux, probably with the spare raspberry pi that I have hanging around, but that's not certain. This is my first experience with linux and before I start I wanted to ask if you guys have any advice you wanted to offer me. Thanks!
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Hackerspace general

This is most likely in the wrong board to post this in but I was thinking of starting my own hacker space. I wanted to have a warehouse and I spoke to a good friend of my family who also is a realtor I started looking at warehouses in my state. If anyone here is in or around MD let me know what you think about this.

Also Hackerspace general.
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Distributed Laboratory

Would any one be interested in starting a distributed laboratory?

It would have a public website with an inventory of laboratory locations, collective inventories of the members, documentation/knowledge base, members contribute with operations recommendations, network for a parallel distributed system, sensor nodes for stuff like weather/lab conditions, schedules of lab and computing resource availability for operations proposed by the community, datasets/online resource sharing etc.

The goal would be to create a helpful environment for DIY science, and a secure network for people with the same locale to share equipment, chemicals, materials; and for people outside of those locals to contribute computing power/datasets.

I'm a hardware/distributed systems engineer with a biochemistry friend, we've been toying with the idea for a while. If you're interested my email is
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Quantum Resistant Blockchain

Currently doing some research on quantum resistant blockchain. Mainly aiming at coming to a conclusion whether or not Monero is quantum secure or not.

So far it appears that public addresses on Monero are merely a point on an elliptic curve, which appears to not be quantum resistant. While BTC's public address is a hash of the public key, thus being quantum resistant.

Then there is of course the whole question of the ring signature. If I'm not mistaken than quantum computers should be able to reveal the signer of a transaction but only if from the 'tracable' ring signature monero uses.

Any anons done some work on that topic?
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Lainzine 5 Development

The 4th lainzine is out and ready, let's try to get #5 together asap.
Send submissions to or
For an idea of what you can submit, here's our guidelines:
In addition, shmibs has offered these images as writing prompts:預言-a.png預言-b.png
We currently have 4 articles submitted. I'll be creating the gitlain repo shortly.
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Fixing my old monitor

I'm not sure if it's the right board to ask but is there any way that i can salvage my monitor ?
I tried every solution proposed on the internet but it doesn't seem to work. Are those dead pixels?
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Book scanning

Not sure if it belongs on this board, but I'm looking for some advice on scanning books.

Recently I ordered a book through the library that seemed to exist nowhere online or in a digital format. It was about 120 pages so I thought it might not be too difficult to scan the whole thing. It took about an hour with an overhead scanner, but I was able to get the book in a shoddy (but readable) pdf form. For added measure, I used Acrobat to crop some pages and sanitize the data, which took another half hour. So, what could I do differently? Do you have any experience with this process? What do you use?

>Scanners & Setups

I had access to an overhead scanner which seemed like it would be a bit speedier than a flat-bed scanner but some drawbacks were that sometimes my fingers are in the images, the page detection sometimes cause weird effects on the page, and there was generally a lower resolution.


Are there alternatives to pdf/adobe software? Is there any way of automating the page cropping, the page rotating, etc? How do I make the scan look "clean"?

>DRM & Sharing

If I were to post my scans, what measures should I take? How do I find the people/places that might want this book? Do I just send it off to libgen?

>Anything else?

Is OCR worth it?

In the process of writing this post I found a guide online (pic related) as well as some helpful discussions on the libgen forums. I'll keep lain updated on my experiments.
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As arisuchan's first collaborative project, we are seeking audio engineers and other volunteers from the community to participate in the creation of a fan edit of Serial Experiments Lain in which we replace all of the music with scene appropriate ambient, IDM, and glitch music including artists such as Autechre, Boards of Canada, and Aphex Twin.

Please introduce yourself here or in
on Freenode if you are interested.

examples of artists we might like to feature:
Access to Arasaka, Aes Dana, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Apparat, Arovane, Autechre, Boards of Canada, CONNECT.OHM, edIT, Helios, Jega, KiloWatts, Lone, Miyuki, Moderat, Nautilis, Ochre, Oneohtrix Point Never, Phonem, Polygon Window, Proem, Swod, Tycho, Venetian Snares

examples of some tracks we might like to feature:

other links:
You can also get a feel for what we're going for by listening to the or radio stations.

project status (2017/09/11)

We are in the process of watching through SEL and making methodical notes of the start/stop times each time music plays, whether or not there is overlapping dialogue, and documenting what is happening in the scene so we can begin to match tracks to scenes.
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I was playing with multiple desktops on my new OS, there was a specific monitor in my first desktop that I wanted to just display a couple of websites, since there was nothing else going on in there. As I don't have a tiling wm I just tiled 2 full Chrome instances top and bottom. I wasn't satisfied with how it looked, because it still had all the top controls and borders. After evaluating some options I just decided to make my own solution based on Electron. Basically I made a very minimalist setup with <webview> tags that displays up to 4 different websites at once. There are 16 different layouts to choose from plus a bunch of other options like presets and theme.

Certainly very limited as a browser but it works for that niche purpose.
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Ebike Thread

It has been a year since I built my ebike.
For around 1.5k I managed to build a new bike and slap a 52 Volt motor to the cranks. I can now commute on bike trails at up to 35 mph for around 40 miles on a charge with very little maintenance cost. I feel like for inner city and even in suburban areas this is far more optimal than a car or a bus.

Pic is not my ebike, but a build using the same motor and battery.

What does Alice think of Ebikes? Does Alice use an Ebike?
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Wi-Fi Load Balancer with DD-WTR

Im currently stealing wi-fi from 4 neighbours, and i want to connect to all of them, load balance the connections and make my own wi-fi network from that, someone told me that with a router with DD-WTR i could do it, but since i live in a 3rd world country, there's only old hardware.
So the questions:
- Is it possible to do it?
- Do i need a lot of networking/coding knowledge/How hard is to archive?
- What is the best hardware/software to do it?

Thx annon
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I'm working on a sci-fi story. I'm having difficulty with the name. I'm debating between "Psychocidal" and "I was depressed for a while, I'm OK now" or "Psychocidal: I was depressed for a while, I"m OK now". Thoughts?
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We are now providing free subdomains, at
You can either use that yourself, or let us provide static hosting (like neocities) for free
To register, you have the following options:
IRC: Freenode #lainservices

Registered accounts are listed over at
Please let us know your thoughts, and how we can improve.
Learn about other (upcoming) projects here: >>32
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Mini Computer

I'd like to build a mini computer that I can put next to my bed so I can listen to some music or play a little game when I'm there. Will base this on a Raspberry Pi for now since that is easily available. This will be the build log o/

Right now I have ordered:

- A RasPi 3 Model B

- A PiTFT Plus screen (Adafruit ID:2616); it's in 320x240 which should be fine for some Retro or Indie Game Fun. 2.8 inch isn't a whole lot but we'll see how this works out. Touch functionality will be useful to control the music player.

- some GPIO Ribbon Cable so I can access the leftover GPIOs. I plan to add a speaker and some LEDs later on so I'll need those.

- random MicroSD Card

Other parts will come later.. LEDs, Game Controller, Speaker, Keyboard… got all of this laying around already from past projects. We'll see how everything fit's together. For now I'd just like to get the display going, never played around with a small display like this. Once this works I'll add all the random features.

The package should arrive later this week, but there is a chance it will be held captive for several weeks at the soykafty customs because writing an invoice takes 4 weeks. We'll see.
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Ras Pi Thread: Betrayal Edition

I'm wanting to build a smart alarm clock using a Ras Pi and maybe Alexa API for added functionality. Any thoughts? I have a 3 but feel it's a bit excessive for this sort of thing.
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glitched: commercial-free listener supported internet radio

I just finished setting up my own internet radio station called
where I broadcast selected ambient, IDM, and glitch music. You can listen in by downloading the appropriate playlist below. I hope you enjoy!

web player (website is total shit. i know. to be redesigned soon.)

m3u playlist

pls playlist

xspf playlist
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Hi!Can lainanons recommend some good books, tutorials about how to design own PCB, electricity and soldering
R: 20 / I: 2


If you do not specify the email address with which you would like to register, we will assume that you want to use the address used to email us.

l a i n t r a c k e r @ 8 c h a n . c o
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/mcu/ Microcontrollers, IoT, Robotics, and Automation General

MIRAG - Microcontrollers, IoT, Robotics, and Automation General

This is a thread for all things related to the development of embedded projects. This includes, but isn't limited to:

>The Internet of Things

>Home Automation

We discuss what we're working on, project ideas, project guides, and programming.
Try to keep discussion limited to anything pertaining to microcontroller units/boards.

>What is a microcontroller?

>Where can I find project ideas?

>What MCU should I get?

Whichever you want. Arduino has a huge community and tons of documentation, but STM32 boards are much faster on average. Do your research.

>Where should I buy boards?

From the supplier will always be your best bet, but if a controller doesn't have a specific manufacturer or store (See - NodeMCU) AliExpress or eBay may have what you're looking for. Parts from China are often a fraction of the price except for more less known boards (Adafruit Feather - Espruino) I personally recommend AliExpress if you can wait a few weeks for shipping.

>How do I learn C/C++?
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Hey lainons, I have had a nice mechanical keyboard for a couple years, when it finally broke a couple months ago. I desoldered all the switches and carefully pulled them from the keyboard. I have been drooling over the whitefox keyboard layout pictured, but I don't have anything near the cash to buy one of their circuit boards. I would like to do a "manhattan" style circuit, but I need a plate for all the keys to click into first. Does anyone have any ideas how I could make/have made for me a cheap custom plate in my chosen layout? I would much appreciate some help with my little project.
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Hi! I have a large amount of electronic modules. From capacitors to STM32. I'm dreaming about modifying my PC with custom electronics. I want something more than temperature-monitoring and turning it on by smartphone. Have any ideas, Alice?
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Rehabilitating an Acer AspireOne


I'm just a lurker around here, but I figured you guys could help me out with a little project I have. Some time ago, I bought an Acer AspireOne at a really cheap price. The netbook has the following characteristics:
- It has some lines on the screen
- Bad battery that is by 0% after less than an hour
- it makes strange sounds when it's starting

I figured that, if I wanted to learn a bit about hardware and stuff, it could be a good project to try to make this netbook functional again. I started changing it's OS for a much lightweight stuff (Right now, it's running Lubuntu). My next step would be to fix the booting, which, as I mentioned before, it has some strange sounds sometimes. Someone mentioned that I should change the motherboard but that it could go wrong.

I'm sure people here had attempted to fix a damaged laptop before, my question would be about motherboards and maybe some references I could look up on the Internet.
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What does arisuchan thinks of this thingy?
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One day I decided I would like a radio beacon.

Kind of like:

I picked up an arduino and wanted to transmit more then a dit or a dot. I settled on hellschrieber.
I saw someone had aready done it. I tried their code. Threw it away.
Kind of like:

Here is my source for the arduino atmega328p:

The picture is an example transmission(It took around 18 minutes to send!),
It has a glitch in the last line. Some sort of array problem I can't be bothered to fix.
I'll be sure to post the keying circuit and transmitter, Stay tuned!
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Lain OS
There was a thread about possibly restoring this project on .org. I couldn't find that particular thread as most of the data had been lost in that whole server mess. Seems like they never got past making a window manager though. As I learn more I aim to bring this back at some point. It'll be a hot minute until I actually know what I'm doing but I've got plenty of time. Would anyone else be interested in bringing this back as well?
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Sup' Alice, what do you think of EyeTap? It's basically the precursor to Google Glass - a wearable computer that records what you see and displays additional information in front of your eye.
I always wanted something like this, so I can use it to IRC 24/7 and experiment with computer-mediated reality. Unfortunately, I lack the necessary skills in optics and 3D printing to build one myself.
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MyAnimeList - Command Line Interface

That command line interface here seems great, but any know another similar projects?
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Godot Engine

Feel free to move this thread over to /λ/ which might be where it belongs but I think, given the less programming focused nature of the subject I decided to put it here.

Godot is a godsend for me, I've always wanted to make a game engine, but I'm a lazy soykafstain. I always planned that if I ever got around to making said game engine, it would be mostly written in C++ with the scripting done in another language like Python, so the engine runs in C++ and enemy behavior and events are controlled by the interpreter, manipulating objects defined at a lower level. Somebody already made that, it's called Godot and it's great, and I'd love to see what lainchan can do with such a toolkit.

I'd never heard of this, I dunno maybe I'm just ignorant but when I finally stumbled across it it removed my last excuse not to work on a project I've had simmering for a while, remaking a game I played when I was a kid, but it seems not many others had at least here in the States

So yeah, DIY games thread, grab the source & compile it, or grab a binary, or hell, just download it off steam of all places. It's entirely open source and so far the only issue is that their scripting language GDScript is giving me some trouble, but I'm a soykaf programmer so someone smarter than me probably won't have such an issue.

Would love to see what you're working on, love to contribute to projects, love to test games. Let's have some fun with this.

Bonus Round: Godot supports exporting to other platforms, natively. Even the PS3 of all fuarrrking things, android, iOS if I remember correctly, now this is gonna sound weird but I've always wanted to develop homebrew apps for the PS2. I'm not sure why, I was really into the homebrew scene for that about four years ago and I always wanted to write my own software for it, but I never got around to it. If anyone's familiar with the architecture could they help me add a feature for that? I dunno that's probably too much to ask
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Making an open source hardware flash drive

Anyone know enough about hardware to put together a bills of material so I could order the parts to make my own open source hardware flash drive? Found this project that seems to have everything that's needed
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So hopefully today I will be starting what is a long and successful journey into making slavic drink in my house. I've been researching this for a while, and in light of our recent merger, i think I should finally get started. For references I'm using, some advice from one of my friend's parents, some notes scribbled in cheeki breeki that I can't read, and some other notes I took from everyone I could find in mumble who was eastern european. I'm mostly interested because the ingredients are basically free, I'll be loosely following this recipe.

Thick kvass with raisins

Pour over dried rye bread boiling water. After it cools filter it well, add sugar, yeast and mix well. Allow to ferment in a warm room for 12 hours. Then pour into bottles, add raisins and place in a cool room. In 48 hours kvass is ready.

For 4 l water 1 kg dried rye bread, 1 cup sugar, 20 g yeast, 2 spoons raisins.

I'll be adding lemon to the recipe as well, two slices, ignoring the heel. I'll try to do a proper step by step.

First step, which is now, I'm boiling the fuck out of everything that's going to touch the kvass so I don't die. So, I won't actually be starting for a little bit yet. This is a very important step, so if you're going to use this thread as a guide, please read this section.
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Custom water cooled rig and wall mounted case

I am planning on making a custom loop water cooled rig, when I gotnto looking at it I'd need a new case too. So I thought why not make a wallmounted case too?

The upgrade will move me to Ryzon and a DDR4 compatible motherboard. That will set me back only about $500

Cooling Loop:
Okay so good news with this is because I wont have a "case" it will save me some troubles with having to flex lines and buying a soykafload of fittings. Still probably going to run me about $500 or a little less to get all I need for it.

Wallmounted Case:
That's going to be the cheapest part, if I go pretty simple with it, $20 easy. Thought I am still thinking of how I want to design it.

WARNING: If you wall mount your computer make sure you consider weight and mount it to studs/supports in your wall with some heavy duty stuff. I'll find a good video showing how to do this.
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Personal Web

Hello there,
After few years of browsing the web I've noticed that I often visit the same websites every 2 months or so. For example, I can sometimes forget how to initialise an array in Python because I haven't touch the language in 3 months and so I just Google it and open a StackOverflow related question.

However, this is an inefficient way to browse the web.

I think it is possible to improve this logic by:
- Caching the relevant information on a "personal web" server
- Building a smarter way to order these data
- Building a smarter way to access these data

For now, all I do is that I type my request on Google and my long-time-ago-visited website pops up amongst other less irrelevant websites. Then, when I click the website, it takes time to download it again. Once it's loaded, I've to look for the piece of information I am after.

The idea of this personal web is to keep only the relevant information by discarding the style (CSS) and all the menu buttons etc to only keep a black background and a white text with the information clearly displayed on it.
Then, I thought it might be a good thing to implement some kind of service that checks if the formatted informations is still the same of the website and hasn't been updated and if so, update it too.

So far, to select which relevant informations to keep and cache, I thought of developing a Google Chrome extension that would send the information selected (mostly text, but also image and misc files) to the server to proceed to the smart ordering phase.
Then to order the received data, I thought about using some sort of Machine Learning algorithm to learn which data goes into which category. I know about Deep Neural Network and how to setup them so I could do that.
Finally, we've got to be able to access those data. To do so we should minimise the amount of mouse movement as this would slow down the request typing (so no point'n'click system). Instead, I thought about implementing SPARQL, which is IMO a rather smart way to request data and it'd fit this project requirement quite well.

If you know of any better technology to do this, and also if you have suggestion about the smart ordering part using Deep Learning I'd really appreciate.
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Back in February, a thread was made on applechan by a user with the alias of "clippng" regarding the start of a security related zine, and the search for people interested in working on said zine. The zine was hosted on an etherpad instance, which after a month or so of inactivity, was deleted. But before the etherpad was deleted, I (903) copied the zine's content, removed all of the identifying information and uploaded it to gitlain[1]. A month ago clippng emailed me hoping to get the zine back up and running again, as he had heard I had a copy. Unfortunately, it seems like I responded too late to the email and now it looks like they don't check their email anymore. In the same way as the original project, I'd like to start to look for people interested in working on the zine. If you're interested in what needs to be written, or would like to see what has been written already, have a look at the gitlain repo below. I currently don't have any ideas on how to host the zine in a way other than maybe an etherpad instance or a gitlain repo, so feel free to suggest ideas in that regard. I can be contacted at nineohthree<at>airmail<dot>cc and my PGP key can be found here:

R: 7 / I: 0


Hey guys!

I've built a very minimalistic repository of knowledge from out community.

Right now it contains a collection of recipes from a couple of our users, but I plan to extend it to contains all sorts of guides and advice about trying to live as fruitfully as we can.

check it out!
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So I started a decently ambitious project a while ago: to make a nice client for matrix (
I've come quite a way since, and it's almost in a usable state!

The special thing about neo is that it runs it's own local daemon, with which frontends can communicate.
For that person I have and now.

Since it's very barebones right now, I would love help, or suggestions. Implementing roomswitching is the highest priority at the moment, and then encryption (using matrix' libolm, the readme is incorrect)

So, what do you think lains?
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Beowulf Clusters

Any lains here have experience/advice for beowulf clusters? Pic currently is 4 of 8 total pc's set to make up my cluster, hp motherboards with proprietary power adapters and core 2 quads at 3ghz or so with 4gb of ram each, basically made on the budget of a McDonalds meal and two shoestrings. In total I've probably spend about 65$ on these, mostly on ram and psu's oddly enough, and I just need a few more power supplies to get them all up and running in tandem. Im going to use them as a render cluster and im thinking of getting the google deepmind AI source files and maybe puting the AI through my own environments…Either way im definitely going to look into mining monero on them to atleast start earning some of the money back, anyone have other ideas/uses for parallel computing across this machine? Any help or ideas appreciated ^_^
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If you are planning to build something physical or have already done so, post it here. Pictures, experiences, questions and tips/tricks are welcome.
to start off here's a few projects that i enjoyed, a dinner tray with a melamine-faced chipboard as the bottom with a frame made from pearwood, a little spinning top i turned on the lathe and my ergodox case and palmrests.
a good tip for the start: sharpen your tools properly, this makes working both more fun and more exact.
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Alarm Light

I've decided I'm sick of waking up to my phone making horrible sounds so I'm building an alarm clock that will use light to wake me up. Hopefully.

The LED strip was the part of a TV's back light. It's powered off a ~20V supply I found. It uses a attiny85 connected to an external crystal oscillator to keep time and control the LED's. I've ordered a 4 digit display to connect up but I have a feeling my program wont be able to fit in the attiny85 at that point so I'm ordering at atmega328 next pay day.

Anybody else made clocks before? Anybody know how well a micro controller is likely to keep time? I've done one test and after 7 hours it was about spot on.

If anybodies interested I can post about code or updates once the other parts arrive.

Love Lain.
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XMPP chat room
register an account from any server here
pass "think bule count one to"
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I bought a laptop

I recently got my hands on a T420s from a company that was going to scrap the thing, no screen, no hdd, no ram, they felt sorry for me and threw in the battery, battery is worth $60 on it's own, I paid $42

Started buying parts, screen, hdd caddy, threw some extra ram and a hard drive I had laying around into it, loaded it up with Debian

Screen comes in, wooooo, hook it up, no backlight, did a bit of research those fuses can blow for like no reason, so I shorted it, pic related, it's the solder

I don't want to put it back together just yet, I've never soldered before and I know that isn't perfect

It boots, it works, but can something like that catch fire? or am I just looking at a pop and some smoke?
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Would there be interest in a fork of the Android app everychan with support as well as support for applechan?
R: 8 / I: 1

Custom Headphones

So lains, have any of you made custom headphones or modded any?

I put 8ohm drivers in an old Soviet tank helmet for about a decade ago. Recently cleaned ut up with 32ohm drivers and removed the dead neck mics.

I love them for sleeping as they are super comfy.
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Self Hosted Email General

Self Hosted Email General

Who else here self hosts?

Why self host email?
Email is a very valuable source of information for yourself and others. Storing you're email and services on a self hosted machine reduces the ability of others to access and monitor your conversations, we can make sure all communication are encrypted, not just take the word of the host. We can also ensure the security and manageability of our backups and choose our own software to do mail delivery.

Linux Software
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What can you do with a plain white t-shirt?

Cut it up into rags. Seems like a bit of a waste, but everyone needs rags, right?
Pull it over your head and let it rest on your shoulders. You've got an oddly-shaped but functional scarf.
* Turn it into a mask.