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Kalyx ######

File: 1495753550733-0.jpg (26.29 KB, 325x244, Roomlively.jpg)

File: 1495753550733-1.png (356.43 KB, 788x501, alive.png)

File: 1495753550733-2.png (282.53 KB, 633x448, google lively raft room.png)


Does anyone else remember this? I don't know why, but despite the project being so unfortunately short-lived (just July to December of 2008), I find myself having an incredible level of nostalgia for it. It's not even the whimsical artwork or awesome experiences, it is the concept of having small virtual worlds embedded directly into your custom built, personal websites. It sort of reminds me of the "chatrooms" present in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex.

Now we all have soykafty WordPress sites with awful generic themes and empty "about" pages. The Google Lively project took place about the same time that our romantic hopes for a distributed internet where power lied with ordinary people instead of corporations really started to die for good. I miss the excitement I had for the future back then. Now I'm jaded as fuck.

For those interested, but unfamiliar with the project, please take a look at some of these links. Some of them even bring me to tears.
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>Oh my god, having a 3D arisuchat would be amazing
THIS. Can anyone build it for us? ^_^



Top 水 . The idea of overlaying some kind of 3D world on the web sounds a lot like gibsons matrix. The idea of user generated content near a website is probably to Democratic to be tolerated en masse.


>>426 is another thread about a 3D imageboard with links to code.


p cool. virtual spaces are neat and all but it's probably for the best that the god of the internet doesn't supply such a comfy one these days. the wired isn't a layer separate from reality, it's just another part of it. if we make it too comfy to escape into it and too easy to figure out how we'll collapse in on ourselves. no difference to me, but I understand and all.

File: 1549415342954.jpg (527.42 KB, 543x758, 815aed9a95e5832e60a7a8c2ce….jpg)


Little internet tips

Please share any simple internet tips you find uesful.

1• when browsing YT to actually see good recommendations use a cookie manager to block cookies from YT then youll get relevent related videos and actually see new stuff rather just more of the same.

2 • Play around with the different country versions to find more intesting content.
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Many hair dryers have an unheated mode.


I get local news even though I changed my location a long while ago. What's worse, I keep getting them despite having clicked the "Don't show me this" option, and YouTube saying they won't show it to me anymore. I'm pretty sure if it isn't a placebo, it just makes some stuff from the country you choose pop up occasionally, as opposed to never.




Best tip is that a site is not capable of use without javascript then that site is your enemy and will end up stabbing you in the back as soon as it can. The people that makes site like this either wish to rape you or will turn a blind eye when you become a victim. Don't let anything turn you into rape cattle, especially not some stupid site.


Top 水

File: 1534061909737.png (2 MB, 1920x1080, b990489dcde9cf12d8cae89282….png)


I'm curious what's Arisu's experience with and thoughts on online learning. I did a few MOOCs and used some "webapps" to study various things but they were mostly disappointing. It's just recorded lectures, repetitive exercises (almost always multiple choice tests) and desperate calls to socialize in an environment that actively discourages it.

It seems to me that today the best use of "online learning" is just to pirate some good books about the topic and hang out on forums. But how could online learning be done "right"?
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File: 1534253098196.jpg (4.98 MB, 2735x2735, asgr.jpg)

books have exercises in them that you can do, and also generally give you a more technically accurate understanding as well as a much more conceptual understanding than internet tutorials.

a/exercises.) it is difficult for a novice to understand what to do with say, static polymorphism, but the book can give self-contained exercises for the novice to do and then he can apply that knowledge to his own projects.

b/conceptual.) tutorials, especially video tutorials, are usually made by click-thirsty indians with the least possible amount of effort. often times, their explanations are not even technically accurate. the major benefit of books, though, is greater than even technical accuracy; they generally attempt to explain the CONCEPTS of what they are explaining, not just simple techniques. this will give the novice a much deeper understanding.

however, there is no substitute for gritty real world experience. people who do not have personal projects will never be as good as those who do.


>that online learning is vastly inferior in comparison to a hands-on approach
i've always found that online learning is a vastly hands-on approach


What kind of online learning you think of?


Did you learn how to drive a car online? Would you think an online course was adequate for firearms safety or learning how to operate a jackhammer? You could read the Vice guide to eating pussy but that doesn't mean you're good at the act until you get down there a few times.


IMO opinion learning is a solitary activity. Resources like books, lectures, and excersizes are useful, and communicating with peers is generally not so useful. MOOCs suck because they wabt accounts and schedules. MIT OCW is the best online lecture resource b/c it makes high quality lectures available without hassle as CC media. Yale has a similiar program called open yale courses.

I prefer books and excersizes.

>You could just create an autodidact thread here, I don't think you need any specific knowledge for that.
Someone do that please.

File: 1542461553086.jpg (51.12 KB, 500x500, __os_tan_drawn_by_gomennas….jpg)


The future of computing should be F/OSS!
The RISC-V instruction set architecture is just that, allowing anyone to make changes, design their own, and redistribute their creations. Currently the push for RISC-V is appearing in embedded computing and IoT devices, but as more people begin to adopt the technology over it's sets like ARM could bring RISC-V phones, laptops, etc.

There are a lot more organizations that are pushing for freedom in technology. Such as Purism's Libre laptops working to reach FSF apporval, and System76's work on deblobing their computers.
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Did it fail because of technical problems or business?


File: 1546794554011.jpg (143.78 KB, 606x578, 1542385006517.jpg)

Both it seems.


the x86 patents are expired, and they won't protect an instruction set (which is all it is now…).
Why not make unlicensed clones? Don't speak to me about "well they added extra registers for SSE2 etc". Obvious extention.

Then send in demonic zaibatsu enforcers if anyone trys to sue to stop you?????



Because x86 is a soykaf. You can run filthy chinese knock offs of a depreciated arch if you like though. I could not possibly think of you any less.


>but average human may have better chance of homebrewing tinfoil cpu out of RISC-V specification and readily available open implementations than say x86 clone right?
And it will be more feasible. Because developing CorpCorps New CPU or Lain Workatation using an existing ISA means you can taken advatage of existing toolchains, linux , etc far easier than desigining your own assembler, compilier, porting or writing an os plus software.

Instead just implement hardware and get the software for free.

File: 1547585909230.jpg (94.46 KB, 740x574, pods.jpg)


I've heard of sir Tim building out on his vision of the next iteration of the interwebz called Solid. That particular implementation doesn't cater much to autonomous uses, but the underlying idea is pretty interesting - separate the data and applications apart. You can host your data wherever and grant application access to it. Seems like it has potential to make the apps/services interoperable to a larger degree. What do you say, Alice?
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>>2332 Sorry for confusion - I was thinking about this in particular and underlying principle in general.


When I read about it a couple of months ago it seemed like a worthy effort to me, although I didn't dive in that deeply. It seems that it could solve a lot of the problems regarding vendor lock-in that we have on e.g. fb.


I dismissed it probably right after they had mentioned linked data with uris. Then i chanced upon this article which layed out this idea favourably compared to status quo information flows. I'll be pondering it some more - the ramifications and posibilities it brings aren't totally clear. If it bears though, i'd try throwing in some alien technology instead of rdf.


>Neumann is rolling in his grave
Why, Neumann didnt want the architecture named after him anyway, and it actually has downsides:
Data as program has made possible explotation of programs and attempts to mitigate use w^x flags to identify which memory is program instruction and which are data.
And the von nuemann bottleneck.

Of course isolating data and application code isnt a computer architecture thing here because all usable computers are von nuemann anyway. Nor is it all that novel - databases and file systems do exactly that anyway. Conventional programming patterns like mvc embrace the same. This is just the same pattern played out on the wired.

File: 1559456806602.png (856.14 KB, 2724x1206, cirno2.png)

 No.2621[Reply] (Archive link: )
A commentator asked on Eric S. Raymond's website:

>ESR: Eben Moglen suggested that he was going to write a paper refuting the notion that "The GPL is revocable":

>>I think the best procedure would be for me to publish my analysis and
>>for you then to tell me what is wrong with it.
>Why has no such paper from him materialized?

ESR response was shocking, blunt, and to the point:
>esr on 2019-05-30 at 08:08:23 said:
>>Why has no such paper from him materialized?
>Because Moglen is either wrong about or deliberately misrepresenting the law and the "revokists" have it right. Thank you, I had already figured this out from his (non)responses on lkml.
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The employers were actually the most interested in revocation if the "CoC" was used as a weapon. They were not happy with the "CoC".


>Imagine an orc with a club. You have to explain to him why this is vital to his existence as a developer.

His standing and livelyhood is threatened if he doesn't have that club. He needs the club, even if he isn't going to go on the offensive himself.


>The commentator explained all that
No he (>>2698) didn't say any of that actually. It's also no use pretending you're someone else when you are the only person to leave








You keep using this word. I don't think you know what it means.


On the LKML the commentator did indeed "explain all that".

> >programmers

>You keep using this word. I don't think you know what it means.
The non-employee gratis contributors to the linux kernel. They are programmers: and they own their own code. Go and FUCK yourself snarky piece of soykaf.


>On the LKML the commentator did indeed "explain all that".
Obviously nobody understands what you are referencing so why not link to the post id or url?

>The non-employee gratis contributors to the linux kernel. They are programmers: and they own their own code.

A programmer is a device for writing code to ram or flash (e.g. the stlink from >>2705 ), not a human being who writes code.

File: 1563542214747.jpeg (115.95 KB, 750x732, 5DCF1017-CD29-4076-92C7-1….jpeg)


What's the best way to recover files from a dead hard drive?


Dead how? If it's still readable, image it with ddrescue and try out different recovery software. If it's not, troubleshoot the board. Finally you can open a hard drive to manipulate the head or swap the platters both of which are realistic goals for a determined individual.

File: 1560443794367.jpg (173.32 KB, 1145x1012, whyyy.jpg)


Lost a debate about why open source technology is better, can you do better?


we call it free (libre) here



those are totally not the same thing. there are tons of open source software that aren't free, especially in industry.


Then of course he lost.


Like what?

That's a common trope, because people don't read the Open Source Definition. If you read it you'll notice that Open Source and Free Software coincide for all practical purposes. The only instance I saw the FSF and OSI disagree on considering a licence free/open is the Sybase Open Watcom Public License. OSI says it's ok, FSF (and Debian) doesn't.

That is, unless you think OSI is not the authoritative source on the definition of Open Source and you consider so-called "source available" license to fall in the open source camp.


some of you.
I call it GNU fanboyism

File: 1497907979453.png (59.25 KB, 500x531, mastodonlogo.png)


Hello, Lains. I'm sure you've all heard of Mastodon, the free, open-source, decentralized, and rapidly-growing social network. If you haven't, here's a quick rundown:

>Mastodon is a free, open-source social network. A decentralized alternative to commercial platforms, it avoids the risks of a single company monopolizing your communication. Pick a server that you trust — whichever you choose, you can interact with everyone else. Anyone can run their own Mastodon instance and participate in the social network seamlessly.

What sets Mastodon apart:
Timelines are chronological
Public timelines
500 characters per post
GIFV sets and short videos

Granular, per-post privacy settings
Rich block and muting tools
Ethical design: no ads, no tracking
Open API for apps and services

Please feel free to share your Mastodon info in this thread, to find other like-minded lainons to connect with. And if you have any questions about Mastodon, this is the thread.

Trying to figure out which instance is right for you? Here's a handy tool to pick one out:

Personally, I use, and would recommend it to most lainons looking to give Mastodon a try as it's pretty comfy and it has a unique cyberpunk/glitch art theme.

I can be found at
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Given how many of them use their real names, use a picture of their face as their avatar, and regularly post full body nudes, I really don't think anonymity is that big of a factor for them.


>I don't understand why these people left twitter given how liberal it is.
This is more psychological than rational. Anyone with sufficiently extreme opinions is fighting a constant battle with cognitive dissonance. So when someone says something they don't agree with and does't immediately get derezzed they feel like the platform is against them. I think that's largely what's happening when someone complains about "nazis" on Twitter.

>The only advantage I could see is if you had your own private instance

I think the decentralized design makes people feel like they have more control than Twitter. Again, psychological.


File: 1560799066222.jpg (4.11 KB, 278x181, index.jpg)

Repost from other thread:

>I very much hate Mastodon social, both its authors and its implementation are malicious in nature. Lets talk about this for a second.

>First off, Eugen is a unironic piece of soykaf. For a while, I and a few other people were perusing the creation of an alternate implementation of the source. I was asking moonman, the guy who runs shitposter club about how various parts of webfinger worked, and Eugen literally ran into the conversation and claimed he shouldn't answer my questions because I was a neo-nazi or something. He has done this on multiple occasions to many people in an attempt to stifle out completion with his product. There have been many other attempts to create new gnu/social implementations that were maliciously blotted out by him, but I have a lot of respect for the privacy of the people who worked on it. They are personal friends of mine who I have worked with on other project. Those stories are for others to tell.

>Next off, lets talk about mastodon social itself. Its a somewhat solid platform, but it has one issue that is specifically designed to mess with other gnu/social implementations. Do you remember Microsoft's modus operandi to flip open source protocols into proprietary systems? It was Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish. This is exactly what Eugen has done with his software. Mastodon, when it was first introduced, Embraced the protocols behind gnu/social (ostatus). Then he introduced his own additions to the protocol, private messaging. He was warned from the start that there would be scoping issues. Then, upon its implementation, he freaked out and encouraged people to block gnu/social nodes for not sup porting a feature that he introduced without consulting anyone else working on/with ostatus. Many nodes were forced to swap over to mastodon to stay part of the network.

>Eugen's behavior is the whole reason groups like the gun/social axis exist. They aren't just random autists that post smug lolis that decided to organize for no reason. Its because he decided to try and hijack the whole network.

>(please excuse the random vaporwave text, needed to avoid some of seph's wordfilters as they are direct references to various websites
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1560799157412.png (1.28 MB, 1024x1051, 1529146919309.png)


Inshalla Brothers! - !

Mastodon Social has stained the holy ostatus network with infidel filth. For this it will pay. In blood. Oh our blessed allah! Protect us in our holy war against the kaffirs! Our guns will be bathed in glory! A nuclear rain will be brought down upon the infidels!

God is the greatest! God is the greatest! Bring your wrath down! Bring your wrath down!
The demands of GNU/Jihad -

Mastdon social and its methodes have proved to be a STAIN on the network, and has encoraged people to BLOCK nodes. Until all nodeblocks are removed, and the barries between the warriers of allah and their people are removed, we will not rest. The Non-believers of mastodon must be CONVERTED into our ways, weather by force or by peaceful means. Islam is a RELIGION OF PEACE but if we are forced to do so we will become a RELIGION OF VIOLENCE .


It's outrageous that someone would data mine public social media posts. That's not why those posts were created. They were created to keep the existential dread away. Data mining does nothing for that!

File: 1508699361561.png (219.05 KB, 1026x649, win10_ame.png)


Hey alice,
a group of us have been working on a build of Windows 10 focusing on privacy and stability.
All telemetry and windows update functionality has been entirely deleted from the system (about 2GB removed). We also removed all default apps (Edge, Cortana of course, Windows Media Player etc…) and replaced them with FOSS alternatives.
Give it a try:
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>imagine caring about privacy and not using linux/openbsd holy fuck you retards are sad

Privacy, networking, Windows. Pick two.


I verified it with a pretty stupid but working way, connected to the phone wifi and downloaded something like wireshark on the phone.

>>2732 i can't deny that linux (system d haha) is much better than windows in terms of privacy, but as you see if you spend about a week to make your win10 a fine OS then you're fine. though it still eats about 3gb of ram holy tomatoes.


Everything you are doing is pointless, and everything you are saying is dumb. My hopes are twofold:

1. I hope that you someday realize just how pointless and dumb your imaginary "private Windows" project is. Windows simply cannot be made "a fine OS". You cannot accomplish what you imagine that you've accomplished.

2. I hope people who are reading this thread and considering mimicking your actions realize just how pointless and dumb those actions are.


The backlash on this project really astounds me. Keep up the good work, I've used your image for several occasions that I've needed Windows 10 but didn't want the full shebang.

Obviously using any amount of proprietary software, especially that by Microsoft, isn't going to be as private as using any Linux distro. But people really need to keep into consideration the reason that someone may actually be interested in an image like this. It allows people to run Windows applications with a minimized footprint (both resourcefully and telemetry wise). Sometimes, you just need to be practical about things.

It's really just not practical to be running Linux 24/7 for everything. Wine isn't perfect and some people may have perfectly valid professional reasons to run Windows. This project makes that a more bearable thing to have to do.


I expected people here to be more savvy than this. Apparently I was very mistaken. In the future, when running this comes back to bite you in the butt, don't say you weren't warned.

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