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We're excited about arisuchan and we hope you are too!


redbubble stickers (markup is 0%)

banners for your website

If you have ideas for stickers or banners, please upload them and we will add them to the store or directory respectively.

Should you buy stickers please share pictures. We would love to see "arisuchan" in the wild!

Thanks, Alice.
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I ordered one for Greece about 4 weeks ago and got no response. Then again I used FlowCrypt for gmail. Any progress? Or should I send another e-mail? Maybe I should use different encrypting software?


File: 1540192021305.jpg (23.05 KB, 500x375, Booby.jpg)



Sorry for the long delay everyone! I haven't checked arisuchan's email since the beginning of September so if you made a request since then (we received 12), you haven't been forgotten!


File: 1540224466819.gif (604.27 KB, 500x375, 1539725280975.gif)

Thank you, Seph. It's no problem.


Seconding that question. Where to cop the melting Lain? The text in the corner says "from the wired" but that still isn't bringing up any results.


So has anybody here received some high-quality stickers lately?


Are there still any left


Hey i had an idea for a sticker. I am fucking stupid and dont know were to post this, maybe alice will like, i think it is soykaf tho. (newfag, if you couldn't tell )


Just pointing out that when I read this post earlier today it had an image, now there is none? Board Software acting strange probably.



Not the person with that laptop, but I found it. It seems to be available on redbubble


i deleted it because it was soykaf


File: 1546555068413.png (143.32 KB, 844x621, Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 1….png)

idk someone might like this, im dumb so im just gonna post it here.


File: 1546615731712.jpg (229 KB, 1120x2016, 20190104_120938.jpg)

i got some stickers today. i can sell/give some out if y'lall want


this looks nice. I like it.


>Are there still any left
Yes, we still have some left!

I've just been really busy and haven't had time to check the arisuchan email for a bit. I'll try to get to it as soon as I can!


File: 1546732595881.png (161.51 KB, 831x621, Lains-Second-Navi.png)

thanks took 10 minutes



where can i buy these stickers?


very nice!




File: 1547755635785.gif (954.49 KB, 444x309, 1393734214362.gif)

More went out, I have a teensy weensy few left in case some get lost in the mail. Pretty sure that happens a bit, but I have no way of checking whether or not thats something on my end, an address error, or a post issue. At one point I accidentally posted some letters internationally with insufficient postage so that was my fault (because I am very smart and good at math) but in THEORY I've now sent a letter to everyone who sent an email asking for one. Please wait warmly, I mailed them a bit ago but it could still be weeks before they show up.


artist of this sticker here. Happy people are buying this still and look forward to the diecut version.


File: 1548803739609.gif (5.29 KB, 88x31, Mine.gif)

you could do a 88x31 banner with the typical 90s design with the fake 3d (pic related) because i have a website with buttons linking to other websites i like but all of them banners have that design except yours and it looks kinda weird, just a suggestion.


File: 1549018379193.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

I've received mine last week. Thanks, Seph.

Greetings from Berlin.


Hey I'm from Berlin too.
Did you post some of the events in Berlin on ?
I think if we find some other arisuchan/lainchan users we should meet-up.
At the CCCB maybe?
If you're interested i'll start a thread on /r/ or /feels/.


Yeah, I'm the one who has opened that thread and also posted some events there. Thanks for considering a meet up but as of now I prefer to stay anonymous.



how can we buy these stickers please? they're awesome.



Yes you can buy them on redbubble.



I'm possibly a scatterbrain , but I don't find these "Laintel" stickers on Redbubble (maybe because i'm in Europe actually ?).



Me neither, can someone just repost the link?



File: 1550702557853.jpg (1.63 MB, 3264x1836, 20.jpg)

Couple of those beautiful pieces made it to russia west. Will dump picrels once i do anything better than the usual 'thinkpad with a sticker' soykaf.


eagerly waiting for bear with a sticker selfie!


Just don't hold your breath you schmuck


if i want to buy a few of these where can i email you? i'd love to negotiate a price if ur willing.


sorry for being away for a while. if you email me at laintel at cock dot li i can ship some to you


Mine got lost in the mail…
Are there any right now? If yes could you please send me some again?


They can take a REALLY long time to arrive. I got mine in the end of January, and the envelope was dated September 8.


>Are there any right now? If yes could you please send me some again?
We're out at the moment, but we will order another batch and do another run if we receive sufficient donations.

We may try a different size this time to mix it up. We'll an update if we do.


File: 1556107512299.jpeg (199.63 KB, 1688x1243, stickers.jpeg)

They arrived today in the mail.
Thank you very much :)


How do I acquired these


Almost finished with a new sticker.


File: 1556608482848.png (288.33 KB, 2280x2280, arisuheart.png)



Are you >>2233 ?


No but >>2233 Seph and any other admins are welcome to use the sticker design with credit.


Wow I really like the simplicity, esp with
ngl I might order some stickers of these


That's pretty neat


I agree with that.


Hey fren, I sent you an email to catch up on those sweet laintel stickers to see if you still have any since we last talked! Thanks fren

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