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What do you think about Huawei getting blacklisted?


Dumb. American company's cant stand the competition. We get spied on anyway, Should I care if its the Chinese or my own government?


It's impressive how ineffective the 2016 soykafshow has actually been, truly going out with a whimper.


Which 2016 soykafshow?


Good. China can fuck right off.


I think there are going to be serious unforseen consequences.. Of course politicians would have loved to quell China's expansion, but the risk of something going wrong stopped them from doing anything drastic.

Electing a corporate oligarch as president means he only sees this as a business risk, I don't think he truly understands the responsibility he has here. This isn't a few hundred people losing their jobs and requesting a bailout when a business moves fail, this is the economy of half the world..


File: 1558659882093.png (420.27 KB, 683x476, a7b.png)

Just another battle in the IP war. China will win in the end. They are more prepared to succeed in the 21st Century, they own all of the rare earth minerals, have all of the low-level programmers, and none of the hang-ups and limp-wristedness of neoliberalism.


They're a communistic society though, so they're bound to implode from within. You can only control your people for so long before they get fed up.


You watched too much TV.


My parents come from a communist nation. It doesn't fucking work, comrade.


How about we accept our speculation for what it is?

ik it sounds cooler when we pretend to be 100% certain,
but then we end up yelling nothing at eachother.


you seriously think China is communist?


eeeeeeee, many many governments fall. Autocracies fall, monarchies and olagarchies and republics fall. Communist states and socialist states and ones with controlled and uncontrolled economies collapse.

I'm sure China will collapse eventually. I'm not sure when it will collapse, or who will collapse first.


my parents too. read a book, glitterchild


"Communist" doesn't mean anything in the real world other than the government owning everything. Any large population of people needs to have a govenrment and structured heirarchy, so an "equal society" is not actually possible. People will look out for their best interest and not give a soykaf about ideals when things get hard. Even if one generation is passionate about the ideology, the next or the one after that will not be. While China does have "free enterprise" it is very controlled. Look at what they're doing with the social score system now too. The relative freedom they have there now is only temporary.
Some take longer than others for a good reason.
Why'd they leave then? Books on communist theory don't reflect reality. I'm not going to spend time on propaganda and useless theorizing that doesn't take human nature into account. If your parents miss communism, it's because they're sheep who hate having to make their own decisions.


>read a book, glitterchild
>sheep who hate having to make their own decisions.

didn't i tell you guys…


File: 1560347958393.png (1.35 MB, 690x947, 1473454649453.png)

China is hardly a communist society. What China has done is create the most effective form of state capitalism, fusing it with legalist, maoist and confucianist ideas.


>believing not only propaganda, but foreign propoganda
Yes, it's so effective comrade. We should all move there and inhale the wonderful factory fumes. We need our own social score system too, to protect family values. Long live 主席.


Hey now. Just because I said it was effective doesn't mean I think it's morally efficient.


It's going to be a catalyst for countries to start reducing their dependency on US tech and start working towards their own solutions or open source ones.


This is off-topic discussion. Stop.


I think it's a pretty good indicator they're not bending the knee to NSA, I'm thinking about getting one as my next phone.

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