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 No.544 (Archive link: )
A commentator asked on Eric S. Raymond's website:

>ESR: Eben Moglen suggested that he was going to write a paper refuting the notion that "The GPL is revocable":

>>I think the best procedure would be for me to publish my analysis and
>>for you then to tell me what is wrong with it.
>Why has no such paper from him materialized?

ESR response was shocking, blunt, and to the point:
>esr on 2019-05-30 at 08:08:23 said:
>>Why has no such paper from him materialized?
>Because Moglen is either wrong about or deliberately misrepresenting the law and the "revokists" have it right. Thank you, I had already figured this out from his (non)responses on lkml.

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