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Most of you know what the buzz word "Fake news" is. For a couple month now i've been interested about talking how to spot disinformation in the media, what technique is used, how to see it etc

Now day when people talk about disinformation most of us think about U.R.S.S and the cold war, but there is multiple event in the United States and other country, showing the governement as been deceiving the population with false flag, propaganda/Mass persuasion. From what i know and had been listiening the first red flag people can have is when we start to see a pattern. What i mean by a pattern is when you see a cycle of multiple event that are similar. By exemple when you look at the news there a lot of discusion about Havey Weinsteins, if you look in other country France and Canada for exemple there is a lot of "sexual assault" claims about notorious person what a coincidence.

Here's video i saw that i found also fascinating because it might give us a way to also detect deceiving media. Not everything in this video is good to take but, i believe it's still a good piece of work to start understanding how "it" work.

Also other interesting event like this:

If something i write in this post wasn't clear feel free to ask for clarification.
everything from ideas, techniques, opinions is welcome.


Moving to /z/


you have some interesting information in there, but i think unnecessarily mix some different things together.
1.)fake news - they're everywhere, e.g. yellow journalism.
2.)conspiracies. they're everywhere! btw, hooktube is nice.



I knew someone would say that, because i lost myself writing this. I know both subject are linked in some sort of way or atleast used for the same goal.. Deceiving, but at the same time really hard to understand.

I could write more about what i've been gathering over the couple month i've been studying the subject it's not much, but it's better then nothing.


>hooktube is nice
>doesn't load page without javasoykaf
>a glorified youtube-dl web front-end
>leaving your metadata to third party


i'm sure your phone is much more anonymous with native apps, ads, android and google.



Would you rather use YouTube?


Did you just assume my personal tracking device?
My phone has no native apps or ads, but it has a rotary dial and ass loud ring
torsocks/torify mps-youtube/youtube-dl [your video link]


Don't forget the weboob software suite. It has interesting potential as a way to avoid webbloat and such.

> sage for offtopic



Wouldn't you rather use a VPN? That doesn't look logical to me.

Does any of you is actually able to see/analyze a "news" story and see if it's strongly taking for a side in particular? Don't if it make much sense.


Tor is anonymity network, to pretty much higher extent that in fact in order to find people using Tor, police resides to plain old Sherlock Holmes methods of deducing humans, not technology.
By using certain applications over Tor with all precautions such as anonymizing their user-agents if it comes to things like IRC clients, you get a guaranteed anonymity of location, and with more people using said tools the way you use them, anonymity of intent. With today's Tor's speeds (up to 1MB/s), high efficient codecs and not so big overall size of YouTube's videos, downloading or streaming them over tor is rather convenient.

About VPNs. There are basically 2 types of VPNs your average Joe can afford today. Something company-owned, pre-configured, with many locations in Hong Kong and Novosibirsk. Long story short, no matter how much you pay them, no matter what they state in their Terms of Privacy Policy, they do sell your browsing information to advertisers, they keep your logs for the police, dot. Second, even if they don't, how hard is it to map all exit servers which in fact do NOT provide as much anonymity set as Tor does simply because of their quantity, affiliated to one VPN provider and correlate them with users hopping from one IP to another. One mistake, and you're busted, I mean, written in databases of Google forever. When it comes to self-hosted VPN, it's even worse, you have 1 static ipv4 address and /64 for ipv6 is basically the same.



I don't doubt that Tor is faster then before. But for example i can say in my experiences that streaming YouTube video by exemple over tor is simply a soykaf show. 300kb/s isn't enough for 640x360 webm to stream with fluidity.

Even if i wish to continue this topic we're kinda off topic.


Tor is anonymous.
I have no problem streaming 1080p twitch and youtube VP9 videos with it.
VPNs are not designed for anonymity, don't get deluded with false sense of security.



Using tor to stream video is kind of a dick move imo.


the more packets moving in the network, the better for the network. the more people connecting to the network, and the more sites accessed by the network, the more secure the network is.

its not mean, its not inefficient, its not destructive, if anything it probably helps simply by adding more connections, and more packets.


The American people have so little trust in their government that when a government official announced there ARE ufo's they didn't believe him.

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