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File: 1500580450434.png (853.95 KB, 638x593, Navy Railgun.png)


The Office of Naval Research (ONR) demonstrates the Navy's electromagnetic railgun initial rep-rate fires of multi-shot salvos at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division. The revolutionary railgun relies on a massive electrical pulse, rather than gunpowder or other chemical propellants, to launch projectiles at distances over 100 nautical miles – and at speeds that exceed Mach 6.




That thing is huge! I imagine they intend to mount it on their battleships? What kind of damage could it do to other ships? The barrel looked kind of small.


The nice thing with railguns is that size ends-up being far less important. It adheres to the Newtonian school fucking-your-soykaf-up.

I'd assume it can do a reasonable job at serving as artillery as well.

File: 1500526432160.png (5.32 KB, 168x113, 168px-Opentracker_logo.svg.png)


sup /tech/

I want to run a torrent tracker. i want it to be as public as possible.

I don't want to have a website for indexing the torrents, i just want to run the tracker.

Can i do this legally with my server hosted from my closet in the USA?


technically yes, but you're still gonna get takedown notices and the MPAA/RIAA demanding your head on a pike. Stay safe!

old but solid advice:

something interesting to look into is TOR hidden-service trackers:


I've been running as an open fracker for several months and it has seen very little use tbh. The main big trackers seem to be sufficient


We'll fuck my soykaf up. I just looked and actually I've been sharing Spider-Man movies on Chinese websites so that's cool

File: 1498626840072-0.jpg (967.99 KB, 2592x1944, perk1.jpg)

File: 1498626840072-1.jpg (447.65 KB, 2448x1836, perk2.jpg)

File: 1498626840072-2.jpg (800.83 KB, 3120x4160, perk3.jpg)


Hello, Lains. BeerMoney sites are an unconventional and decidedly cyberpunk way to make cash. Perk and Mechanical Turk are both examples of BeerMoney sites. What does your farm look like, Lain? What's your setup?

Perk is an app that pays you for allowing ads to play on your mobile devices. It can be ran on old, otherwise outdated hardware. Obviously, the more devices, the more cash you make. Clustering a large number of these together is referred to as a "farm." There are even cheap phones that can be purchased for the sole purpose of farming. If you're looking to get into the field but don't have any old mobile devices lying around, discussion of specific phones (aka which are currently the cheapest) can be found at the /r/beermoney subreddit. They've also got a "Beermoney Assist" app over there that can help dim your screens to near-off to save power and do a bunch of other helpful stuff.

Mechanical Turk is a site that pays you for doing "Human Intelligence Tasks" (HITs). You are asked to do things that computers are not currently capable of, "such as choosing the best among several photographs of a storefront, writing product descriptions, or identifying performers on music CDs." It's a bit more profefssional than other well-known BM sites, however, as it requires you to sign up for an account with a billing address.

Of course, these are only two examples and new BeerMoney opportunities come up every day.

(Pic related: Perk farms.)
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So the whole point of Mechanical Turk's are that they are tasks that cannot be automated (atleast easily/cost effectively). Thats where the human comes in, I have turked before not a bad way to scrape by at all. Would average 15-30 bucks a day in just a couple of hours. Took me awhile to build this rhythm up, at first I was making $5-8 a day while learning the ins and outs of the system.

Ive heard on turk forums of folks making $50+ a day USD on Mturk's however that takes 6hrs plus a day. Not worth it if you have an actual skillset, but great to help with some bills.



Why buy a bunch of phones when you can run multiple android emulators on different IPs and automate the crap out of the whole thing?


File: 1498961126094.jpg (35.01 KB, 500x500, plop.jpg)

In theory it sounds like the obvious solution.
In practice, these footprints & fingerprints from virtualized phones are easily identified which get you derezzed.

IMO all that beer money stuff is fine for some people. Like grabbing coins from a fountain. It's small time. You will never get rich off it. Considering the specialized knowledge & investment of phones, I don't see why most don't set their sights higher.

If you were to have such a set up, a more lucrative business would be selling google play store reviews. There's agencies selling them for $1 each. Sell 100 reviews, get $100. However it requires a lot more effort than beer money: creating a website, integrating payment processor, marketing to your target demographic. Not as menial, but you're basically starting your own business at this point.


What about scamming people on the deepweb?


File: 1499802172334.png (296.57 KB, 438x600, thumb-670367-438x600-96225….png)


sounds like you need a better distro
have you tried arch-openrc? how about devuan?

have you tried installing the latest microcode?


Did you mean to start a new thread?




So what's the dealio with Devuan apart from it being debian without systemd? Anything also it got going for it apart from that? What's the repos like? Any major sticking points compared to straight debian?

I'm not overly fond of systemd, and reading about the soykafshows surrounding it fill me with even less confidence. I've kinda just gotten on with it though since work requires me to work with other distros that already use systemd so I kinda just rolled with it when it happened to Debian.


I dont know much, but I do know it is run by former debian maintainers

File: 1499412281823.png (123.56 KB, 1754x1240, basic voip system.png)


I have recently been looking into getting a VOIP provider, but have a few questions regarding their security and anonymity.

How secure is a call between two VOIPs?
How secure is a call between a phone and a VOIP?
How traceable would a call from a VOIP service be?
What VOIP providers respect users' privacy?

If anyone is able to answer any of these questions for me, I would be extremely grateful.



>How secure is a call between two VOIPs?

as secure as you make it

>How secure is a call between a phone and a VOIP?

no more secure than a call between two PSTN devices

>How traceable would a call from a VOIP service be?

as traceable as any other IP traffic.

>What VOIP providers respect users' privacy?



you can also run your own voip instance, I am not sure your planned use, but its possible that that would suffice.


There's TLS for SIP and SRTP for encrypted RTP audio. Good fuarking luck finding anyone who implements it.

It still leaks tonnes of metadata and like any IP traffic is traceable. You would need to roll your own Asterisk box with TLS and SRTP, isolate it from the outside world and then access it using a VPN. Tor is outta the question; SIP fuarrrking hates any more than 100ms of latency and it eats soykaf and dies if that latency spikes up und down (jitter).

sauce: is a person wot earns CapitalismCredits by installing big enterprise VOIP systems.

also; nothing you say on a mobile phone or landline telephone is secure fuarking EVER.

at some point I may actually build for lains the above mentioned asterisk box with tls and srtp and openvpn for a laff. but then like any other supposed 'secure' service, you'd be taking it on good faith I'm not dumping all your rtp to disk (server has to have the keys in srtp/tls) and handing it over to %shadygubbermintspooks%

File: 1494511173394.png (25.94 KB, 850x646, cs_women.png)


What the hell happened?
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women are given all the chances they need to succeed, men are fucked in academia.
a chick can go and suck the teacher off and hey look she did really well on that math test.


Sexual dimorphism is definitely a thing, and its a fair point that to some degree the roles of the individual people in society are going to be different simply as a result of the differences that tend to arise among humans.

Nevertheless, it seems somewhat crazy an idea that just because something is done a certain way, that must be the best way, the only way, and the way the advances the interests of the community with the greatest efficiency. That there is difference between different divisions of our population behooves us to reconsider how we operate to best make use of those divisions, and not to refrain to some mode of thought where what has been done in the past.

There is some reason for the existence of sexism in our society. I am sure there are quite a few research papers which already deal with this question, of how and why it came about, and how and why it is what it is today. But oftentimes behaviors seem to arise that are disregarding of any societal interests in favour of personal gains, convenience, et cetera. Even if some systems that exist today were well justifiable from the perspective of efficiency some centuries ago, things have changed a good deal in our environment, our technological power.

We can delude ourselves into believing we live in a meritocracy, if we want, where the most skilled individuals do the most important work in their respective fields, and all who are equally capable are treated with equal respect.

But that is an inaccurate picture and doesn't at all reflect what our society is actually like. People are perpetually impacted by, and treated differently as a consequence of how people perceive them, based on gender, how you dress, how you speak, whether you smell like strawberries or like rotting meat.

No doubt if we lived in a more meritocratic system there would be gender imbalances in some, many, or all areas. But as it is, there are so many other factors involved that it becomes unreasonable to believe any imbalance in a given field is not, at least in part, attributable to causes apart from inherent physical suitability.



Do you really actually believe that women get into academia by sexual favours, you seem to have a huge chip on your shoulder about women, I don't
how you got that chip but your resentment seems
like it's clouding your judgement.

You make big claims but don't back them up.



That is not even important, women should fuck off already, too much of their whining with their "equality"

File: 1499283694011.jpg (237.38 KB, 1920x1080, tmp_9174-Vocaloid-Wallpape….jpg)


How far has speech synthesis come along in recent years? Is there any software that sounds better than the ivona-esque monotone stuff that we've all seen before? Vocaloid has gotten rather impressive over the years, but is there anything that can convincingly mimic the intonation of casual human speech? I'm interested in playing around with it a bit, but from what I've read before the development seemed a bit out of my league, so I was rather discouraged.


as you've mentioned, the tech has been here for lots of years already; the problem is that handling all the little case-by-case changes and idiosyncrasies requires giant training sets, only giant companies can afford to make those, and they keep everything in-house.

so no, there's not really anything publicly available; would require some kind of impossibly huge crowd-sourced training effort

File: 1498781730248.jpg (5.33 KB, 300x220, stuff.jpg)


Hello fellow Lains, I know a lot about computers and programming, but yet I lack knowledge in networking and how the Internet works. Do you know any good resources to learn these? I'm thinking about those protocols, netmasks, ports, nat etc.
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Two books get usually recommended, Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach by Kurose & Ross, and Computer Networks by Tanenbaum & Wetherall. I can't comment on them as I've not read them.

What I would recommend is getting some high-level overview of the whole network stack, and then choosing a protocol or maybe application you are interested in, and studying how it works with Wireshark or similar tools. You could even read the specifications and confirm what you read using a network sniffer.


Hosted the 6th edition by the author if you're curious.


seems useless to me to learn Cisco specific things when you want to learn networking and first learning a higher language and then going to lower levels will confuse the fuck out of most people.
It's useless to learn Cisco things unless you are going to work with Cisco devices all day.

for networking : or some online courses or tanenbaum book but beware it's big.
for programming :



CISCO is a hunk of soykaf, and the routers are full of hardware backdoors.

Don't bother with them, CISCO is truly top tier sewerage. Learn the concepts, then learn how to put them in IPTables or linux.


thanks a lot for your answer.

this is breddy good stuff.
will implement it for sure into my learning program.

sure going from a higher level language to a lower level language is more orientated around the idea
to get things started and yourself motivated without
boring the soykaf out of yourself trying to implement some easy soykaf.

the idea is to start coding and while you do finding the middle ground between complexity and effectiveness.
most people wont get assembler but maybe will like to get stuck on c++ as its not as complicated but low-level enough for their requirements.

otherwise they still can fallback to whatever fits their needs as the syntax doesnt change much. just complexity of problem solving increases.

going from low to highlevel has most of the time the effect to not even try after being overhelmed by the amount of work it needs to draw a simple rectangle in assembler.

just my opinion

File: 1498261930955.jpg (49.66 KB, 800x600, d600.jpg)


Hey Lains, I have recently set up a server on which I host my backups now. It's on my local network so it doesn't have direct access to internet. Yet it's kinda dumb that I have a 24/7 server for weekly backups. What do you commonly use a server like that for? Unfortunately mine only has about 50GB of space so I can't use it for torrenting. Pic related (yes I use that soykafty laptop)
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OP here, I tinkered a bit and couldn't get it working, but I contacted my ISP and he is willing to give me an external IP address so I guess i'm set.


Good Old CNAT, I hate CNAT.


File: 1498696278420.jpg (26.04 KB, 400x351, t-bird1a.jpg)

I mostly use my server (15+ year old hardware that I used while in school) for rss feeds (newsbeuter) and IRC. I also host game servers on it on occasion (old stuff that dont require a whole lot of hardware to host) and use it to send files to friends without uploading anywhere (python's built in httpd is great for this purpose btw if you dont want to leave an httpd running 24/7 just for temporary file transfers). I would also be using it as a dns cache but my router does a reasonably good job of that already. Personally I use a single external drive for "cold storage" backups of all of my hardware instead of relying on an entire machine for them. It is unplugged when not in use in order to preserve it as best I can.

I have been considering hosting an old school BBS on my server, but it would take more free time than I have at the moment. I may run a gopher server on it as well one day.



Dunno if this will be what you want but you could set BIOS to wake on LAN and scheduled your weekly backups so its only on for the backup period not 24/7


Thats a good idea actually, thanks.

File: 1493835164917.gif (1.2 MB, 500x400, n4rQ82v.gif)


Where does everyonee get their tech news?

Any mailing lists or blogs that I should check out? Maybe a site like hacker news or soylent?
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>Rainbow-colored techno-optimism can be had anywhere these days, but discussions of really depressing facts are hard to come by.

Indeed, tho teksyn falls closer to that camp…


lwn is one of the best and only FOSS news sites out there. Worth supporting, wish there were more like it.

it's like 70/30 vc trash to actual tech news, enough good stuff to keep me coming back



Thats actually a good channel, thanks fellow cyborg


Normalfags can't stand it if someone stands out even a little, because everyone has to be on board with mainstream culture in their little minds.

Thank god for barriers of entry. You'll notice how as those increase, the quality of discussion does too.

Depending on the time of day news drops El Reg might post a story earlier than Ars. Though they tend to drip feed stories over the day whereas Ars I can check once a day and that's all they'll have to tomorrow.

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