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Anyone here run any businesses/websites? What do you do? How profitable are you?

When the future makes cyberpunk reality do you really want to be an impoverished street-groveller or Zaibatsu CEO oppressing nerds left and right?


>When the future makes cyberpunk reality

We live in a world where everyone over about the age of 10 has a pocket cyberdeck, the highest market-cap companies are the ones that make their money from mass-surveillance databases feeding advertising algorithms, the Russian mafia makes most of its cash from bank trojan malware, and the Governor of the Bank of England's publicly-expressed main worry these days is with non-fiat cryptocurrencies. We're already there, dude.


Ive sometimes sold crafts–small handmade artsy items– online and at craft fairs, with some success. its not that profitable but its been a small side income source for a while.

I'd far rather support myself with some small, honest and simple work, than ever involve myself in ''buisness'' at scale. I am aware this may make me less well off, and I am aware that others will become wealthy where perhaps I could, if I sought to. But I rather not to seek such things.


most of us are street urchins. You missed the bus for the oppressive CEO position.


We're there mostly in terms of technology, cops and megacorps just need a better aesthetic and we'll be set


The aesthetic is completely and utterly beside the point.


Fuck that, I'm just happy people finally own what is the means of production in the modern age. It's only a matter of time until people realise they don't need a office and that most "business" types aren't really THAT much smarter than average.


>I'm just happy people finally own what is the means of production in the modern age
That is a fact, but why digital produce ends up consolidated?


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Most people don't want to take the risks that come with owning your own business.
The average Joe is more than happy living with the sense of security that comes with having someone else tell you what to do.

Very few people actually have the drive to turn their vision into a reality.
Do you?


Zaibatsu CEO


Zaibatsu CEOs have child brides while they rape the ecology of the common man.
The common man complains, the Zaibatsu CEO has never heard complaint.

He is a satan (adversary) of the common man. Because to do is the adversary of to be told to do.


I have a meme company I'm the meme-CEO of I guess. I'm still shopping around for investors in a few places. I'm just glad to have a strong network of people who are hooking me up and helping me with intros.

Today I just finished my pitch deck and interviewed this guy I know to do a bunch of the design/branding (I don't know anything about graphic design). I hope it all works out in the end, I don't want to go back to working real jobs, it is nice to work for yourself on a project you feel passionately about.


Are you going to have child brides like the demonic NIPPONESE ZAIBATZU CEOS HAVE??


> it is nice to work for yourself on a project you feel passionately about.
It's a temporary state. I've heard a phrase: if you want to get rid of a hobby then make it your job.



I think that mostly applies to doing that job for other people in a way that you can't control. Like people who like programming going into developer jobs and being forced to write unit tests for obscure accounting software for 6 months straight.

I think it is a little different when you are running your own company and have a massively controlling interest. As long as you maintain fiduciary responsibility it is yours to do whatever you want with.



nodox because this is a very specific niche, but my good friends actually use Idris in their backend at their startup. They were just funded about 6 months ago and have been getting lots of buyout offers.

I don't see why you think any specific technology has anything to do with whether you can make a product people want or not.


How to run a company which dreams up theorems and tries to prove them with Idris (exactly in Idris, it has a nice pragmatism/academicity trade-off)?

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