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Hello to anyone that may stumble across this first post. I have a dream of "creating" my own imageboard for personal use. Online discussion in this format has enamored me especially after seeing it from the mod point of view. Now this new board would be based on vichan, but I need a developer to help modify it to specifications. I'm a slave to aesthetics and unfortunately just an ideas guy. I feel very passionately about this subject and just don't know where else to turn to for such impromptu work - I hope the other site does get an agora board for this reason. I'm a poor NEET so I'm afraid I cannot offer much in terms of compensation, maybe a few hundred dollars, but having my own board as a hobby would mean a lot to me. If anyone is interested in realizing the modest vision of a fellow lainon under the auspices of a "charitable" side project or would like an autistic friend, please respond. I would appreciate referrals as well.


I've actually been considering making a chan myself.

I'll be busy until June or so, however, so I'm not making any promises here.

Tell me more about your chan. What would it be about? What would make it special?


Well it would be a worksafe board at an arm's length from chan culture. I would not call it a chan at all as by this point I believe it carries too much of a negative connotation. At the same time, I feel like hearkening back to the older days before some features that are taken for granted now became standard. I know it's silly, but I wish to prove a well-moderated pseudononymous board can be quality and not juvenile even if it does have to move at a glacial pace. I envision frequently updated stickies and permanent board pages. I also don't want it to become a hostile elitist insider trade. I'd like some of the following values to be incorporated wherever possible: high quality, low ubiquity; amoral humor; passionless nihilism; mildly malevolent apathy. I've left my email in the email field; if you want to contact me, I'll give you my whole pitch including the rules that I don't want to post all out in the open here. I've tried my best to take away the best parts about the currently available IBs to incorporate into one whole, albeit niche. I'll continue to monitor this thread as well.


>I feel very passionately about this subject
But nit enough to learn how to program ans build your own site?


As in hotpocket 10 hours every day. I have no interest in learning PHP for a one-time deal, and even if I did my logically-unsound brain couldn't even handle OOP back in high school. I do love the aesthetic aspect of web design and envisioning and sketching out sites in my mind or on paper. I'm sure I can't be only aspirant proprietor to feel this way in seeking the assistance of an operator.


To be fair, there's a number of less unpleasant scripting-languages one can use these days, especially on a site with as few visitors as lainchan.(org|jp) has.


Wait, what does that have to do with anything? I'm talking about my idea that only exists in my head and in a LIbreOffice document where I've been hashing it out. I do think it's neat the mods here intend to use LibreJS. I wish my board could be conscious of stuff like that for those who care about that kind of thing, but I doubt I will find someone as harebrained as I am.


I think you'd have a better time if you put some effort into learning how to create a website like that yourself.
Really, no dependency on anyone, it'd be truly your work, that's the only way to express individuality, it needs to be partnered with hard work, otherwise there is no passion.


Back in high school when 4chan just blew up, there were soykafloads of imageboards made with all sorts of imageboard software. I can't remember ANY of their names, though…

I remember Trevorchan became Kusaba X, which was easy to use but had a ton of security problems.


Are you sure you actually need a developer? What you wrote so far, unless I missed something, should already be doable on vichan, without modifying it.

If you are a NEET, how would you finance its hosting?


I don't mind dependency, and I'm not that kind of individualist. I think of this not as any sort of artistic endeavor but a pragmatic pub-like service online; if I didn't think of it like this, there's no way vichan could be used. It's like a coat of polish not anything crazy.
>using anything written by Trevor
I shiggy diggy.
I don't think anything "backend" (not sure if I'm using that correctly) really needs to messed with, but there needs to be some pretty extensive cosmetic configurations that's not just with the board control panel. Little quality of life things that add up to make a whole more than just it's sum of parts. Don't worry about the hosting part. Honestly I'd cry tears of joy just to see it in its full glory up for a year - so many boards don't make it to their first birthday. I wish I could get in touch with a trustworthy programmer from the third world.


It's June. Got any word yet?



Check your email, I got in touch with you. I'm a pretty experienced dev, but I'm looking to do some php projects.


I did just now and sent a response. I am OP just to be clear, and my email as shown in the email field when you hover over it ends in .com not .co. Sorry for the possible miscommunication there. I check this thread about every two days or so.


This may be too little, too late, but are you still out there? I haven't given up on you; please post if you read this entreaty. Sorry mods, but I'm trying to win back a potential collaborator so I'll bump once in a while - I promise it won't become a frequent thing.


Still here. Still working on it. Still need help.

(I hope this isn't too disruptive because it's been a while).


>OP spends 1 year on learning CSS for tweaking vichan's front-end
>still no progress


After all this time, I'm still here. Now I'm playing ideas guy for someone writing a full-fledged imageboard in GNU Guile. Talk about a niche within a niche!


The whole thing is ridiculous. If you are not a developer there isnt a circumstance where a development team builds your own solution for free. Your one of a billion people with a plan, another "game designer" without any skils.

You have to offer some value to get a community of people to provide you value for free. Your plan is incredibly vague and doesnt really sell anything. Why should anyone spend the man hours implanting another image board so that you who apparantly has never hosted or moderated anything can do so. What is so special about your vision ? At least describe it.

Futher, your obessing with the wrong details. Who cares what language its written in - thats transparent to the user.

You should promptly:
1 - record and discuss a detailed vision not centred around how you want your own board
2 - Promptly adopt an existing imageboard and host
3 - Begin learning gow to customize aesthetic

You may discover that:
1 - You dont have a vision at all and you just want to be in charge
2 - You actually dont want to host a imageboard - its not profitable or thankful work. Moderating will suck and each moderation decision will bring hate. But people probably wont use your board anyway.
3 - The customization / aesthetic isbt as important as you thought and you'd rather not know the internals.

Alternatively, you may gain valuble experience and this could change your life even if only gwtting you into webdev or it.

Either way, god speed anon.

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