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File: 1554774906485.jpg (230.54 KB, 850x1222, __cuderia_von_feuerbach_an….jpg)


Where do you draw the line between science and pseudo-science? With polar extremes like "Astrology" and Chemistry, most people are in agreeance with which side of the fence they lie on, but psychology is less clear. If science is the study of natural phenomena through controlled and reproducible means of evidence gathering and model building, there's a lot of wiggle room. Does string theory count as "real science"? Even within the realm of theoretical physics, it's shaky in how more and more is added to the model to justify itself(i'm not knowledgeable on it, but I know a mathematician who's skeptical), which is like coming to a conclusion first before gathering any evidence.

Even if evidence is gathered in a rigorous setting, there's a tendency for scientists to find results they were looking for. One published paper on psychic phenomena had plenty of empirical evidence backing up that was collected with rigorous procedures.


I am generally skeptical as we all should be. You should be able to understand a study before you put weight in it's result.

It's not "coming to a conclusion first before gathering any evidence" as long as you don't state as fact things that have no evidence. After all, in order to have evidence, you need a falsifiable premise.
People still design experiments to put these ideas to the test though, like the recent results from LIGO and CERN.
Also, it's not like we have no evidence for such things. things like string theory try to simplify the laws we already know into a consistent theory.

>I know a mathematician who's skeptical

it's good to be skepitical; so is every scientist who's worth half their weight in salt.
>Does string theory count as "real science"?
That depends on why you are creating a term "real science".
If you mean to ask if it's a useful line of inquiry, then i would say probably so.
If you mean to ask if it's been shown to have any real-world implications, then i don't know.


It's actually pretty easy to tell them apart, put the word "applied" in front of it. What do you think applied astrology entails? You are a salesmen for useless soykaf that's what.


Applied Marxism-Leninism.


File: 1554837881519.gif (356.75 KB, 584x893, EE8A949D-2876-4FDC-94CE-7B….gif)

>as long as you don't state as fact things that have no evidence
Science isn't entirely made up of facts. Gravity isn't a "fact". Nearly everything in science is capable of being disproven.
>string theory try to simplify the laws we already know into a consistent theory.
Adding 10+ dimensions to make something work mathematically doesn't seem like simplifying to me. Quantum physics is "harder" than theoretical physics and there's a lot less reason to be skeptical of the existence of subatomic particles than strings.
>That depends on why you are creating a term "real science".
I'm asking what other people think. If you don't think there's a correct answer, that's an answer in itself.
Lots of science only became applicable far after being conceived(Charles Babbage). Does it only become real science after that point? Psychology can be applied and astrology can too(fortune telling or something).

File: 1554670436208.png (1.83 KB, 291x173, download.png)


I need to view more mysterious and cyberpunk websites. If you have any please leave them in the comments.



Some of these will require webarchive to view.

File: 1553229635834.jpg (45.78 KB, 592x444, z80_ti-82.jpg)


So I have a Texas Instruments TI-82 graphing calculator I picked up at the 'thrift a few months ago as a spare. I decided to crack it open today to see what was inside. I knew most TI graphing calculators had a z80, but I thought they were tied up in custom silicon. Lo and behold, there was a bog-standard z80 sitting there with its entire bus exposed. This is just begging to be hacked. Would something like
be a good idea?
Thanks Alice.

Image source from ifixit.

Datasheet for z80 chip


TI-82 has 32KB of memory. If you want to put a new OS on there, it's going to have to be bespoke.


That's a lot more than most consumer z80 systems.


Great, but portability requires a lot of expensive abstractions.

File: 1554491055170.png (1.13 MB, 1280x720, logo2.png)


Hai fren! I made a new tor board called VileChan, please come over because it would make me happy.

plz no delete, it is tech related because it is a website so plz no delete, i need usors ver bad!

File: 1553613972590.jpg (93.11 KB, 1369x1200, zzlogo.jpg)


I was just checking on the state of Ted Nelson's ZigZag software a day or two ago, and on Wikipedia a citation directed me to the Google page on it. This page contains the claim "2019-03-26 · Application status is Expired - Lifetime", which checking now seems to be today. I don't have those law abilities that would let me verify this, but that would be very interesting!

Regardless, this reminds me that I ought to describe an idea for an imageboard that uses a zzstructure to organize posts/threads, which I'll try to do later today. Any other potential uses of the data structure you're looking forward to taking advantage of? Feel free to also mention other expired or soon-to-expire patents that seem interesting.


Update:When I saw this it seemed to be earlier than I expected, and looking at the USTPO site, it seems that Google's claim is based on the PCT Pub. Date:, not the filing date. I have no idea if I can trust that or not, but I guess either way it's probably not to early for me to start writing notes on what I'd like to do when I know it's expired for sure.

File: 1552730747630.jpg (65.92 KB, 768x768, 1552729915311.jpg)


A curated list of awesome warez and piracy links

Telegram Piracy

Telegram group A modest group of 400+ pirates chatting on Telegram.
@itorrentsearchbot Search bot for finding torrent and magnet links on by keyword search
@vkmusic_bot Find and download pretty much any song
@RickyChristanto Channel for movie releases, usually from YTS in MKV format.
@iMediaShare channel Movies, TV shows, apps, and more
@movies_inc Another Telegram channel for downloading movies
@Qualitymovies Lots of 720p Blu-Ray movie releases
@MusicHuntersBot Another music downloader bot
@DeezerMusicBot Music bot which downloads tracks from Deezer
@SMLoadrCommunity Telegram community for SMLoadr


oh this 'awesome piracy' compilation is just perfect, thanks a lot


If only You could ditch that last git something something link, We wouldn't have a reason to get out of our cossy telegram bubble. Btw, … forget it, I'll better hit You up on telegram, though.


I don't know why anyone would post something on Github when they can lock it away behind a pretend privacy service.

File: 1551657907085.jpg (24.81 KB, 425x368, 51unxKA5s7L._SX425_.jpg)


so a while ago I got an EV3 lego Mindstorm brick. Its main use is programming it and making it do different things with the 8 ports on it. I want to make it run some sort of Linux distro. how would I do about doing this and what os can I put on it?


That is a pretty neat project you are trying. I would find out what internal tech is actually in there. Verify if it is anything more than an AVR or SMT soykaf.


Just a quick google and
I think the ev3 already uses linux, but I don't see any sourcefiles from a quick google search.

File: 1493143357460.webm (23.77 MB, 1280x720, Biohacking - DIY Transhum….webm)


Hello, Lains! In this thread we will discuss the art of biohacking. From neodymium implants up to anything else you can imagine, build, and shove inside of you, all is welcome here.

Nerves are fundamentally electric things, and electric devices can set off nerves in order to extend your range of sensory perception. Thus, the human body is your oyster.

.webm definitely related, give it a watch. It explains a lot of the basics of and philosophy behind biohacking/grinding.
10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


…you into a cyborg who can instantly feel magnets isn't the greatest idea it's the first step… *


Has anyone ever heard of the idea of nanomachines allowing one to interface with systems? Wouldn't that allow you to realize your potential in system space while still being alive in this world?



I want to make a microchiped tooth implant. An artificial tooth in place of a molar I've already had removed. It would use vibrations rather than microphones. And it would have a more secure wireless protocol, but work like bluetooth being a short proximity network. And if it can be charged from body heat then that would be great. otherwise I would need some wireless charging method that could be in my pillow or a head set style charge interface. It would be able to act as an independent phone or sync up to any phone or mobile computer. You would be able to use voice commands and perhaps have a more silent hum pattern to activate an emergency beacon. Also for audio feedback you would have an implant in the ear or perhaps a piercing.


Looking forward to never getting an MRI done again.

Actually though, after doing some research, even large companies are having problems making compatible pacemakers and such. Seems like something to worry about unless we want to cross MRI off of our list of medical treatments.

File: 1523722472589.png (74.37 KB, 827x595, PyBitmessage.png)


Bitmessage is a distributed messaging system that uses proof of work to mitigate spam. Messages are published to a rolling blockchain which drops old messages after a set amount of time. Chans are shared addresses which participants listen to and send with so that they are anonymous. Join the "lain" chan (no quotes).
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Bitmessage is compromised.
Why is it being pushed as of late? No rational person will fall for it.
A simple double-check will nullify the honeypot, which I hope most carry out before installing any software.


>Bitmessage is compromised.
No it's not.




I tried using it. Since I don't have anyone to use it with, I use it for bitboard which does have a spam problem. Basically on every public bitboard messaging site, you have some glitterboy spamming four word sentences and other nonsense to the point no one uses bitboard.


There was a remote code execution vulnerability last year[1] but I think that was plain incompetence. Python is a language designed for people who can't code so it's not really a surprise when people who can't code end up using it.


File: 1522276571006.gif (998.38 KB, 500x281, Rolling_dice.gif)


Does Alice know any interesting methods to get RNG?
I have been really interested in experimenting with RNG based on different types of input like a live cam or microphone and taking that to generate randomness, has something like it been done before?


While by no means a prng expert, I can point you to a few places you might find interesting:


If you want to learn about rng, I would point here first. Really impressive libre true random number generator. Impressive at least to someone like me who knows little about it. One day I plan to really disect this project; I just have so much to learn.


Something more of a reference to rng-related topics rather than a learning resource. Still though, you may find it interesting.


A wikipedia page on what I know is one method of generating pseudo random numbers.

Sorry I don't know more about rng, I find it a really really interesting topic despite not knowing a lot about it. Please update the thread with other resources / sites you find!



Whoops, word filter mangled my url


You can buy 30USD geiger counters that stream byte flows on AliExpress, I use a modified version of one for my random numbers, it works surprisingly well. Definitely a fun project to look into if you are seriously interested in true RNG, background radiation is one of the best entropy sources.


you can use those cheap chiner RTL-SDR dongles to generate random numbers from air static

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