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Would any one be interested in starting a distributed laboratory?

It would have a public website with an inventory of laboratory locations, collective inventories of the members, documentation/knowledge base, members contribute with operations recommendations, network for a parallel distributed system, sensor nodes for stuff like weather/lab conditions, schedules of lab and computing resource availability for operations proposed by the community, datasets/online resource sharing etc.

The goal would be to create a helpful environment for DIY science, and a secure network for people with the same locale to share equipment, chemicals, materials; and for people outside of those locals to contribute computing power/datasets.

I'm a hardware/distributed systems engineer with a biochemistry friend, we've been toying with the idea for a while. If you're interested my email is


Maybe you should look into hackerspaces. Our space introduced a room for bioengineering where people grow their own insects for food and stuff. I don't understand any of this and try my best to not touch anything, but I guess other kinds of DIY Science would fit really well too, and it's basically exactly what you have described.



I think >>732 knows about hackspaces, and is presenting a different paradigm of how they could work.

It's a good idea in theory, but unlike the current hackspace "hub" model, the distribution of "funds" would be trickier, and thus, would impact on the incentive to maintain/acquire equipment.


This guy did start a website (labchan . org) but after a month or two of low activity it ended and now the domain is being used for something else. Still, it was interesting while it lasted.


File: 1532156880104.png (1.05 MB, 1000x1459, 62130944_p0.png)

I actually am about to obtain a space for similar purposes, and thought about having a hacker-space type area in there. You would have to ignore the /pol/ autism going on in the other room.


It sounds dubious that people would share consumables like chemicals. I might be intrested in sharing fixed expenses and spare capacity with a small in group, but are you going to invite the internet into your home, spend your personal time and supplies on their procjects ?

Unironically, there is very little evidence of any expertise at anything stem on imageboards. There are tons of intrested and idealistic people, but little productive discussion. Look at the empty programming boards compared to stack overflow, or leetcode. I would like to see imageboards become a vehicle for producing expertise but its unlikely. Its unlikely inviting the internet to share your consumables would result in any benefit.

Hacker Spaces seem like a far better idea for now. Or LUGS or Language user groups. Maybe having lain hackaathons would be useful.

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