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Not all projects deserve their own thread. This is a thread for discussing or getting advice on whatever project you may be working out there that isn't ready to be showcased in its own thread. Or its to small a scope or personal for anyone to care about.

I strongly believe that working on (and finishing) various projects is what this site promotes best. In a way, its what the world needs. Definitely what the social media world needs. A creative powerhouse that pushes not memes but software and trinkets. There's a war going on if you didn't know. Stay frosty out there lads.

Well any way, how's your project going?


>pic not related


im kindof stuck.
i tried a thing and it didn't work as well as i expected.

thanks for asking


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Bought a really beat up HSS-0136 arcade stick for cheap a little while ago. The surface is kinda peeling off so I figured I'd try doing it custom.

Only issue is those neon buttons are a nearly unworkable colour, so I'm kinda stumped for designs. I'd rather not replace perfectly good parts. Any suggestions would be appreciated, pic is my canvas.


We are making a cyberpunk visual novel, and lately I have been lacking motivation. I of course know that I need to persevere and finish it, since good things take time, but still, it sucks that it sometimes feels more like a job than a passion project. Hopefully the motivation that I once had comes back.


File: 1546445844407.jpg (58.32 KB, 438x595, vel_78_w438_h595.jpg)

I'm working a EP, its going pretty good just need to fin some songs lol.


I've been brainstorming the design for a MOO server off and on for a few years now. I'm wanting to focus mostly on the scripting aspect namely the language itself. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with some lispy sort of language.



I'm working on archiving rare stuff with Tape drive and put them in a temperature room all in DIY mode.


what kind of rare stuff?


I've started a blog and have some pretty cool plans about what I'm going to write about in the futre but right now the major problem on my mind is marketing. I feel like, most places that I'd spread the word to are pretty adverse to self-promotion so if there's an Alice who's done DIY website stuff and marketed it successfully, I'd love to know how you did it, who you told, how long it took to be viewed by anyone etc.


I started my own imageboard revolving around Discordianism. Its name is pretty similar to arisuchan, it's called erischan. I hope I manage to gain users.


Do you intent to find investors, customers or just people with similar interests/ideas?
Damn, that's too specific.


me and a fren are putting together a lasertag arena from scratch. The arena, guns and armour will all be done from nothing. we nearly have a working pack/gun prototype done, which we'll post about soonish.
Heres more info if anyone's interested:


I almost never work on it and people have been waiting for it for years now…

Not good, not good…

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