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File: 1494510945496.png (12.03 KB, 949x706, Mutt.png)


What email client do you use Lainons? Do you use webmail, native graphical client, or something in the terminal?

What email service do you use? Or do you host your own?
Kolab Now
Proton Mail

Other questions
How do you deal with GPG encryption? Do you rely on the old school web of trust or do you use
Do you read any mailing lists?
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I've never gotten the draw to Fastmail. The clients aren't open source and the service costs money. Why?



>I've never gotten the draw to Fastmail. The clients aren't open source and the service costs money. Why?

The service costs money so that they don't have to monetize by datamining users' emails (beyond the usual anti-spam measures) and shoving advertising in users' faces.

As for Fastmail-compatible clients not being open source, I think you are grossly misinformed. Everything Fastmail does is standards-compliant. That's kinda their thing. They really really really like sticking with standards. Any open-source client that conforms to those standards works fine with Fastmail. (

Want to sync files? Webdav. Want to sync calendars and contacts? Caldav and carddav (or LDAP for read-only access). Mail sync? IMAP and SMTP. And of course it's all TLS'd. So I'm a little confused as to why you think Fastmail and open-source clients don't work together.


There is neomutt now, which has a lot of improvements:


+1 for Fastmail, it's great.


I like my Posteo account. Although I don't really care for their leftist background, their site is designed well and it's overall a comfy experience. I only use this address with trusted people though.

All the normal person soykaf stays on GMail and some other less trustworthy providers.

File: 1498016398437.png (129.07 KB, 1280x800, Shodan.png)


How likely is your job to be replaced by automation during this century, Lain?

What are your back-up plans? What skills are you learning or what goals are you working towards to this end?

>SEO/Marketing guy

>I'll probably have a job until Google's AI is smart enough to detect and counter every technique in the book
>At least I'm not doing back-breaking manual labor at a factory job that will likely be replaced before that
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File: 1498142830605-0.png (428.32 KB, 590x388, millenials-killing.png)

File: 1498142830605-1.png (20.71 KB, 790x123, Screenshot_2017-06-22_10-3….png)

I feel like a lot of jobs won't be automated out of existence as the demand for their products will cease to exist. The largest generation in the united states right now is also the most fiscally responsible, and least likely to spend money on luxuries. This has caused a ripple effect of sorts as rich people aren't flaunting their wealth as much anymore, according to some headlines. I think that our culture in general is moving towards a more DIY outlook due to long-term economic troubles and uncertainty.


It doesn't surprise me that boomers keep their attack on millenials but the fact that they do it in what should at least try to be serious sources, like Forbes and the NYT


My job would require a pretty solid AI to replace me and I don't think that's likely to happen anytime soon with my particular employer. I'm pretty confident in my ongoing employment.


may we ask what that proffession is, and why its as secure as it is?

I seek not to pry, but for a basic rundown.


Because my job has a high level of human interaction and has a high degree of evaluating variables which are beyond straight forward logic in many instances. It also carries the possibility of deaths should I fail my job. One day, perhaps, when there is a sufficient enough AI that my employer could afford time to use, perhaps but I don't see it happening in my life time.

File: 1494329964541.jpg (395.84 KB, 1200x900, waitwhat.jpg)


>ancient laptop serving as kodi box is dead, no spare hardware

>need cheap way to get some video on the tv

>get roku stick instead of a chromecast or android box, to continue avoiding all things google in personal life

>hmm this autoplaying of video and audio trailers while browsing netflix is really annoying, I wonder if there's anything in the settings that can stop that

>idly flip through all settings options

>wait what's this in network info


>oh, look at the time, it's null-route-that-soykaf o'clock

It really makes one wonder what other networked gadgets have this sort of hard-coded link to Google "eternal data retention" DNS. Fucking Roku.
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Good point,


IoT was a mistake.

It's nothing but trash.


>Default : yes
OP, what are you IP address settings ? Static or dynamic ? You might be catching your DNS settings over DHCP.

Where I'm living, and also everywhere else I guess, every damn modem use the google DNS services for their DHCP services.

It's just a default setting, so you might be able to edit it on the configuration webpage. But most of the time, those values are hard-coded inside the firmware, and thus you won't be able to modify it for soykaf.

If that's the case, the only option left is to completely disable the DHCP service of your modem, and to replace it with a homemade one, hosted on some old laptop laying around, or even better, on a good ol' raspberry-pi (low power consumption, and even smaller size than your actual modem).

Godspeed OP.

Also wtf.
>Name : eth1


File: 1498185712282.jpg (91.49 KB, 640x480, Serial Experiments Lain - ….jpg)

>google DNS services for their DHCP services

Fucking Gross, the DNS is well known as a honeypot.

I wonder if its possible to redirect the DNS to a local DNS server without the google software spazing out?

I know my last android device didn't like it.

>Also wtf.

Some Wireless card present themselves as Ethernet adapters with hubs. Then are controlled over a Serial connection.

This was really early stuff though.


Actually that's how almost all Wireless cards work at the driver level; especially in Windows but also often in Linux.

Which is why when you open up Wireshark you lose all the Layer 2 802.11 information unless you do Shenanigans.

File: 1498111988772.jpg (81.85 KB, 960x891, Stirner_Wojak.jpg)


>Just take a step back and think about it. It’s the heart of the Obama administration, and it seems like much of America has forgotten about the CIA’s habit of torturing potential witnesses and orchestrating assassinations in order to stage coups in other countries. Why not steal some fuarrrking snacks, am I right?

>That’s exactly what this cabal of CIA contractors did, according to a memorandum from the Office of the Inspector General. They hacked into some CIA vending machines and stole some snacks. The operation is admirable not only because of the impressive ingenuity of those involved, but also because of the fact that nobody appears to have been tortured or murdered in the process. Yes, the government lost a few bucks due to the stolen M&Ms, Bounty bars, and possibly a Doritos bag or two. But for the most part, it seems like a largely victimless crime.

How the fuarrrk did they do it Lain?


Sounds like they disconnected the freedompay network termination cables connecting to agency vending machines.


I've heard rumors that they've pulled out the FreedomPay™ network termination cables connecting to agency vending machines.


File: 1498185429952.jpg (33.72 KB, 640x480, Serial Experiments Lain - ….jpg)

Ha! They were bound to be caught, I mean who was going to not notice a few grand in missing snacks?

File: 1496523692346.jpg (140.36 KB, 1099x726, gabe_the_dog_tribute_by_ch….jpg)


Hello, Lain. What study methods to do use to enhance your academic endeavors and promote better retension/comprehension? Does it invole the use of stimulants and/or nootropics? Any nifty little "lifehacks" hiding up your sleeve? Post it all here!

Personally, I prefer to study outside of the house. Although studying in bed is comfortable, your brain is so used to seeing your bed as a place to "relax" that it can subconsciously hinder you from functioning effectively. Being somewhere that screams "time to work!" to your brain is oftentimes an enormous boon. I normally frequent coffee shops when studying (the coffee itself can also be a nice mild stimulant).

If you have trouble concentrating don't be afraid to experiment with stimulants such as adderall. You may very well have an undiagnosed case of ADHD. I have a diagnosed case, and Adderall works wonders for it. I've never tried modafinil or adrafinil, but I've heard they can be great as well not only for ADHD sufferers but also people looking to study more effectively in general. If you're studying for a test it might be to your benefit to also take Adderall/Modafinil before the test.

I prefer to listen to music when I study, without words as the words can be distracting. Ambient stuff, Vaporwave stuff like 2814's Birth Of A New Day, or just recordings of rain/thunder.

In addition, I've gotten mildly positive results from using Spritz/Spritzlet in the past. Give it a go sometime, it just might work wonders for you. And imagine how fucking /cyber/ Spritzlet will be once it can run one Google Glass/other augmented reality headsets.

Link to Spritzlet:
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How does one induce hypomania (like people with Bipolar II sometimes get)?


File: 1497789469558.jpg (141.57 KB, 1000x1500, mind-for-numbers-front.jpg)

This is probably the fitting thread for my question.

Anyone have experience with this course or the book in pic related (the course is based on the book)

If so what are your thoughts on it?


I did the course. It was one of the early sessions, maybe even the first, so it might have changed since. It's mostly videos which I strongly dislike. I think it could have been much better as text, but a 300+ pages book seems to be way too long (I've not read it, though). There were some quizzes but they were really easy. The content itself is decent, but it didn't really change the way I studied back then.

It's short so if you don't mind watching videos you could give it a try, maybe you will find it more useful than I did. You don't have to wait until it actually starts, if you enroll now it lets you watch the videos and do the quizzes.


binge on 3-meo-pcp for a few days that'll do it


this, make sure to take plenty of b12 or you can develop a terrible deficiency.

File: 1496424882091.jpg (251.9 KB, 800x800, Mechanical-keyboard-origin….jpg)


The other keyboard thread seemed focused on individual models of keyboards so I thought it might be appropriate to also have a thread specifically about keyboard switches. I've read that reds are more appropriate for gamers and browns are more appropriate for coders, but I'm not sure that I would agree. The reds seem better suited for faster typists regardless of purpose. What type does lain use?
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Browns will get you a slight clicky feeling without a clicky sound. If you want a linear stroke you should be looking at reds or blacks.


reds do make noise, especially with the tendancy to bottoming out made by their lack of a bump.

Its not as clicky as some, but its not quite queit either.


O-rings can dull most of the bottoming out sound.


I have a keyboard with Kailh green switches that I got very cheaply. (Roughly equivalent to Cherry blue)

It was great, up until yesterday, when the "A" key started acting up - registering double-presses, or nothing at all. I think I need to open it up and clean the contacts.

Anyway, I think that goes to show that there are clearly some QC/longevity issues compared to Cherry switches.


Cherry's testing process is extreme. I'm not even sure the switches are overpriced considering everything they do.

File: 1492410037764.jpg (35.48 KB, 320x320, brainmachine.jpg)


I've been thinking a lot about brain-computer interfaces ever since Elon Musk started backing Neuralink, but I wonder if the technology is actually viable? I mean if the idea is to keep up with AI, wouldn't AI alone still be inherently faster than AI + human? At that point we would be the bandwidth bottleneck. I think BCI is cool, but even so I just don't see how we could possibly compete.
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File: 1497381111553.jpg (321.39 KB, 1280x631, tumblr_oohb5f7zah1qgm6fno1….jpg)

your question is about Humans being able to keep up with A.I. and i think your right, we couldent compete. Also a halfway clever A.I. would find a way to use this to increase processing power.

As much as i want BIC to be a new life norm, i also see where this could go way wrong.

Has any one seen h+ the series on youtube? i never watched the whole thing but in the first 5 minutes some one realeses a virus over the global "brain network" (for lack of a better term) makeing millions of people brain dead.

This is a real danger of humans on a network, what do we do when people get cute with this tech and start to hurt eachother with it? i.e. cryptowall for the brain.

We (the normal user) dont even know exactly how this tech works, what if corparations can makeyou vote, buy or feel the way they might want you to? would we even know?

thought control, and compliance are both a HUGE risk to me.

tl;dr :: nerolink is the last step to 1984's thought police.


i don't mind the idea of BCI per se. I mind the idea of BCI right now, what with the current state of the internet and computers.


This is much better than what i said, maybe one day the Internet of things (and soon the Internet of beings) is made ultimately secure, but as computer users we all know there is no such thing as an "unhackable" system. Every thing can be built can also be broken, and thus broken into.


hell, it's not even the hacking I'm worried about. It's the legal and widespread corporate and state control. They don't need to be sneaky about it, because they're in charge.


The problem your ignoring is that the brain is not the mind, information is processed from the brain to the mind and vis versa but this happens indirectly though a medium between the mind and brain, because physical information(electrical energy) in the brain needs to be turned into mental information(memory, feelings, sensations, thoughts) before it can enter the mind.

So what we need is not brain computer interfaces because that would be inefficient since the computer is forced to talk to the mind through a imperfect middle man i.e the human brain but a computer that replaces the imperfect brain and can better interface with the mind itself.

File: 1494724244840.jpg (103.18 KB, 1280x960, Winnie-the-Pooh-and-the-Bl….jpg)


Anyone know of any good Gopher Servers?

I remember using it early on, its really archaic now, but still runs on nothing more than hopes and dreams.

Thoughts Lains?


Start here


but I'm pretty sure you already know it

File: 1496731111052.jpg (142.72 KB, 544x536,


I don't know if I should invest and buy some Ripple or buy some Siacoin for use in their very cheap and revolutionary cloud system



Fuck eipple id get sia but i like storj more than sia and filecoin 2 is coming and its made by the dude who made ipfs



Yes but Ripple will grow a lot soon, I think.

Thanks for sharing Storj and Filecoin2, I didn't know those alternative.


iirc, StroJ was rebasing on top of Ethereum instead of Counterparty.

File: 1496380794763.jpg (23.09 KB, 240x330, computer.jpg)


This thread is about CPUs, the CPU market and news and upcoming launches to do with CPUs and other relevant products like chipsets and motherboards. While Lainons usually tend to enjoy vintage and serviceable hardware from the near or recent past, I'm sure I'm not the only one that likes flashy stuff once in a while.

I'm just gonna lay some ground rules here: I ask that in this thread there is no fanboyism or brewing soykaf, and all posts and recommendations in this thread are made with rationality and consideration. Example of a sweetpost versus a soykafpost: "I think that Skylake-X is dead on arrival. The Skylake-X six-core is heavily undercut by AMD's least expensive Ryzen eight-core, the 1700, while the Skylake-X eight-core is far more expensive than the 1800X. Furthermore, the fact that Intel uses mayonnaise rather than solder for thermal paste and the puny ringbus in contrast to Infinity Fabric means that the chips will run hot, have less overclocking headroom, and not scale well to greater numbers of cores." as opposed to "BASED INTEL AYYMD FINISHED AND BANKRUPT".

To start us off: Skylake/Kaby Lake-X vs Ryzen and Threadripper, and the new Epyc server chips.

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