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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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Does anybody know if its possible to hack through CMD?

Also need a good FREE website builder.
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Neocities might be good for you


just learn html and css it really takes like 1 or 2 days on youtube if you want a quick start from zero then pay a domain and host your site on github with netfily or some soykaf i think this is the cheapest method however the page will be static which means that basically wont support php



Nobody here can take a joke. Refusing to help xXx_Mafiaboi123_xXx is tantamount to a crime IMHO. You should be ashamed of yourselves.



Maybe tell better jokes you unfunny boffin.


It wasn't >My< joke, but I found it funny at least. Got me to chuckle, and then when I saw that people replied to it seriously I was surprised. I give it a 7/10, needs more development.

File: 1555858007820.png (1.12 MB, 1101x851, cU78l3Z.png)


Found this weird website back sometime ago
if you do /nothing or /secret things come up
that's all i got tho
never really got to far
i know the guys brother has a website

File: 1554979243494.png (1.41 MB, 1266x960, 1554219075758.png)


How would you guys rate this Computer Science undergrad degree?

sorry for asking here but it seems like this is the board closest to CS


I skimmed the program and the topics of the core courses and it seems fine. You should ask people attending how's the actual instruction.


File: 1555002307393.jpg (223.6 KB, 1015x1200, 1554195709396.jpg)

answers seem to mostly whittle down to 'it's alright but it's more of an applied course, with alot less opportunities to go into the more experimental areas'


That's not necessary a bad thing. Do you just want a BSc and then start working?


File: 1555006150493.jpeg (157.38 KB, 768x2048, D3T_m-WW4AE1Vq8.jpg:large.jpeg)

i suppose so, i'm having to accept that i'm not that smart to go all in grinding for a phd and hoping that i somehow get grants

i am however, okay with doing a bsc since it'll at least give me a start to make money, which i could use to at least appreciate the whole process.

File: 1554325518123.jpg (406.47 KB, 800x1100, D0EF6D04-3C79-4DE6-A7BA-92….jpg)


As far as I know, there's no general html/css thread. I know they're not really programming languages, but I didn't know what place would be better for this thread. I've been thinking about getting into web-development for my own gratification. What i'm woried about is that any modern guide to these things might teach me how to create something I hate: most web 2.0 design.

Recently I looked at this article about what to avoid in web design, and ironically enough, the site it was on had elements that I found stupid and unnecessary.
Pointlss drop-down menu that opens up a pop-up, distacting social media plugs that follow you as you scroll down, plus even more crap that takes up the bottom the windows and reduces available screen real-estate for the information I came for. The list itself seemed mostly sound except number 7, which made no sense and presented a horrible positive counter-example.

To me, good design in anything prioritizes function over form. The only bells and whistles a site should have is a banner, color scheme, and font. The more unnecessary crap that's put in that also makes things slower, the worse. Seems like the internet has diverged from basic design principles. Where can I find a guide that prioritizes the same things as me?
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Fair. That's why it was offered with a question. If that isn't your idea of good design, then it is a matter of finding the right kind of hub that is.

How about this site:


Some of those are alright.
I like.
Is revolting. If i'm supposed to be learning something just by going through examples and looking at what I personally like, that's not very systematic and efficient. Learning css itself along with good design together would be nice. Programming has objective, well-defined standards, so why shouldn't web-design?


Why do you need a guide?
HTML and CSS are simple if you want them to be.
You only need a guide if you want to make it fancy in a way that HTML and CSS cannot handle.

Just start making whatever website you want.
Use MDN to find out how to use features of the languages that you need.
If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask here.



They don't; no one really does. It makes things seem easier, but truly learning how to have taste and good design sense takes more initiative and effort than reading a guide.

And you can only do that by researching, observing, noticing patterns and methods, interacting with them, and concluding what does and does not work. It is also key to learn to trust your conclusions, because if not you'll always be searching for someone else to tell you what is "right" and what is "wrong" and that is how you perpetuate the lack of self-efficacy that is required to have good taste and design sense.

Finding a hub, stream, feed, etc of content that shows you both what you don't like and do like is crucial in my opinion to developing good taste. You need to know what works, what doesn't, and how your creative/development process can make use of that knowledge to create your own work. If you have no means to see examples that you can analyse, it will be immensely more difficult to learn.

Also, most design guides that make claims of objective knowledge and try to define trends/patterns are usually written by failures and are just attempts to gain attention and a feeling of superior knowledge. Don't read that self-mastubatory stuff.


I thought OP has good taste,
and they only need to find how to make things from it.
However, they're not very specific about what kind of guide they want.

File: 1553761889584.png (188.91 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190328_135121.png)


Well I got to know about ARG thin and was really interested to try them out. Stumbled on and people said it is good for beginners but I don't seem to be able to make out the password for any of gate. I did found this hexadecimal string which led me to a image link but I doubt it can help me with much, at least it won;t help me with Gate 1


The first hint is similar to the string you have found but the character values are encoded in a different place in the page's source.

File: 1528077491111.jpg (60.67 KB, 1280x720, steinsgate-screenshot-1.jpg)


So, who here already experimented in programming for (theoretical) Quantum Computers?
As a good start there are 2 quite common and longer existing languages with compilers
- QCL:
- QML:
- IBM Q Experience (though not directly a real language):

A small but quite nice how to written by some people:

Sadly there isn't that much practical stuff on the net to get started. So experimenting oneself is a must. Hope there are some interested people here to further explore the possibilities.
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qc isn't going to be feasible until the late 2040's at best. we ain't there yet chief. if you want to get a head start, you think you'll live that long, and you're already a phd genius in nonlinear particle physics then still your best bet is to learn depth psychology and to master a transverse wind instrument (think about it)

that said i believe in a future generation where the kids pick up qc the same way we learned email. we will be the gramps. i don't think anyone alive today that isn't a specialist is going to make any use in qc.

however if you want to get ahead of the curve start researching molecule computing, specifically with graphene. many layers of ultrathin chips are going to start reproducing the synapses in cat brains by 2035, then humans shortly after, then all bets are off. risc-v will probably be the last silicon chip people use.


I went to a talk on an active quantum computer researcher and they compared their efforts to barely Babbage level

I want to learn ahead of the curve technology . I hardly hear about any up and coming technologies aside from AI and crypto related stuff


I think the military are going to be using this technology much, much earlier than that. There's no reason for them not to.


As soon as people believe quantum attacks are realistic they're going to jump to post-quantum cryptography. Do you see military applications that aren't a few years of cryptanalysis?


Wews I am really interested but there are too many stuffs I dont seem to know when I tried to read those papers, those mathematical statements had many symbols I never show earlier, so I need to put some more time on more basic stuffs before I get back to these

File: 1553618207156.jpg (22.71 KB, 1100x618, 534824-istock-542172632.jpg)


I fucking hate google, Bing, Yandex, even Duck duck go their search results are utter soykaf.
I want to create a piece of software that allows me to further filter search results. I'm thinking probably duck duck go or Yandex, I want to start with just allowing for the blacklisting of certain sites from the results.
I'm new too programming, l know some python; can I create what I'm talking about with that? if not what do I need to know? Thanks for the help.


Sounds like you want to make a metasearch engine for your own personal use. Python should work pretty well: I haven't' tried them but it looks like the web libraries for it are easy enough to deal with. Search engines obviously don't want you scraping a ton of data from them, but if you're only making this for your own manual searches, then I doubt you'd hit the rate limit much faster than just using their website normally. If you do, it seems that some search engines, or at least Google, also offer search APIs with slightly higher search-per-hour limits than web scraping.


Thanks, it might be awhile but if i create something ill share it.


The easiest is probably to modify their result page with userscripts, something like this: (It's very outdated, probably won't work.)


alternatively could maybe run something on top of, or extending for example searx.

I havent much done with myself but I know it outputs easily into json format, and can collect and format together results from several major search sites, so it probably already has much of what you'd want to do, done.


Searx might be what you are looking for

File: 1537016257951.jpg (283.38 KB, 1000x1250, yanjun-cheng-20171126licia….jpg)


Lets share our projects, help and learn together while contributing eachother's projects. This is what a community should do, right?

I only know Python so far, i m willing to help if i can and would be appreciated if anyone help with this project.
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>social coding
cringe sounds



I think it is a good goal to build a better community. Good luck with your project.


I would like to restart this thread if possible, we should work to become a better programming community here. I feel like most of the time we work in isolation rather than helping each other.

It would be cool to test each others software.


I feel like most of the time we work in isolation rather than helping each other.

People are put off by the ridiculous policy of disallowing anonymous browsing of the gitlab page.

Proof that anonymous browsing is an option:

File: 1506617977809.bmp (808.06 KB, 525x525, mccarthy_glitch4.bmp)


Welcome all, to the /lambda/ FP general! This thread serves as both a discussion of more abstract concepts of Functional design as well as a place to discuss/collaborate/bitch about specific FP languages and projects.

In brief,

In computer science, functional programming is a programming paradigm—a style of building the structure and elements of computer programs—that treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids changing-state and mutable data. (Wiki article on FP) (SICP - an absolute must-read for anyone looking at FP) (Excellent writeup on what makes FP awesome) (Learn FP from the creator of Scala, free!)

>>>/λ/737 (Scala thread with resources)
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Is Ocaml worth for scientific programming? I need to manipulate texts of ~50000 words, wrote on Fortran (gfortran) and I was shocked seeing that it's slower than the same code on Perl (10'' vs <1') and I'm willing to try some FP.
And what about SML with MLton? What's faster for number crunching and text arrays?


algorithms tell you what to do
calculus tells you what you're allowed to do


I have this book on the topic although I don't know if anyone actually uses OCaml for this kind of work.


I wanted to post the book but Arisuchan swallowed it :(
So here's OCaml for Scientists:



File: 1503727946415.gif (421.59 KB, 1142x811, risperdalsiren.gif)


Several lains and I are interested in forming a collective of web designers, web developers, and sales representatives to either collaborate on freelance projects or form an flat hierarchy LLC. If you are interested, please contact me on Telegram. Serious inquiries only.
(private) or
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File: 1550096775352.jpg (157.1 KB, 640x1024, pirateutopia.jpg)

Anybody here into ethical/libre style coops? Got some skills, not much of a vision less so of a strategy, but would like to partner with similiar minded folks and do it!


I'm vaguely interested. Do you have any concrete ideas about organization or projects?


It stems from the idea of helping businesses that aim for things other than just profits. That might sounds a bit (or completely) oxymoronic, color me a unicorn if you will :) Flos tools come as a natural fit here.

In terms of org i'm taking inpiration from the likes of twin motion studio, a flat org of about dozen members.

The projects - i'm scratching grounds here though, might be the usual integration game, custom tailored suites of cmses, comms and the like. I doubt bespoke projects would be an easy task at this scale. Promoting flos values here is probably amongst the core values here.

Again, this is just ideas so far, and i'd be intersted to get this conversation going and meet like minded folks.



Let me know if you all ever get anything going I would love to work on some projects with you all.


As far as >>1465 is concerned, there has been little intereset and just a modicum of action by op. If you feel like it, then at least some brainstoriming would be a good next step. Seeing if our interests align would be proper too.

It's mostly questions of ethics (think floss for a crude bottom line) and doing it together. If these strike a chord with you core values… damn, I forgot to mention it supposed to read some notion of fun too… then sign… reg… nah - just speak your mind here and maybe We could get something going.

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