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Kalyx ######

File: 1507918982292.jpg (644.93 KB, 1000x1000, NobodyTM.jpg)


I'm sure some of you have heard of NOBODY™ (
>Nobody™ exists to document ongoing psycho-social phenomena. Nobody™ has no political intentions, and its works pertain to spiritual natures which are expressed through the dynamics of internet subcultures.

He has a few YouTube videos and mixtapes that have been shared a lot in some circles online, notably:
>Sexual Liberation and Political Control

An essay serving as an overview of his works:

>Among the less political and worldly, and more avantgarde, artistic and proto-spiritual individuals stands NOBODY™.


His work makes me sick to my stomach tbh because it is so visceral.


>Postmodern Antimodernism
The worst of both worlds.


What a load of pretentious soykafe.


I watched some of his stuff back then. I didn't really understand the speech, nor did I bother. Was trippy otherwise, I enjoyed the extra meaning when two videos were mixed onto each other.


>I learned what postmodernism is for Jordan Peterson hurr durr
Modernism is much more cancerous than postmodernism could ever hope to be.


And modernism was much less cancerous than the bloated and pompous design and culture that came before it.


I don't understand this. I'd like to, so I'll explore it further. Nobody's discography is very good, however. I wgetted all the albums.


Really pretentious.
It reminds me of being 15 and confused.


File: 1509226458101.jpg (87.21 KB, 431x767, YDIft9mfjuB8wE996RgulgvgBo….jpg)

I couldn't disagree more. Every era of society has it's problems but it's postmodernism that's threatening every conceivable building block of society, whether it's the family structure or basic realities in terms of sex and identity.


You're giving way too much importance to the power of ideas. No ideology or intellectual movement can "threaten every conceivable building block of society", nor it is the goal of postmodernism.

Now the "destructive idea" is the favorite myth of reactionary movements, for they can only survive through spreading fear since no one wants their bullsoykaf utopia to be established.


let me guess, you think postmodernism = transvestites and queer theory


How is the "destructive idea" a myth when arguably, reactionary fascism is a "destructive idea"?

At least hold yourself to the same standard that you hold your enemies to.


You remind me of you when you were 15 and confused


Just because marxists hate postmodernism, doesn't mean that non-marxists can't hate postmodernism.

You are arguing from an ideological bubble where you assume that your critics don't understand what they want.

From an agnostic viewpoint, it is clearly visible that the overlapping effects of marxism and postmodernism are the deconstruction of traditional gender roles, family roles, architecture, socioeconomic roles, and the restructuring of traditional culture as a whole.

Regardless of whether or not _you_ hold any value for those aforementioned things, it is clear that there are other people that value them, and thus they will argue against marxism and postmodernism.

Of course, those same people will lump together postmodernism and marxism into the same box, because they both stand against what they believe in, just as how liberals will lump together fascism and communism - to the layman, all enemies are the same.



maybe i don't know what i'm talking about but it seems that postmodernism as an attitude is more of a natural reaction to postindustrial society then the work of an particular "postmodernist". it's not some sort of conspiracy it's just how many people have chosen to react to the current state of things.


> liberals will lump together fascism and communism

Akshully… liberals lump fascism and conservativism together. "Communism" was just just a phase they went through in college.


File: 1535606457200.png (941.85 KB, 1300x650, f6e7b69e27961def272ca3b217….png)

If your building blocks are made out of weak materials that are no more real than made up stories, then you should replace them with something more durable that will not dissipate as soon as people realize that these materials make them act against their own self-interest.



Apparently they have stopped working.


Just seems like your run of the mill conspiracy theorist with a slant against degeneracy
Anybody know why?

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