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Hey guys long time lurker. I used to post on lainchan before appleman123 bought and I used to contribute code to some of your guys repos and attend that IRC that you guys had on lain.

I work as a eCommerce specialist, I list, edit, maintain, sell, make the images for the products, Buy and sell products on every single mainstream eCommerce platform. (amazon, ebay, Rakuten, etc.) I am good at listing products and I know how strategically do price changes for my products. Personally I feel like I am lacking the creative writing. Sometimes I forget how to sell a product through text. My mind just goes blank. I am very energetic and persuasive in person but my mind seems to wander when I have to put it into words. How can I improve?

Thanks I love you all. You guys helped me get a good deal on a thinkpad a few years back and I haven't forgot about it.


You already put it into words when you sell in person, so that's likely not your problem. A semi educated guess is that you might have a problem with the blank field in the description, you gotta know how to format it so as to convey all the information in a way describes the product in a way that people might find meaningful and useful. This is not always an easy task, and a text is composed by an introduction (often the hardest part) and a description of the product + additional comments or info. You want to have all the specs on the product in a clear way that stands out so people can find it quick. That's what I can say about your issue.
Stay awesome.



I'd recommend maybe he try not typing but instead recording himself talking about the product, and then later using that as the foundation when he is having a hard time with a draft.


Heres a little format that I normally stay close to when listing:

[Title of listing, according to however you like to list]

[Intro (Today I/We are selling a brand new/slightly used XYZ)]
[Short history (My neighbor Greg Adams used this for about a year, forgot about it then I stole it out of his shed in the middle of a rainstorm, It was upgraded by me a few months ago, according to schematics found at]

[last 3 digits of serial, preceded by omitted digits replaced by either asterisks, "*" or cross marks "x", "X")]
[official summary from manufacturer]

[link to whitepapers
[trimmed specs from manufacturer]

[Fun facts and interesting tidbits]
I usually like to add these in as a little treat for souls depraved enough to make it to the bottom of these kinds of listings.

[plug yourself at the very bottom]
short description about what the account is about, what you usually can be found selling, how long youve been operating on the site, where you ship from and to, terms of sale, boilerplate stuff.


Thats about it, what you see above is my off-the-cuff format for most of my product listings. If any lainon has anything else to add, I welcome any and all thoughts on my example, what it did well, how it could be improved, or rearranged even.

Cheers OP, I hope we can all stand to learn something alongside everyone else in this thread.

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