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File: 1492444655132.png (1.37 MB, 1237x818, Williams2-speedchange.png)

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Glitch art thread. I'll start.
Exporting raws to audacity and using different effects on segments of the data in a pattern makes the colors spread out nicely.
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File: 1554568029924.gif (315.41 KB, 900x600, EirKeirei-lb.gif)

Low tier phone editing but it looks aesthetic enough.

When a cintiq falls out of nowhere it'll get better.


File: 1554615955066.png (682.33 KB, 989x557, mayaCans02.png)

Thanks for teaching me how to databend images, had to look that up.

Here's a 3D render I made a while ago, had to try to distort it.


An exercise in exploiting out-of-range values and JPEG decoder differences to make files that appear differently depending on the viewer used.

process used to generate:


I tried multiple times to upload the image, but it doesn't seem to work here.


File: 1565397474934.jpg (744.32 KB, 1094x821, cicada.jpg)

used a text editor, some random sites (64yourself, bitmap sorter) and gimp to mash things up

File: 1560818760839.jpg (1.26 MB, 4608x3072, pen2.jpg)


Because who doesn't love stationary?

Anyway, share your stationary collections/daily go to's, recommendations, or feel free to ask any questions.

Don't know where to start?

What's your favorite pen(or ink)/What pen(or ink) is your daily go ?
Do you use mechanical pencils? Why or why not?
Do you use fountain pens? Why or why not?
Are traditional writing tools ever going to completely evolve in the future?
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This is top secret cognoscenti intel, so don't go telling your friends, but the Alvin Draft Pencil 10mm is the absolute best pencil in the world, hands down.


I meant pt. 9mm. Not sure what I was thinking


.9mm. Fuck


I try to define notebooks related to topics (say: computers, cooking, other hobbies) that matter to me, and try to put organized notes about what I learn and do in relation to this topic.

to the op:
I typically use fountain pens. Got used to them in school and just havent quit. Generally use medium nibs but have been getting curious to try some good fine nibs eventually.

As a kid I preffered blank paper for everything, and I think I still sometimes do. But lately have been drifting more to lined for some purposes that are rather text heavy.


How do I stay organized enough to use stationary? I take a lot of notes, but I always just use cheap pens and little spiral notebooks and scribble quick sketches and ideas and the like.

File: 1563407464617.jpg (6.19 KB, 246x205, images.jpg)


Do you like this


yea :3 but can we get something more hi-rez please


p good

File: 1534854837227.jpg (87 KB, 1200x669, 1527877737_1.jpg)


This vidya seems to be the /cyb/est soykaf going around this year. Not only that, the game itself is a consumer product.

I absolutely love it.
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> It's postmodernist
As opposed to what alternative? Unless you have invented a time machine.


What does schizophrenia feel like? I always wondered but there's no easy way to try.

Can you elaborate why? In my view, cyberpunk is about big scary corporations where 150+ IQ lab-coat people completely kept in check by the corp/govt create AI, with optional robot, cyborg, etc body. They are aware sometimes aware of the long-term effect on society but can't really/are not allowed to do anything about it. The gruff lowlife survivor or Deckart Kusanagi cop are just the Hollywood Action(tm) to make the book/movie easy to sell for simple-minded audiences. Everything interesting ever is brought to the table by the corp/govt and mistakes in their production.

I'd also argue that anyone who defends/protects anything blindly doesn't belong here, because they stopped thinking the moment they chose any value/side.


>because they stopped thinking the moment they chose any value/side.

Radical centrism is really silly.
>I can't pick a side, becuz wut about dat other side?

Woah how zen you are dude. The problem with this attitude is that it often means picking no side, which often means you do nothing for either side or any side, which ends with you doing nothing but being a normal person. You go so radical that you come back around to normal person when you have this attitude.


It's literally just a civil rights movement metaphor. Really dunno how much this soykaf counts as /cyb/, or if it even counts at all.


You can have radical beliefs while rejecting labels, especially the ones made by others, instead of embracing them. Anyone who identifies as a dem/repub or feminist or "alt-right", or communist or whatever the fuck else is a useful idiot at best.

File: 1492593918768.jpg (2.74 MB, 5198x3462, IMG_7843.jpg)


Any other lainons do photography for fun/profit? What 'genre' do you love to photograph the most?
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i love this <3


File: 1558556089539.jpg (747.24 KB, 1700x1109, 07960R2-R01-025.Jpg)




File: 1562267110712.jpg (1.91 MB, 6000x4000, dfghjklm.jpg)

Looks like I tried to upload a file that was a bit too large
Here's a smaller version

File: 1505915592609.jpg (53.26 KB, 955x600, csm_19074706_1015543914229….jpg)


From tagging to stencilling. From bathroom-stall poetry to intricate layered murals. Post all your cool graffiti/street-art pics/tips/tricks here.

Helpful Links:

Find your local legal spots here:
> Crimes is a goldmine, sample with an essay on the culture and politics of graffiti art:
Pretty intensive graff forum still kicking today:

It's usually best to purchase graffiti tools/sprays locally, though I will list international online outlets if there are any prominent recommendations

Contemporary graffiti can be called crude, crass and more often than not has been deemed as having no artistic merit, and though in a lot of cases that may be true, as a counter culture; stemming from Hip-Hop's revolutionary aesthetics, it offers a pretty open view into the mind of the urban hivemind and the movements contained within. Want to know just what these artists think of these critics? Hit up your local alleyways or bathroom stalls.

It's pretty easy to see that the illegality of such art on both private and public property contributes very much to the image of the artform as a whole. The roots of graffiti are deeply entrenched in commentaries on censorship and commercialization, so for as long as it's illegal and seen as it generally is today, this urban culture will keep on kicking.

Yes, graffiti is pretty much illegal everywhere and I personally would not advocate you tag up your local hotspots "Just because everyone else does it there". Check out the helpful links above for locations of 'Free Walls', walls set up by local councils/governments for graffiti artists to test their skills legally, and usually in places where you won't be disturbed. That or you can scan for street exhibitions in your areas. Call it pussified, call it faux-graffiti but it's better than being nailed by the cops and doing real time. (Yes, thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ive seen a lot of graffiti in places that is (imho) tasteful. most of its not tagging, not all of its easily traced to a identity the way tagging is. little stencils based on the surroundings. A poem scrawled in a corner, or written large on the wall. Whatever you want. Plenty of stuff to do.


I think tagging is pretty cringe, it is a weird competitive sport like thing. I would much rather scribble inanely or write gibberish than write my nickname 50 times in a row. Seems really cringe.



i think it's not only cringe but straight vandalism. i've seen very nice graffities and even mid-tier ones can make a wall look better but tags make them look like some ghetto soykafhole. I've done it once in my life when i was very drunk and i deeply regret it.


Reminds me of dogs pissing to mark their territory. Some of it is even more close to that analog as it is gang related. I prefer to see random stuff that makes people stop and say 'wtf' or just something really pretty, or funny.

…but it's legally still vandalism whether it's pretty or not.


File: 1561984078853.png (92.68 KB, 975x722, holy_soykaf.png)

Okay, what the fuck are these resell prices. I've been looking too, but can't find a scan/ePub of it sadly.

File: 1555482730190.jpg (955.77 KB, 3865x2439,


After the fire at the Notre-Dame I kept seeing people claiming that it was a tragedy that can never be undone, that something was forever lost. I might understand if it was a painting or something, where it is known to be the original work of a master, but even paintings go under restoration. Before the fire the Notre-Dame was undergoing renovation and during its existence it was badly damaged and partially rebuilt multiple times, sometimes the original design was even modified. It was built by thousand craftsmen and workers, many of whose work has be replaced during the renovations, but nobody was protesting that. What we consider its main defining point, its architecture, is immaterial, it could be rebuilt anywhere in the world, what would the difference be? Why all the fuss?
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they can't appreciante beauty because they dont like goth architecture?


What makes Gothic architecture beautiful?


File: 1555616075930.png (1.47 MB, 800x1120, __original_drawn_by_r_s_r_….png)

Meticulous intracacy, harmonious use of colors, imposingness and gradeur. Just having a lot of detail doesn't make something good. A clusterfuck with no rhyme of reason to it is ugly. Buildings in the gothic style are very symetrical and geometric, a lot of thought clearly went into everything. They look like they took blood sweat and tears to make. They feel elegant and powerful at the same time. What is there not to like?


In addition to all that, this architecture also carries the wonder of achievement in structural engineering from a time when the field was barely emergent and the mathematics behind it was unknown.


File: 1556712452564-0.jpg (321.64 KB, 1024x1024, 41885120942_b73ec84d9d_b.jpg)

File: 1556712452564-1.jpg (395.35 KB, 2048x1365, ct-xpm-2013-09-01-ct-met-k….jpg)

Gothic cathedrals were the eyesores of their time (and still are); when first erected during the medieval period they often received complaints similar to the ones modernist architecture receives today. The sheer contrast between these looming structures reflected this "heaven on earth" mentality that stood out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of whichever city they were situated in. Why? Because they were seats of power. Much of the reverence surrounding them never existed until mostly bourgeois, neoclassical architects brought about their revival in the 18th and 19th centuries. By the time architects starting applying the gothic style of ornamentation to skyscrapers, things had already come full circle, and many modernists rejected the gothic.

File: 1548264113962.jpg (204.5 KB, 1920x1080, ashes-of-creation-11.jpg)


What is Arisu's creative process, from the spark of inspiration to the final finished product? What determines if something gets done or not? How does Arisu find inspiration? How does Arisu work through a creative block?
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>What is Arisu's creative process, from the spark of inspiration to the final finished product?
Depends on the product at hand. Some things require planning, some are aided by it. Some dont. Typically I have an idea, or a need, and just resolve it. Sometimes I take something any play with it untill it becomes beautiful. Sometimes I try to fix something for hours and then simply turn it into a small element of another larger project later.

>What determines if something gets done or not?

It gets done.

>How does Arisu find inspiration?

I dont seek inspiration. It presents itself through the world. I dont think its inspiration if I had to hunt it down and catch it.

>How does Arisu work through a creative block?

This has never been a problem I've encountered.


File: 1548581690560.jpg (37.57 KB, 500x281, 1338234363289.jpg)

>What is Arisu's creative process, from the spark of inspiration to the final finished product?
One piece at the time, take it easy. That piece can be added at anytime. Always keep a physical notebook and a pen on you.

>What determines if something gets done or not?

I immediately throw away projects that don't get done or fuse the best parts to another project in the making.

>How does Arisu find inspiration?

Look at the world, look at the people you can understand, cast your petty morality aside and try to figure out people you don't understand. Also chill and look at nature.

>How does Arisu work through a creative block?

Creative blocks are not real, it's a 3deep5u excuse for not admitting that empty slogan you were repeating every day had no. Also an excuse not to work. If you look at the world around you and work around well-fleshed thematics, you will never be convinced you suffer from "creative blocks".


> What is Arisu's creative process, from the spark of inspiration to the final finished product?
Hammer out a first draft, in pieces, not in the proper order. Piece them together like puzzle pieces. Stare at them for weeks making adjustment after adjustment, redo entire sections as necessary. Suddenly realize there are threads connecting the lot that I never intended, then work on weaving those threads together more intentionally.

> What determines if something gets done or not?

It's done when I can't imagine changing it any further.

> How does Arisu find inspiration?

Mostly from media other than the kind I'm working in for whatever reason.

> How does Arisu work through a creative block?

Do something else for a little while and try not to actively think about the project during that time.


> I'll start and get a ton of planning done one day, and I'll never come back to it for the next several months.

I divide up my development into 3 phases: Planning, Staging, and Execution.

Planning is getting the framework/ outline of the project all typed out or otherwise recorded. For most of my stuff it is a very simple 1 page outline.

Staging is getting all of the materials together and preparing the space, either in meat or cyber. ie, cleaning/ organizing the garage, or making necessary templates/ project files. Many of the staging activities can actually be considered as "starting".

Execution is the part we all dread so much, and is very difficult to bring ourselves to do. All of the earlier steps serve to make Execution straightforward (through staging) and clearly defined (as through planning). For some of the larger projects, you can even break Execution out into its own sub-phases. Phases do not have to be equal length time-wise, they can be broken up by similar activities, ie. D1-5 lay brick and mortar, D6-7 paint wall, D8 de-stage/ cleanup.

As you can see in the exampe, I have broken out the planning in terms of days. With such busy lives, we oftentimes cannot dedicate entire days (8+ hrs) to a single task. Many times when I will be tired from work/family, I will treat my "project days" as 4 hour windows. For these project days, I normally allocate 2.5 hrs/ 150 min in the morning, before making breakfast, and another 2 hours in the afternoon/ evening, after dinner. I have a strong preference for the morning section, as my mind is usually much clearer after sleep.

Finally, dont take my word for any of this, see what works best for you. Try new things out, mix it up, take small steps, take large steps, do whatever you can to continue experimenting. You can always build momentum, one thought after the next.


Yes, so staging, actually moving things around so you can take-off easier certainly helps get you out the door and on your way.

I would like to add what I consider an "outline" to be, and how to make one.

An outline is a simple way of organizing a complex idea. Taking a multi-faceted concept and laying it "flat", so that it is easy to see the different components that go into it. The basic formula for my more tangible projects is as follows:
title, then budget and time constraints
I. Part 1
–sub-subpart or,
–sub-subpart, notes notes notes

II. Part 2
–sub-subpart, notes notes notes

Thats it! For larger projects, you can make that Phase 1, and add other outlines for Phase 2,3 and so-forth. You can also make a Phase 0, in case you need to organize stuff that would come before the Execution.

Here is a rough little example outline (with annotations)

Motorcycle restoration (title)

Project goals and constraints/scope (budget, both fiscal and temporal, with contingencies)
Goal: To restore an old bike that I can take into the city, or anywhere I damn-well please.
Scope: I plan to spend up to 2000 dollars, 1000 for the bike
1000 for the restoration
Unused bike money can be rolled over to restoration money.
200 extra dollars can be allotted to bike money if a good enough deal presents itself. Likewise, 500 extra dollars can be allotted if the project threatens to stall-out due to cost overruns.
The project will be allowed 8 weeks to complete, starting Monday, April 1st, and ending Sunday, May 26. There are no allottments for time overruns, if you cant get it done with the help of memorial day weekend you're fucked.

I. Sourcing the bike
-Family/ friends
–Call family
—-uncle bob
—-cousin steve
–Call friends
—-jakes grandpa is a moto-nut, call jake and have him ask his grandpa if he has anything laying around
—-chris is a moto-nut as well, call him and see if he can sprout any more leads from his own friends if he himself is not sitting on anything
—-jess has a family full of motocross junkies, hit her up and see if they have any stuff laying around, or know anyone who does
–get phone numbers, or otherwise cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1505216091672.jpg (746.03 KB, 3264x2448, OANtEbP.jpg)


share your best
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File: 1517783036932.jpg (324.61 KB, 6000x3376, cvccv.jpg)


File: 1519946779246.jpg (32.85 KB, 320x320, 1503805342740.jpg)

>Those digits


these are great


File: 1548613440147.jpg (253.11 KB, 1709x958, 17881511899d00ac.jpg)


bsod shopping mall, what a sight to behold

File: 1504058235918.png (308.94 KB, 1366x768, krita.png)


What drawing software do you use? I've been using Krita because it runs fairly smoothly, and seems to work well with i3 compared to Gimp. I'm still not a very competent artist, so being able to pull up a reference image is nice.
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did you ever help him learn? makes me feel kinda sad picturing this old man trying to learn software and asking a youngin for help and getting laughed at


I use photoshop cc 2015. I want to switch to something else but I can't, its so handy


File: 1538832415989.jpg (22.44 KB, 474x632,

you didn't laugh in his face, right?
only when you saw the texts, right?


I use Clip Studio Paint, its pretty good for making line art, and has dedicated manga stuff, and 3d models for help with perspective.


The refference image thats from Krita 3.1
It was removed in the future vers and it won't come back due to having problems.

first post for 33
I use Krita 4.1.5 since Krita 4's Pen Making tool is pretty neet and solid.
I like the stablizer that comes with it.
Usually it takes alot of time to configure Krita until its to the point of using.
Also pixelart brush is the best part of all.

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