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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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about a week ago i was just minding my own business on the systemspace chat when someone mentioned rewire, i just downplayed their comment because the rewire community was falling apart pretty badly from what i was aware. i had also mentioned getting a friend into the community of systemspace. after a while of mindless chatting and watching stalker with the chat, i decided to go to bed. i woke up and checked the systemspace chat, realizing i couldnt sign in or make an account, so i checked my account and found that i was derezzed permanently for being "affiliated with anti-project communities". then, a few days later my friend was derezzed for a supposed "ban evasion". i paid no mind to this for a little while as i thought it was just mrsnoopdoge being salty again, but just recently when i checked my ban again, after a few failed appeals, this happened.


i dont know how "derezzed" turned into "derezzed". lol


Don't expect any reason out of systemspace. I was there from around #700 which was pretty much when the place started to get active, and all I've seen is just a group of average IQ teenagers with a desperate need to belong and feel special by applying cool aesthetics and posting dank memes. They ban based on how much you threaten their safe-meme-space and how much of a tingling feeling you induce around their genitalia.

Of course, there's a high chance you're also just an average IQ teenager who wants just that, but the world is huge and there's so many other communities to get into. If you are at any level interested with their lore and the world ending stuff, know that it's just roleplay created by the creative mind of one dutch teen.


Same boat over here, got banhammered for next to no reason other then a few members didn't like me. It's a shame because the lore is nifty, but the chat is just a soykafshow. Between cow spamming autistic soykaf and Tsuki dodging anything related to the project it's just not worth it.

MrSnoopDog is a fag, Tsuki is off his goddamn meds.


They derezzed me from the chat like a year ago because I was in other chats. I wasn't even active, just wanted to see different opinions about what's going on with the project when I check it once a month.

Ever since they moved away from discord I'm not derezzed anymore but I have little hope left for the project honestly. The plot and atmosphere were really nice, I wish Tsuki didn't panic and ban everyone who mentions plot holes instead of simply saying it's a coincidence or aurora echoing or anything. I also wish Snoop didn't even get involved with this project to begin with.


Ever since the relaunch a couple months ago they use some weird system to block wide ranges of IP addresses, including residential ones, as I've concluded. Tsuki pretty much dismissed it after messaging him personally. A nice design is the only thing they've got going for them as far as I'm concerned.


Im not derezzed (yet) but I have been a long time member of the systemspace community (number 337 i believe) and I know Tsuki and me have had some… rough feelings about each other. I went to tsukichat to talk and everytime I went there my PC and internet would act up. Don't recommend going there.


Yeah, like 80% of the posts and topics in the chat are just edgy brewing soykaf and the classic "ugh I'm so depressed uwu" kinda sad since the setting for systemspace is interesting and the design is great


File: 1541533469959.jpg (338.88 KB, 1600x815, bloodborne-entering-yarnha….jpg)

No guys, really. Stop thinking that Tsuki or TSUKI or Tsukichan are nice, they aren't. You are not missing out on anything, and if you felt that there was something going on in there, it was likely just teenager hormones. The site has a cheap aesthetic that was explored 40 years ago by Blade Runner, except every 5th line of pixels is missing. There is literally 0 connection to SEL besides a lain face and some 15yo's first shot at writing cyberpunk fiction; but now instead of letting it go, he still keeps trying to fix it by adding a little something here and there. The community itself is just lonely teenagers who can't socialize in high school or facebook so they do it on discord. They also just pretend to be nice and warm like their favorite anime character hoping that doing so will bring along the same kind of attention and meaningful friends and whatnot. It's literally pointless to spend time there; if you want an escapist mindfucky fantasy where simulations run in simulations of simulations, play fucking Bloodborne.


File: 1541701452372.png (112.77 KB, 623x874, 1421868688764.png)

There is absolutely nothing to gain from Systemspace except a possible study on the desocialization process among contemporary teenagers if you're a sociology student.
There is no serious discussion, no take on contemporary philosophy, the meaning of consciousness or cool software dev projects, instead it's just imageboard chitposting again. The Discord is mostly comprised of anime discussion, r9k-ing and edgy political babbling. What I said at the beginning could be found with a simple Youtube research, so why that enclosed community can't even offer what the most mainstream Internet service can?
Because it's just underageb& LARPing, of course.
The most sad (or hilarious) stuff is that Tsuki's whole SystemSpace conglomerate seeks to ape Japanese corporations yet can't imagine the culture is very much different than your average anime. The extreme caution corporate Japanese businessmen act with, the absolute lack of tolerance for outlandish behavior from the members and employees, and their tendency to go after people who look like them (other businessmen in "Life", not teenage edgelord memesters) is basically ignored as eNdymiOn and co name Systemspace 2 like a fucking visual novel, nominates soykaf brewers as general supervisors and bans members with little to no care. If the souls of members is so worthless that you can permaban (which mean destroying their soul I guess?) them for some words on a chat, why even go through the trouble of doing the transfer to begin with?


File: 1541704290365.jpg (851.28 KB, 1399x1800, SIX10-shares-his-opinion.jpg)

post more drama

also, how did you find Systemspace and get involved so early?


File: 1541709836219.jpg (226.79 KB, 754x1584, spam.jpg)

so this is the kind of enlightenment I've been missing for months
awoken now


File: 1541710953676.jpg (88.53 KB, 695x833, spam.jpg)

thx riot for the notifications but do they even talk about something else than their oppreshun


File: 1541711133963.jpg (87.08 KB, 653x744, spam.jpg)

ah yes, minecraft mod training is mandatory before LFE isekai relocalization


Posted all the drama I had in that thread.

Found the project while browsing 8chan's /cyber/. Found it interesting and signed up.


I'll search the archives, then. See you next 4craft, friend.


I'm in this channel and it has nothing to do with Systemspace or LFE, it's just for brewing soykaf


lol i didnt expect this thread to blow up with people that had the same experience, i honestly think tsuki/doge have a grudge against me since i cant code even if my life depended on it


What board is that?


>>2121 I was derezzed for "unspecified" because I asked how to verify an account. I was able to get back on during the unlink then I was derezzed for "ban evasion". later I got derezzed for the reason "fuck off" even though I did nothing but help people.


i got derezzed off their boards too


its all because of fucking MrSnoopDog and his huge fucking ego


Well, he's disappeared. Being derezzed sucks.


I'll just say it with other anons. Systemspace is soykaf. I was 12th registered loser, so maybe I know better.


the mods are all like 4k+ reddit browsers
the project only started going to soykaf once snoop started soykafting all over it
i know youre reading this tsuki go tell snoop to fuck off, kill the tsukichat, get back to making lore not drama


I want to find MrSnoopDoge and circumcise him with a rusty can


>get back to making lore not drama
So much of this


Snoop's fucked off already.


File: 1556118317095.jpg (116.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Snoop was the only admin for systemspace that isnt a total skitzo. Systemsoy would have died without snoop, Also you do realize that Tsuki stole all the lore from the visual novel Rewrite right


You do know Snoop's on more medications than brain cells right?


Shame, that. IIRC, he's the one behind most of the visual design of systemspace, which is fucking god tier.

I knew he was a bit of an eccentric, but that kinda comes with the territory.


File: 1566368135415.jpg (47.89 KB, 1024x1024, example-29184.jpg)

What's systemspace?


This should do. It follows the project from its beginning.

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