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Currently doing some research on quantum resistant blockchain. Mainly aiming at coming to a conclusion whether or not Monero is quantum secure or not.

So far it appears that public addresses on Monero are merely a point on an elliptic curve, which appears to not be quantum resistant. While BTC's public address is a hash of the public key, thus being quantum resistant.

Then there is of course the whole question of the ring signature. If I'm not mistaken than quantum computers should be able to reveal the signer of a transaction but only if from the 'tracable' ring signature monero uses.

Any anons done some work on that topic?


If I'm not completely mistaken, Bitcoin uses SHA 256 for hashing (aka generating new blocks/mining coins) and addresses, so if I'm not mistaken if SHA 256 is broken Bitcoin would have to change their Hash function to something 'safer'.

Can you recommend any books about quantum resistant/safe cryptography ? It's a field that is not covered by my textbooks or classes


yeah it pretty much boils down to that in bitcoins case. imo we should just let it die at some point.

> Can you recommend any books about quantum resistant/safe cryptography ? It's a field that is not covered by my textbooks or classes

That's the thing. It's an emerging field. I haven't read any book about post-quantum crypto yet. I suspect because there aren't many. I suggest reading new publications. Academic papers is where all the action is. If you spot something that sparks ur interest, stick with it, try to improve it and publish smth yourself or alternatively build smth based on it.

There's lots of stuff on quantum computing tho. Fascinating material anon. Have at it and stay ahead of the curve. Quantum supremacy race will dwarf turings work.


I recommend looking into hash-based signatures. Hashes are one of the (if not the) best-researched PQ crypto topics, and remain n/2-secure even when up against quantum computers. Lately, there have been multiple hash based signature schemes (such as SPHINCS, etc.). However, hashes seem to be unusable for asymmetric encryption as of yet. So you will have to look for other ways to get PQ ZK crypto.

 No.843 I regularly (~once a week) look through the new paper titles and then try to read into those that seem interesting.

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