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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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does anyone have experience moving their Windows 7 system onto another drive? it's going from a partition on my HITACHI 465GB HDD connected through SATA to my 232GB Samsung SSD mounted on my laptop's SATA caddy.
does booting onto Linux and using dd to clone the partition seem like a sufficient way to migrate my OS like the following link?
what could potentially go wrong?


bumping for /all/


yes, and it can be an absolute bastard… or it could go off without a hitch. if it were me, i'd re-install. windows really doesn't like it when you swap out hardware underneath it.

otherwise the dd method is fine. if you want something more idiot-proof, try a clonezilla image. it's basically formatting/imaging tools wrapped with some autoconfig scripts and packaged as a minimal distro.


also worth mentioning that it will almost certainly take longer to clone and deal with any potential issues that come up than it would to just do a clean install on the ssd and copy over your document directories or whatever. in my experience windows benefits from a fresh install every couple years anyway.

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Does anyone else experience an uncanny sense of immediately knowing whether or not you will be able to finish typing an entire word with one hand or not (this happens with both my left and right hands) as soon as you start typing it, even on the first or second typed character? This happens with even moderately long words. I know this is a kind of weirdly peculiar phenomenon, but I couldn't think of a better website on which to ask.
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>Muscle memory.
It just happened with the word 'swag' which I have probably never typed in my entire life. I think that invalidates the theory of muscle memory?


well, hypothetically you know how it feels to type any letter on the keyboard, so hypothetically you've typed all the parts of swag (and anyotherword).

evidently we remember how to type words we've never typed before, you can type gibberish pretty well if you know what letter s are involved.

as such, it seems like probably its just the same mechanism that tells you how to type when you're using both hands, which is probably muscle memory.

also, as swag is a one hand word in qwerty, are you an an alt layout?


File: 1506223279701.png (1.17 MB, 1000x1000, 4654574754.png)

I have this too. I'm not a touch-typer, though, or however it's called.


terse is a word I like for this, and over time I've discovered a few words that I can type with just one hand (most often the left) on qwerty. It's kind of fun and I like such words, no reason.
It's harder in dvorak though, because it is designed for one to switch hands while typing. Actually, so far I've only found one word that I can type with one hand in dvorak, but I can't seem to remember what it was.
But such words are few and far in between, even in qwerty.


Yes, of course. It's like when you walk and you know with which foot you are going to step on the first step of the stairs.

There a LOT of obscure processes that your mind does. By far most of what you do actually. Your mind just makes a good job at making it all seem on purpose by building a conscious experience in which you choose the words you say, while actually they are just said for you as you think about what to say.

That's at least my take on it, that one is like an orchestra director. When you practice something (typing, singing, playing an instrument, painting) you are just consciously guiding another neural network that will take care of it for you later. You just teach it how to do it.

You never think where you are going to step next when you walk. You just let yourself go, and there is someone else putting your feet between you and the Earth.
Your personal, built-in, low-level slave.

no, it's not that, that's another thing
Knowing how to move your fingers to type is, but knowing which sequence of fingering to activate is another thing.

Typing the same words of course creates some sort of MM, but as >>1338 said, it's another thing all together

File: 1505387371702.jpg (40.13 KB, 750x501, blackout-mini-h.jpg)


Is anyone into Quadcopters or even Quad Racing?

I think it's one of the most recreational /cyb/ things you can do right now and it's incredibly fun. You get to wear Video Goggles, hack your own hardware together from soldering to CLI shenanigans and finally race expensive things for fun and adrenaline. Then you have a bad crash and start over.

I have bought a few ready to fly quads at first but will soon build my own from scratch based on an elf 88mm frame. Got all the parts already just need some free time now.
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I've always really wanted a quadcopter, not really to race it, but to build it and then use it in cases I don't want to leave the house. Like if I want to see if anyone is at my local skatepark a few blocks away but don't want to walk a few blocks to see that nobody is there, I would like to just use my drone to fly over and check it out.

Is this a reasonable use case or am I fooling myself?


File: 1505505558659.png (524.51 KB, 468x711, 1423906311697.png)

This is the greatest thing I've ever heard.


>I've always really wanted a quadcopter, not really to race it, but to build it and then use it in cases I don't want to leave the house.
What if it gets stuck or crashes? Needing to climb a tree because you didn't want to leave the house seems counterproductive.


File: 1514559986742.png (193.36 KB, 1200x675, cyberpunk.png)

Valid thought; in either case I've decided to put off buying one for the time being. I have too many projects I'm working on at the moment.


aerospace here. I had a job for a few months developing drones and I got to fly them quite a bit and it was about the most fun I've ever been paid for. Flying quadcopters is a blast, even if I can't keep up with the computers.

File: 1511543234831.jpg (29.7 KB, 375x375, woke.jpg)


/g/ is making a decentralized internet project. thoughts?

mark your location on the map if interested:

irc (SSL): #gternet
pastebin: https://paste(.)ee/p/0AQU4
last thread: >>63526080 →

What is /g/ternet?
/g/ternet would be our own decentralized p2p network running on our own infrastructure, powered by something like ipfs.
Similar things have already been done:

This project is less than 24 hours old, so we need all the expertise and help we can get.
Every contribution is valuable!
Gather a group of friends and join the irc.

To do:
- establish proper communication channels
- decide on standards for software and hardware
- set up a wiki on installgentoo
- create resources for newbies
- gather more people
- start building something in the Houston & Austin area
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the reimu ones are quality


There's already a zeronet imageboard that's dead.


When will people learn that anon websites are not good for organizing any kind of project?

It will fail like all other attempts


what does "soykaf" mean
see this term thrown around allot and cant grasp the meaning beyond something too ambiguous


it's a Portmanteau of "soy" and "caffiene" (shortened to "kaf") I think it started on this site because the only food we can afford is soy-based with some cheap coffee.

File: 1494604418666.png (80.08 KB, 256x256, moon.png)


What does everyone here use as their main browser? I've personally been using pale moon for a while now but would like some new input on browsers from a security/privacy standpoint.
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I haven't had any problem except for people not porting addons.

i checked cookies and they work fine for me.


aside from having to modifiy more stuff than usual in the userchrome since most of my UI addons don't work anymore, it's noticeably faster on my toaster. Still a ressource hog but all the browsers are these these days, it's better than vivaldi though.

The most annoying so far is the lack of a mean to configure custom keybindings, there's no way to do it natively and all the vimlike extensions I've tried suck compared to vimfx. Dunno about private browsing I don't use it


>The most annoying so far is the lack of a mean to configure custom keybindings

The lack of user control of keybindings has always been a soykafshow on Firefox. The firefox devs seem to believe that websites ought to have total control over keybindings so that all those wonderful benevolent web app developers can be happy, and that users need to shut up and bend over because users can't be trusted to control keybindings.

Witness the 11-year-long conversation on this topic: It was only recently marked as resolved, with the "resolution" being to allow websites to control shortcuts by default, with an obscure toggle to block keybinding hijacking on a site-by-site-only basis.

I'm getting really fucking sick and tired of this "all hail web devs, fuck user privacy and control" crap by Mozilla.


If I go on /all/ and open a few threads in different tabs, each of them get a different password. They used to have the same password. If I post with a specific password in one of them, it gets saved in that tab, and the others also pick it up after a refresh, however every new tab still gets a new one. It's pretty annoying.


File: 1512183980170.png (61.08 KB, 580x388, tor-logo-100049034-gallery.png)

I use tor for most things if I'm not using tor I use IceCat normally for stuff like wikipedia were tor is derezzed but I will try pale moon

File: 1505325990757-0.png (257.24 KB, 558x309, Screenshot_mtr_somafm.com_….png)

File: 1505325990757-1.png (138.11 KB, 563x169, Screenshot_mtr_google.com_….png)

File: 1505325990757-2.png (284.34 KB, 571x399, Screenshot_mtr_microsoft.c….png)

File: 1505325990757-3.png (161.09 KB, 567x256, Screenshot_mtr_update.micr….png)


Satellite provider claims all the data consumption (it's capped, btw) is because "someone is using your credentials." Yeah, right.

This is what my mtr logs look like.

Am considering the idea of removing my grayish-white hat and putting on something darker for a brief campaign of "let's fix the routers ourselves."
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I've always wondered why the workers at customer support gets so defensive when other people answer their customers' issues. Is it in their contract? Do they just feel pressure from management?



…But they were trying sooooo hard_ not to be aggressive about it.

I almost feel bad for them. Almost.



Because it shows the world what useless wastes of space they are.

If one random customer does a better job than the "official" support, how does that make them look? They can't have that.


>a brief campaign of "let's fix the routers ourselves."

It's not hacking, it's just unauthorized pro-bono sysadmin!


How's the satellite network? I always think a emergency backup satellite link sounds cool, and considering it's possible for my government to "pull the plug" (like what Egypt did) in the future, it may be actually useful. I know its high latency and expensive traffic, and I tried to look for information at one time, but what I found was worse than I thought: the speed was not even 256 Kbps, with extremely low traffic cap, it looked completely useless besides sending emails and talking on IRC.

I've never seen a satellite connection in my life. How much do you pay for the connection and modem, and what is the bandwidth? What about signal coverage?

File: 1501459696808.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.02 MB, 2400x3000, ArchonicAltarOfSacrifice.jpg)


Besides vim/emacs what`s the most light weight text editor I can use like a proper environment for C++/C, with debugging support integration?
I was thinking about geany or notepad++, but I`d like to know how bloated are the deps.
Domo arigato fellas.


I believe Joe's Own Editor (Joe) .


Just use vim


sublime with sublimeLinter and clangautocomplete.


ed(1), the standard editor


>Besides vim/emacs
i guess they'll have to use just vi.

File: 1507449068083.jpg (128.43 KB, 495x740, 2001 space odyssey movie p….jpg)


Ive always wondered one thing regarding computers since i was a kid, how come there isnt a protocol to connect 2 computers through usb? If i want to share a file with my friend, why cant i just take a male2male usb cable, connect our computers and share?
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Yah OP should have no reason to be fixated on USB and if he is that's kind of dumb.


Shut up glitterboi. I did not know of that technology and it is actually pretty useful to me.


At least his was more helpful than yours lol






magic-wormhole is currently the most convenient & secure way to move a file to another computer(easier than usb).

I could see the potential it being a module in a bigger system specifically for your case

File: 1504744436292.png (41.32 KB, 375x360, soykaf.png)


Your kind reminder:

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and most other big names you know are all against you.

They are controlling the wired.

They actively assist 3-letter agencies in spying on you.

Google has server farms overseas, and your data is backed up across multiple locations. Nothing unique about that, really. However, this allows goverment agencies to intercept your data without a warrant. Perfectly legal, we've been intercepting international communications in the name of freedom for decades.

Your iOS/Android/Windows phone is a bot. It's a device that is out of your control, in most cases you can't stop Facebook/Amazon/Google/etc.. from collecting video, voice, wifi, location, phone calls, sms, and other data. It's like an open tap spewing limitless data.

Your data is being packaged and sold, resold, and cataloged by corporations, foreign entities, and governments alike. There are dozens of dossiers on you, across many servers owned by many entities.

Don't worry, it gets worse:

Attempting to live a more private life will make you stand out, and is cause for deeper surveillance.

Learn your soykaf first, make a plan, quietly collect materials, and don't be a dumbass by burning all online information on yourself all at once. Have patience, this is a slow process.
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>Your iOS/Android/Windows phone is a bot. It's a device that is out of your control, in most cases you can't stop Facebook/Amazon/Google/etc.. from collecting video, voice, wifi, location, phone calls, sms, and other data. It's like an open tap spewing limitless data.
Using Facebook or Google services is clearly voluntary giving away ones data. It's their business model and explicitly stated in the ToS. But the problem I have with those claims in the specific case of desktop and mobile operating systems "ringing home" and collecting private data without the user consenting and acknowledging it is the lack of precision on how it operates, real life examples and factual data to back this up. I'm so used to read how those are botnets , yet beside the controversial set of news from around its launch about Windows 10 logging and sending everything to MS servers I barely saw any proofs about this. That's why I think I'll try to check this for myself with network monitoring tools on my work machine and android phone if I don't find anything convincing Online. Same thing for them or hardware being backdoored : Are there solid proofs behind this, or is just speculations?

If anyone have links to illustrate what kind of data are collected (and how) on proprietary OS, or even relevant key words for me to start searching them myself, I'll gladly look them up.


File: 1506855427647.jpg (55.77 KB, 1500x670, back.jpg)

Answering myself : For a starter, this guy basically did this but focused on apps downloaded from the Google store rather than Android itself. That's not exactly what I was looking for but that was very interesting nonetheless and gave me a
few pointers on what to investigate.

DEFCON 19: Cellular Privacy: A Forensic Analysis of Android Network Traffic (w speaker)


The botnet thing is not just an empty meme. Here are some examples.

Google Play on Android tracks location all the time.

Android monitors access points within range of your phone and sends details back to Google.

Facebook app keeps microphone on at all times

>Same thing for them or hardware being backdoored : Are there solid proofs behind this, or is just speculations?

This is slightly different. Intel ME for example gives Intel the capability to hijack your machine at the lowest level but they obviously don't do that to everybody everyday.


i had read about the existence of hardware backdoors, but still don't understand what exactly one is used for. whathappens to a machine ''hijacked at the lowest level''? does the backdoor grant external control or access to data? does most modern pc hardware contain backdoors? sorry if this sounds like i'm asking for spoonfeeding, but information on this topic that actually explains it rather than going straight into ethical discussion or conspiracy has been hard to find.


Thanks for the links, that will be a good start as well to dig for further info. In the meantime I"m re-watching the last conference from Steve Rambam It gave at Hope XI to scrap from source relevant to this matter.

File: 1504865150242.gif (973.73 KB, 500x208, v0xrJ.gif)


Please, lain. I need tips on how to
create a complete study setup
with the cheapest hardware on
the market.
What would be the ideal setup?
Can you help me set up
something cheap and
professional? Rpi and my best
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code, sysadmin and rfid. My focus is telecom.


Sysadmin here:

If you are on a decent machine now - virtualize it.

Build a domain controller, a file server, and a client. Get them to talk. Run checklist and get them secure. Figure out how to streamline your updates. Practice backups and restores. Check event logs. Etc.

Get cisco packet tracer (or another emulator I guess) and build a simulated network. Learn the switches. Build a network with vlans, block ports on vlans, set up port security, run more security checklists, back your configs.

Get this book: The Practice of System and Network Administration, Second Edition - Thomas A. Limoncelli

Quick links I use for security:

Sysadmin is some dry work in my opinion.


you can do this with qemu as well, and I am sure many other vm tools.


I run a couple of VMs (dhcp,webserver,dns) on a athlon x2 270 8gb ram. Pretty cheap.
If you wanna learn networking you can download packettracer or buy some switches and routers on craiglist.



Sysadmin here as well. This is solid advice. You specified telecom in an earlier post - do you have a telecom product in mind?

Asterisk is an open source VoIP telecom system that you can get going to play around with. If you're looking at enterprise class stuff you are pretty much stuck until you get on the job - that stuff is expensive and usually requires proprietary equipment.

Do you have an OS in mind? The advice specified a domain controller which usually implies Windows, which isn't bad in the business world but might not be in line with your goals.

Learn to script things. If you choose Linux, bash, if you choose Windows, PowerShell. If you want something that does both, look at Python.

If you want hardware recommendations you can get some cheap stuff on ebay. Decent Dell R710s are about $400 and will allow you to run Nutanix Community Edition which is a virtualization product that will give you some enterprise level virtualization tech. VMware used to have a free edition as well, I don't know if they do anymore. You can of course do it on your local machine with VirtualBox or similar as well.

The book that lain recommends has a third edition now, which is more in line with the cloud-based world we now have to live in. Matter of fact, get yourself a Safari Books subscription; it's expensive but will get you a whole load of books that will be useful to you. It will also help you with coding.

Coding - what language are you looking at? What do you want to accomplish?

Packet Tracer and other programs might be a bit overkill unless you see yourself going in to the networking field. If you don't see yourself handling the network equipment I wouldn't worry about it. If you do, Packet Tracer is a solid choice.

Sysadmin is a feast or famine career, either there's nothing happening or your hair is on fire. But, it's OK overall.

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