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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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Gonna try again. What is the likely hood that the world is run by s secret group? If so, why do conspiracy theorists freak out so much? If we are already ruled by a bunch of reptilians or whatever then we're probably already screwed. I don't expect humanity to be able to fight back. What do you think the end goal of the Illuminati or reptilians would be? Do you think that they're just messing with humanity for the fun of it?


I don't think there's one unified secret society running the planet, but many different ones that often compete with each other.



I believe that there is a "Secret society". There is a lot of evidence that such group existed in the past, the chance that such group still exist today is really high. The internet is also the perfect place to hide yourself from the people.


I think there are secret societies who run the world, but all the mystery, occult rituals etc. are mostly just so they can feel important and cool. In reality the reason their social clubs have so much power is simple: they are filthy fucking rich, and all their friends are filthy fucking rich.



I recommend you reading about the secret socity about the eye really interesting.


yeah, we call them "coalitions" and right now they're fighting over the middle east


There is an authority or group thereof, that's clear. They necessarily have an agenda which they keep from the rest of mankind, and they use different methods of persuasion and deceipt to keep the mechanisms that keep them on top, namely the banking system, academia, governments, etc.
It is obvious by the fact that in modernday ""democracy"" is considered, at least in the west, to be THE political model, even though there could be hundreds in it's place, yet we are given the perception that it's either this or either absolutism or pure chaos (which they dub 'anarchy' for some reason). We are told that we would rather have this than an authoritarian state, yet the state is authoritarian by definition.
As for the "secret group" part, power itself is mafia, also by definition. And to climb that social ladder one has to prove to be corrupt, that is, the initiation into the higher spheres is to corrupt yourself and in the process forget your "ideals" to satisfy your own desires without constraint or self-restraint.


File: 1509305005934.jpg (171.83 KB, 1241x1022, liberty_leading_the_people….jpg)

I more or less agree with >>191
But people who are rich but not absolutely incompetent tend to despise money as an end, which is why spirituality group and religious sects recruit a lot among the upper circles of society. You have your philosopher king, your freemasons writer, your mutazili caliph, your marxist industrialist.

Now they are not really "secret" but you also have the nutjob Christians who want to fuck up the Middle East to summon the Christ. And the nutjob Muslims who want to fuck up the Middle East to summon the Christ.


I think the end goal for these secret society is, as most conspiracies note, a one world government. The goal of this one world government is to usher in the antichrist as the world leader. In essence I think the secret societies are satanic in nature (evident by the many accusations of human sacrifice / pedophilia that occurs within these circles).
I agree humanity cannot escape it's fate, the Bible makes it clear that in the end times the antichrist will rule for 7 years before Jesus casts him and satan into the lake of fire, this time period known as the tribulation.
Thus it has become apparent to me that one must accept Jesus as one's lord and savior to avoid the evil that will come by way of rapture. The bible says all anyone needs to do is believe in Jesus Christ as one's lord and savior to be saved (Acts 16:30-31).




>to be THE political model, even though there could be hundreds in it's place

Call your state a kingdom, an empire, a republic, make your flag red, blue, or both, in the end it doesn't change much.
The USSR authoritarianism was just the authoritarianism of Tsarism.
Democracy is just a market economy oriented, light bureaucratic regime controlled by check and balances and international treaties bonding the state and giving rights to the people. From that regard, what defines the political regime of a state is if it is integrated or not into the liberal Western international system, and thus controlled by these treaties. The era of isolated states and legal alchemy is well behind us.


yeah, those lucky Japanese Americans in 1942 were glad to have their "protected, inalienable rights" I'm sure.


First, international law really got off after WW2 so your counter-example is a bit weak.
Second, internment camps would lead today to an international uproar and the USA can't do as they please without losing a tremendous amount of power in our interdependent world – a fact that really riles Trump.
Third, I'd rather be a Japanese in imperfect 1942 America than a Chinese in imperial 1942 Japan.

Now, of course the US and Western Europe don't hold up to their obnoxiously proclaimed standards, lies and crude propaganda are ingrained in the sociopolitical structure of this part of the world since centuries, only Arab nationalists got more shameless than that. But at least there WERE standards proclaimed by the people of the West and forced against their own states and churches.
That the State and its "politician" leeches, faithful to their nature, constantly make up excuses or "emergency" pretexts to brush them away does not mean they don't exist. It means they have to be used against them by using the legal levers you still have.


File: 1510701811964.jpg (23.22 KB, 540x362, 1509894632113.jpg)

Only problem here is the fact that the pope selects the leader of the NWO and if he's wrong they become the anti christ
>behold a pale horse

But for real about secret societies
There definitely are:
>Skull & bones
>Trilateral Commision
>Majesty 12
Now even though all of these may not exist lots of them do.

What is their goal:
This is pretty easy for most of the ones we know Skull & Bones are a bunch of Yale frat boys. But after they graduate I assume they do soykaf like nepotism and increase their own wealth. Stuff like:
>Hey Rex Cowdry it's the dude from blackstone group we need you to boost sales of this drug. Make the disease it treats a big plan for the government.

>Hey President Bush it Cowdry I need you to mention this disease in a speech the one dude from blackstone needs us to do this for him.

Now Bush can claim he focused on mental health Cowdry gets some sort of kickback in return and blackstone makes a ton of money off the drug.

Also I don't even think it needs to be secret society's Who do you think controls the world to a village in china. The guy who owns the coca-cola bottling plant. If he want's to siphon off all the water in town no one can really stop him.

At this point I don't think they will try to form a major coup or rock the boat too much. Try to place their pawns in developing countries so they can control it from secret. But at this point they make more money on the status quo and control us enough for them.

I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility for the illuminati or some other world controllers existing but I don't think they're plan is as sinister as the end of the world and more about how to make willing slaves of the people.

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