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File: 1549558247254.jpg (188.52 KB, 980x653, 1547203683363.jpg)


Hello Alice, I'm very interested in startups and startup forming. I know some people were interested in doing a LainCorp in another thread but that seemed to be more of a consulting-type company that people just work together collectively on consulting projects that come their way. So I thought I would make a thread about starting/funding startups in general.

Me Personally:
I've helped friends start/form several projects in various different ways, I've helped people do pitches to investors, write business plans and other documentation, worked on minimum viable products, etc. A few of the projects I helped along actually got pitched to investors and a few of them got funded.

If Alice has any ideas I'd be interested to help work on cool projects with cool people.


I would personally be into working on a project like this, can you say more about what you have in mind?

File: 1513569739293.jpg (166.2 KB, 1000x708, 1511634439943.jpg)


Hey guys long time lurker. I used to post on lainchan before appleman123 bought and I used to contribute code to some of your guys repos and attend that IRC that you guys had on lain.

I work as a eCommerce specialist, I list, edit, maintain, sell, make the images for the products, Buy and sell products on every single mainstream eCommerce platform. (amazon, ebay, Rakuten, etc.) I am good at listing products and I know how strategically do price changes for my products. Personally I feel like I am lacking the creative writing. Sometimes I forget how to sell a product through text. My mind just goes blank. I am very energetic and persuasive in person but my mind seems to wander when I have to put it into words. How can I improve?

Thanks I love you all. You guys helped me get a good deal on a thinkpad a few years back and I haven't forgot about it.


You already put it into words when you sell in person, so that's likely not your problem. A semi educated guess is that you might have a problem with the blank field in the description, you gotta know how to format it so as to convey all the information in a way describes the product in a way that people might find meaningful and useful. This is not always an easy task, and a text is composed by an introduction (often the hardest part) and a description of the product + additional comments or info. You want to have all the specs on the product in a clear way that stands out so people can find it quick. That's what I can say about your issue.
Stay awesome.



I'd recommend maybe he try not typing but instead recording himself talking about the product, and then later using that as the foundation when he is having a hard time with a draft.


Heres a little format that I normally stay close to when listing:

[Title of listing, according to however you like to list]

[Intro (Today I/We are selling a brand new/slightly used XYZ)]
[Short history (My neighbor Greg Adams used this for about a year, forgot about it then I stole it out of his shed in the middle of a rainstorm, It was upgraded by me a few months ago, according to schematics found at]

[last 3 digits of serial, preceded by omitted digits replaced by either asterisks, "*" or cross marks "x", "X")]
[official summary from manufacturer]

[link to whitepapers
[trimmed specs from manufacturer]

[Fun facts and interesting tidbits]
I usually like to add these in as a little treat for souls depraved enough to make it to the bottom of these kinds of listings.

[plug yourself at the very bottom]
short description about what the account is about, what you usually can be found selling, how long youve been operating on the site, where you ship from and to, terms of sale, boilerplate stuff.


Thats about it, what you see above is my off-the-cuff format for most of my product listings. If any lainon has anything else to add, I welcome any and all thoughts on my example, what it did well, how it could be improved, or rearranged even.

Cheers OP, I hope we can all stand to learn something alongside everyone else in this thread.

File: 1520226487273.jpg (2.53 MB, 2048x1366, hlm.jpg)


Anyone here run any businesses/websites? What do you do? How profitable are you?

When the future makes cyberpunk reality do you really want to be an impoverished street-groveller or Zaibatsu CEO oppressing nerds left and right?
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Are you going to have child brides like the demonic NIPPONESE ZAIBATZU CEOS HAVE??


> it is nice to work for yourself on a project you feel passionately about.
It's a temporary state. I've heard a phrase: if you want to get rid of a hobby then make it your job.



I think that mostly applies to doing that job for other people in a way that you can't control. Like people who like programming going into developer jobs and being forced to write unit tests for obscure accounting software for 6 months straight.

I think it is a little different when you are running your own company and have a massively controlling interest. As long as you maintain fiduciary responsibility it is yours to do whatever you want with.



nodox because this is a very specific niche, but my good friends actually use Idris in their backend at their startup. They were just funded about 6 months ago and have been getting lots of buyout offers.

I don't see why you think any specific technology has anything to do with whether you can make a product people want or not.


How to run a company which dreams up theorems and tries to prove them with Idris (exactly in Idris, it has a nice pragmatism/academicity trade-off)?

File: 1493390428372.png (352.63 KB, 900x467, 2013-07-28-dangerbaby-bill.png)


Can we have a cryptocurrency thread? I don't know if this is the board, cryptocoins are pretty /cyb/ though.

Do you use any form of cryptocurrency?
What do you use them for?
How do you acquire them?
What do you think is the future of cryptocoins?
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Cryptocoins are only good for lowering the price of GPUs:

>What do you think is the future of cryptocoins?

The concept is neat and makes people feel h4x0r but in reality it's a waste of time.


>Because use-value comes from the actual, concrete quality of a thing, exchange-value cannot be based on it.
If you can't base the practical value of an item upon the "true" value of the item, then what's the point of this "true" value.

>you will have to determine the socially necessary labour time, which changes with place and time

Even after all this back-and-forth, still nobody has answered my one question. Whose measurement is authoritative?


that's what reading Marx does for you


File: 1525836860369.jpg (106.85 KB, 640x480, cardano.jpg)

> using pseudo-math
I'm not sure what you mean with "pseudo-math" but when you think that whitepapers of most cryptocurrency platforms lack scientific backing then Cardano might be something for you. Its papers get peer reviewed by experts before the described concepts get implemented.


>Using peer review as a authoritative source.

I feel like this was much more acceptable in earlier years but now we live in Present Day Present Time, where any old garbage can pass peer review most of the time.

That said, I think their Haskell stuff is amazing and they are by far one of my favorite coins. They have a extremely unique take on smart contract design.

File: 1495822617712.jpeg (920.31 KB, 2310x1781, ac0f90a60bec5579f122a6633….jpeg)


So I haven't been watching the BTC market for a while, can anyone explain what's driving the current price hike? where is the demand coming from? last time I checked the chinese were using it for capital flight but the government put some brakes on that.

Is there actual demand for btc or there's a tulip mania going on?
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Regular capitalism is not unregulated


by which I mean, the way things work right now, with fiat currency backed by national banks and fractional reserve and whatnot




So old news but it seems the whole drive was nothing but a massive P&D, probably by the finex assholes using tether which ironically its tethered to literally nothing of value

File: 1507918982292.jpg (644.93 KB, 1000x1000, NobodyTM.jpg)


I'm sure some of you have heard of NOBODY™ (
>Nobody™ exists to document ongoing psycho-social phenomena. Nobody™ has no political intentions, and its works pertain to spiritual natures which are expressed through the dynamics of internet subcultures.

He has a few YouTube videos and mixtapes that have been shared a lot in some circles online, notably:
>Sexual Liberation and Political Control

An essay serving as an overview of his works:

>Among the less political and worldly, and more avantgarde, artistic and proto-spiritual individuals stands NOBODY™.
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> liberals will lump together fascism and communism

Akshully… liberals lump fascism and conservativism together. "Communism" was just just a phase they went through in college.


File: 1535606457200.png (941.85 KB, 1300x650, f6e7b69e27961def272ca3b217….png)

If your building blocks are made out of weak materials that are no more real than made up stories, then you should replace them with something more durable that will not dissipate as soon as people realize that these materials make them act against their own self-interest.



Apparently they have stopped working.


Just seems like your run of the mill conspiracy theorist with a slant against degeneracy
Anybody know why?

File: 1507831693335-0.png (168.46 KB, 640x480, PepeCurrency.png)

File: 1507831693335-1.png (57.7 KB, 1233x425, bitbay.png)

File: 1507831693335-2.png (42.15 KB, 1797x188, bitbay2.png)


Crypto altcoins thread? Personally I think crypto is the future. No more centralization, no more states fucking you in the ass.
I also don't want to become a wage slave so I hope to make it thanks to crypto. Life is too short to not do what you like.
What cryptocurrencies have you invested in anons? What are you bullish on?
It would be cool that we all make it.
Personally I am extremely bullish on Bitbay. I missed the Ethereum train but I think Bitbay will be the next moon mission in 2018. It is the sole working decentralized marketplace and trustless contracting platform while fixing many BTC flaws and planning to have a decentralized peg that brings price stability by preventing volatility, especially from whales shady manipulation. The price is still fucking low (23m market cap) so there is a lot of growth potential. For instance, to have a x2 ROIs with ETH, it would need 30 fucking billions of dollars, while with bitbay it would only need 23m. It is far more likely in the latter for this very reason.
Pics related why I am bullish on it. It has both mainstream and darknet potential.
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I was thinking of throwing a very little amount of money in some altcoins to see what happens. For now i was thinking about buying some Lisk, cause people is stupid and in theory with java it should be simplier to use, Verge because it can be used in darknet and between the less valued ones is one of those which can grow more, and Ethereum cause i hope it will take the place of BTC when it falls and because it can be used to buy EOS. Anyway i'm a total noob so i'm quito open to your reccomendations, lain.
Remember that i have little starting capital, so i prefer more risk and more opportunities to security.


Oh man i wonder if OP regrets his investments now. Unless you know your soykaf about crypto and can actually judge how succesful a coin can become you shouldnt see the crypto bubble as anything different than any other bubble.


>no not centralized
>Exchanges and miners set fees and corporations control mining

Complete glitterboyry


File: 1527546755578.png (72.49 KB, 689x469, yourcryptoisshit.png)

Your post is filled with misinformation nigger. This crypto has zero darknet potential.
Let's take a closer look at the developers website, shall we?
>We can issue moderation keys available by request to any person or agency interested in removing markets. We hope that this will make it self-governing.
This is not what self-governing means. This means there is a centralized power (the developers) which can give regulation power to any intelligence, law-enforcement agency or civilian to ban markets at will. This is a centralized currency with a crypto flavor.

>although a moderator can remove a market, ban a user’s IP address, their wallet and various other identifying information such as their public key.

So, at any time, someone can hop along and ban my public key, making me unable to access any of the money I put in it?


Cryptocoins, the future? The future is when you pull yourselves together and get the l33t programmmming ski111lz you think you have. The future is when you die alone.

File: 1520542513467.jpg (103.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


How do people monetize security tool dump sites like n0where?

I've been wanting to try my hand at it, because I like playing around with security tools. But I wouldn't know how to start making money off it.

File: 1508608201161.jpg (53.08 KB, 678x381, American-propaganda-678x38….jpg)


Most of you know what the buzz word "Fake news" is. For a couple month now i've been interested about talking how to spot disinformation in the media, what technique is used, how to see it etc

Now day when people talk about disinformation most of us think about U.R.S.S and the cold war, but there is multiple event in the United States and other country, showing the governement as been deceiving the population with false flag, propaganda/Mass persuasion. From what i know and had been listiening the first red flag people can have is when we start to see a pattern. What i mean by a pattern is when you see a cycle of multiple event that are similar. By exemple when you look at the news there a lot of discusion about Havey Weinsteins, if you look in other country France and Canada for exemple there is a lot of "sexual assault" claims about notorious person what a coincidence.

Here's video i saw that i found also fascinating because it might give us a way to also detect deceiving media. Not everything in this video is good to take but, i believe it's still a good piece of work to start understanding how "it" work.

Also other interesting event like this:

If something i write in this post wasn't clear feel free to ask for clarification.
everything from ideas, techniques, opinions is welcome.
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I don't doubt that Tor is faster then before. But for example i can say in my experiences that streaming YouTube video by exemple over tor is simply a soykaf show. 300kb/s isn't enough for 640x360 webm to stream with fluidity.

Even if i wish to continue this topic we're kinda off topic.


Tor is anonymous.
I have no problem streaming 1080p twitch and youtube VP9 videos with it.
VPNs are not designed for anonymity, don't get deluded with false sense of security.



Using tor to stream video is kind of a dick move imo.


the more packets moving in the network, the better for the network. the more people connecting to the network, and the more sites accessed by the network, the more secure the network is.

its not mean, its not inefficient, its not destructive, if anything it probably helps simply by adding more connections, and more packets.


The American people have so little trust in their government that when a government official announced there ARE ufo's they didn't believe him.

File: 1509490210995.jpg (44.61 KB, 500x649, 4bd1ed441409c6f57f49117590….jpg)


Is there a tomorrow for people who don't want to be lumped up in some premade identity package?

>tfw internet inquisitive snowflake activists want you to praise the mainstream news under accusation of un-patriotism even though you don't give a fuck about their ribbons

>tfw everyone else seem to be a bunch of conspiracy believers "the media is part of the plot they're going to take away our flags!!11!1!"

I'm not an anarchist, but I don't see the relation between the need for social solidarity and praising the flag, the media and state morality, the marching troops, applaud grandiose politician bullsoykafting, this is an exercise of vanity and soykafty identity politics. What about freedom? What about that mocking tone I learned from burgers and non-burgers on the chans? What about the realization of being an individual in a connected global world? What about using capital and personal knowledge to be an impulsive force, to make a change, not jumping on the last hashtag to make a holier-than-thou safe statement on Facebook? (I can't close Facebook yet but I don't even read it anymore since the amount of eyerolling it gives me)
I'm not even sure that internet freedom of being is still a thing since 2014 and the profusion of aspie alt-larpers and their opposites. You're forced to adopt the identity of whoever you're talking to now or you're presumed to be part of the undefinable bogeyman identity, be they "cultural marxists", "tankies", or whatever.
I can't stand people anymore. I don't even feel like I'm interacting with people, but just instances of identity circles. I only feel at home when I'm on the fringe of the internet now, or talking to a very select few friends. But even then most of them chicken out when confronted to the occasion of saying in the open what they spout in private. It feels good to concentrate on learning new things and try to make yourself better than listening to the news. Unless you're reading academical work, politics aren't "smarter" than celebrity trivia, if anything, they are worse because the media tries to make you project into your favorite politician/"brave journalist".

I'm doing freelance crap right now and I'm going to continue as long as I can. I will take steps to get as mobile and independent as I can, but does it even matter if you're alone. I wonder how it would be possible to convince the minority who feels out of placPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Globalism is a doctrine of opening up foreign markets and integrating them into a single, global economy. I don't really see how it could help anyone but transnational corporations.


File: 1509660433235.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1500x1000, 37eb01428fda8ef6729694aed7….png)

If you want a way out you will have to understand the contradictions, what causes them, what is the history of their development and where are they going, otherwise you are just going to wander aimlessly hoping to randomly find the exit.

If you are lucky you might find that some of the work has been already done for you…


It makes us need to support each other more, which is a good thing. But of course like anything else in this world, the reasoning behind it is because trans national corporations want it, but this doesn't really seem like a conspiracy that matters that much. You still have to look at the underlying power structures about WHY this is even a problem in the first place, of course to question the validity of capitalism over some tinfoil globalist jewish conspiracy on a chan might as well be illegal anymore, so I'll end it with that


>What about the realization of being an individual in a connected global world?
Latin America is becoming the new place for this.
The global north/west is collapsing due to conflictual political interests, paranoia and following national security madness.
It seems like Latin America is wanting to become what Europe was in the 90s (emphasis on civil rights, freedom of movement, soft drugs decriminalization, etc., etc.)
also if you're not an anarchist you sound like you'd at least be interested in libertarian socialism, look into it


Lol I thought I was doing spoilers.

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