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Hey, arisuchan. I'm planning to build a small computer using arch linux, probably with the spare raspberry pi that I have hanging around, but that's not certain. This is my first experience with linux and before I start I wanted to ask if you guys have any advice you wanted to offer me. Thanks!


That's so awesome! Good luck >.>


I have one piece of advice: Don't read some soykafty (probably outdated) guide on a random blog. Use the wiki, it has all the information you need in my opinion.
If you need any help I'd be glad to help, just post your question in this thread.


What exactly are you going to build?
A raspberry pi is a computer per se.


This is true, technically. "Build" was a strong word. This was far more a thread revolving around tips for the installation of archlinux.


Linux is okay,but I prefer to just stick to windows,I can run all my programs there and dont have to worry about linux support on certain programs lol



You would be surprised by how much linux actually supports these days. You can get most windows programs to work in WINE. They are doing some amazing work with that project.


I don't want to be suprised. I want things to work 100% of the time, and quickly, without question.


I'm curious, what software are you using that is windows or mac exclusive? Like can you give a few examples?

I'm assuming this is something work related in some way since you need things to work flawlessly 100% of the time.




Even if you are installing Arch, the Gentoo wiki is a really good source of information


Parabola wiki is good too, I believe they got rid of the Arch beginner's guide but I used the parabola one for my first install with little linux experience. Pretty much a copy paste guide. Just cross-reference with the arch wiki.


OS installation on a RaspberryPi is drastically different than installation on any other platform (architecture).
Note that officially the Arch Linux supports only x86_64.


while these things might work on linux, making them work (and well) on a raspi is surely a different story. The newer ones are beefier I hear, but even they dont hold a candle to most ok laptops these days.I havent used autodesk in years but I can imagine its inevitably a mite choppy on that sort of hardware.


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you have never used Linux before and you wanna start with arch?
if u want to dabble with linux dont go for arch and install everything from the ground.
install manjaro or something which is arch-based but comes with a windowmanager or desktop environment.
When you have learned to use terminal and utils etc then u install arch from ground up.


If it is your first time with gnu/linux, do NOT, start with arch, start with something simple like kubuntu, and go on from there, if you start with arch it will not be a funny experience and you will not really learn how it works


If it is your first time with gnu/linux, do NOT, start with arch, start with something simple like kubuntu, and go on from there, if you start with arch it will not be a funny experience; I started with Debian and already that was kinda hard for starting

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