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This is most likely in the wrong board to post this in but I was thinking of starting my own hacker space. I wanted to have a warehouse and I spoke to a good friend of my family who also is a realtor I started looking at warehouses in my state. If anyone here is in or around MD let me know what you think about this.

Also Hackerspace general.


>This is most likely in the wrong board to post this in
This seems like a good place to me. Carry on.


Your realtor friend probably won't be much help unless they're versed in industrial leasing. When choosing a space, you need to be aware of codes and regulations because the last thing you want is the city coming by a month after opening and telling you that you can't solder or weld anymore. If you think there's enough interest around you to cover the expenses, you should talk to people who run their own hackerspaces before you do anything.


Good plan I am making a trip to Baltimore to ask around a popular space up there.


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