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Kalyx ######

File: 1493753422508.png (41.15 KB, 1200x600, OP.png)


The 4th lainzine is out and ready, let's try to get #5 together asap.
Send submissions to or
For an idea of what you can submit, here's our guidelines:
In addition, shmibs has offered these images as writing prompts:預言-a.png預言-b.png
We currently have 4 articles submitted. I'll be creating the gitlain repo shortly.


First I would like to say, thanks for the effort you put in the zine, Second are you going to take as long as you did to publish zine 4?


File: 1493771630106.png (1.9 KB, 128x128, 1493609173278.png)

what i was saying about those two images was that it might be cool to pair them with some creative writing things; like, see if people felt like, pairing one with each image and, or maybe a couple with each, or, if there ended up being more than a a few submissions, posting them all up and then having a community poll for which people like best / should be included.

and that's mika, by the way, if anybody couldn't tell

totes not going to take so long this time


The repo has been created;
if you'd like to contribute, make an account on and request access


The social infrastructure is more distributed - aka, more people in key positions on the project - and I only have a week of school left.

I am however looking for anyone who would be willing to typeset, or do something else they might be good at. No skills are off the table, if you believe they are relevant.


Ok well I want to interject here - the production needs to be more tight.

Since I do all the layout and typesetting and conform all to "house" style and I am willing to continue this work, there is little need for any of that.

Rolls needed:
Editor = junk (collects all articles makes decision about what goes in) - also responsible for getting author approval and sign off.

Proof reader - currently this is near non existant!
First the proofer needs to check all submissions for spelling etc. - then I run in the articles to layout… then the proofer checks nothing is missing or wrong (this is a hard job and requires a sharp eye)

Thats about it - just lots of articles and artwork needed from others!

With regards to proof - gitlain is useless - once its in scribus it stays that way… I will send out PDF to proofer - then proofer marks up PFD with comments/corrections and sends it back to me - this process happens until the proofer says all is clean.

Then back to editor for final corrections - then publish!

Currently I get proof edits back few at a time over months… much better to be all in 1 doc at 1 time…
And to have 1 or 2 people dedicated to this - its not a sexy job but it is very valuable.

Proofers should have a sharp eye (spotting primes from apostrophes at 20 paces) good English, and ideally knowledge of code layout and maths setting.

This will make a much faster and less lossy production process.

>message ends


File: 1493813657822.jpg (51.68 KB, 500x664, 1460963084615.jpg)

well, i'll be doing some editing / proofing, suppose.

can't hurt to have somebody else in on proofing things too, to other people out there ^_^


>Proof reader
Proofers ought to be a group of authors, editors, and illustrators. That way everything will get covered. Ideally, every author we can get ahold of will be in the proofer group, because they will at least be able to proofread their own pieces after formatting. Just to make sure we're on the same page, I was already going to create a group of all the authors I could get ahold of.

>gitlain is useless

Please upload the project files somewhere. In publishing this release, we had an issue where 3 different people were simultaneously trying to make a PDF. That could have been avoided with communication and sharing resources. If you don't have a good way to contact everyone, I can send you the mailing list, or we could put one together right now.


Why did you have 3 people making PDFs - why did you not just ask me for what you wanted? if lots of people change things in an uncoordinated way things will shift and there will be no overall order, paragraphs will push on - some people will use style sheet other will just bold text, the file will become messy - each "editors" project would have to reside locally for use and editing then all other copies will need updating, if 2 editors update differently then that would be an issue - you cant scribus from gitlain in that way.

It works if we have a chain of people working in each area.

With regards to proofing we could just say all layouts go back to author for proof checking and when they are ok with the copy then we publish - that way we wont need proofers as such…


I didn't ask, they just started doing it.

asking individual authors to proof runs into the problem of not getting in touch with some authors - some people just send their pieces in and never respond to my emails. So we have to use a mix of both, I think.

My concern with having a chain of people is the bottleneck when someone has to pass the torch - the fact that it was just you and me emailing back and forth made things go very slow for a while. having multiple proofers definitely helps to fix that, as well as having multiple people checking the submission email.

That may be enough for now, but for future reference having multiple people with access to the development files would be ideal. It'd be nice if there was some way proofreaders could add small edits, as well.


We're thinking about using a new license for the zine - rather than CC-BY-SA it's going to be CC-BY-NC-SA
All this would change is prevent people "remixing" the lainzine for profit.


eks dee is my thought

where do i find lainzine 1-3 straight download etc ? ? ?



I think it's fine as long as contribs still retain the rights to their own work.


What can the site do if that were to happen? Sue?


I think it would depend on a lot of factors, for instance whether the lainzine has the capital to challenge it in court vs the lawyers of whoever is stealing their content. Chances are, whoever has the best lawyers wins, but that would be true for any CC license.

NC is a formality and if we're using licenses anyway we're accepting that formality at least means something.


they will
I think this is true


This could be an issue with someone creating printed copies, which could be fucking awesome. Plus as a nc makes it a non-free license as according to the debian project. I'd say keep it CC-BY-SA, who cares if someone makes a profit so long as they are required to share it as well, which is what SA requires.


is there some way to get in the pipeline as far as receiving the pdf's to proof/edit? or is it just sorta…keep your eyes peeled for pushed drafts?

i'd be happy to help out in this area, but am not quite sure if any system exists and worried about getting stranded as y'all people move on without me ; - ;


File: 1496086797924.jpg (123.52 KB, 639x1262, 1495742170143.jpg)

hey hey. so a quick update in this thread; a lots been going on "behind the scenes". we've put together a cover and hashed out the innards to a fair degree, but still very much a wip. a couple things that are ready for people to poke at, though: firstly, put up this "about" page a while ago: . anybody have questions / comments / grrs about that?

also, will be revising the page to be cleaner / clearer / more detailed and things. any suggestions for that?

so so far the draft-ing has been pretty fast paced back and forth between me and intron, with things coming in and out and being moved around a lot, new art assets / textures / whatever being added etc. once there's a set structure with all the articles that will be in this version in a presentable state, though, i think more people will be taking a look over to try to catch errors / be all "maybe should change this thing" etc.

basically, we'll see when it gets to that point, but you haven't missed much so far. feels like a lot more is going into this issue, though.


as a newcomer, i find the about and submissions pages to be very informative already, though i'm sure you have some positive changes in mind. i like that the submissions page doesn't just give examples of what to submit, but also provides articulate guidelines on creating suitable content for the zine.


Terrible. Do a MIT licence and CC-BY dual licence, so your magazine is free as in freedom.


File: 1496379834710.jpg (377.3 KB, 1363x2048, DAToyyaUAAEG4-X.jpg)

Should Lainzine talk about the .jp/.org thing? Lainzine seems like a neutral ground, a messenger that could reach both communities, and could put forward an effort to provide an unbiased neutral view on the subject. Maybe just giving a bit of a timeline, reporting on the events without providing opinion.

(I ask because whenever I ask about the split I get responses from people who sound angry and want to go to war with the "other" side)


Lainzine should not tough t split imo, if it is seen to take a side at all it will be ruined.


should not mention*


File: 1496384049817.png (123.23 KB, 763x500, appleman-on-junk.png)

Too late, I guess? Junk hangs out here and Appleman considers Junk complicit in the soykafstorm.


Junk WAS complicit in the soykafstorm.
All the mods here are.


File: 1496405558534.jpg (48.78 KB, 310x445, Oliver-2.jpg)

s'a bad idea. don't think it'll happen, and would question it if brought up

ah, cool ^_^

yeh, i think most of the information is there; we were just going to, like, clean it up so it's more orderly / structured / approachable


ah, perdon; bad at being a namefig


>says lainzine isn't neutral because of Junk
>wants to make a page giving "unbiased account" of the events


mods aren't responsible if appleman decides to throw a temper tantrum. he's just making wild accusations because it's so much easier than confronting the actual problems.

anyway, this discussion should probably be on /q/


reflects my opinions and not necessarily the rest of the team, unless otherwise stated
Got it. we have people making physical copies right now and it's fine, also if one of us gives permission to make physical copies then it isn't an issue. Plus like, making physical copies to have instead of sell (printing them out yourself) is always fair use.

Someone would need to contact us to make physical releases that look good anyway, since formatting for print is different from formatting for web.

Thanks for your advice, I have 2 questions:
Why should we double-license?
If we don't put our work as NC, all else remaining the same, it would also be free as in freedom. If I recall, the whole point of free-libre works is that people aren't exploiting the community and give back what they take away from it. So my question is, why does explicit noncommercialization make something not free?

In spite of the accusations from people like >>161 and appleman, I intend to stick to my word and keep things "nonpartisan" as it is commonly understood: not print explicit advertisement for either site. Actually, this wouldn't be different from what we do anyway because "no blasse advertisement" has been in our submission guidelines since I first wrote them (and will be in the guidelines rewrite too).

However, we're not going to categorically deny any piece because they link to applechan or here, just recognize the ephemeral quality of content on both and websites in general: your piece will be better if you use a link that will last, rather than say a thread that will be gone in a week or a url that will disapppear in a couple months.


>partisan-ness, applechan, and all that fun
it seems that you're handling this mess of a situation in probably the best reasonable way, thanks!


thank you! your words keep me going <3


> Someone would need to contact us to make physical releases that look good anyway, since formatting for print is different from formatting for web.

Sounds like a reasonable system, and give the us more control over printing


>Why should we double-license?
Because it's been found that even CC-BY has restrictions, at least in a previous version. I am not very good at legalese so I don't know if it applies in the current CC-BY legalese.
Of course, CC-BY is okay. It's just not perfect.
>why does explicit noncommercialization make something not free?
Because it restricts what you can do with something. Freedom genuinely means being able to do whatever you want. FSF/GNU people enshrine this in their four freedoms.
I don't like commercialisation, but who am I to decide what others can do? What if someone sees a need to commercialise it where I couldn't see such a need?
>Thanks for your advice
I'm so sorry but my post wasn't really advice, just me getting buttmad about freedom. I should've done all this explanation here originally instead of waiting for your reply first!
So I hope this post was better.


If anybody who's working on this can answer; how far along is this? I wrote and article and I'm so stoked to see it finally come out. Gonna definitely print a few copies and distribute them locally.


Is Lainzine 5 development still alive? can't wait to read it



You can check the twitter account of the person hosting the website for Lainzine.



It's surprising no one talk about the 5th release. Love the article of the P.I.

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