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Kalyx ######

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We are flirting with the idea of changing the name and theme of the site from lainchan to something else lain related, or even a completely different representation altogether. It's awkward now that applechan is associating with questionable content like (you know what I mean). I want to keep the name because I believe we actually represent the original lainchan. Can we get some opinions from y'all about this? I'm not interested in hearing about what we should have done or should have not done during the beginning, but rather what we should do now.
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ohmchan is so much cooler than arisuchan


Hmm, what about then?


I already own
actually, but I am very much committed to remaining lainchan or switching to arisuchan/alicechan.


well so I guess it looks like we are without options…,

>says kalyx:

alice and arisuchan are teribad

>says seph:

lainchan or alicechan/arisuchan

>says a load of folks in this thread:

we should probably change the name

is there a way we could simply drop having a name alltogether? cause it doesnt look like we have a way to proceed


I'd prefer to take some sort of action and I would hate to think we just wasted our time talking in circles. I believe it's more complicated than a re-branding and aesthetics but I trust the admins to take the next step before things get stagnant.


Please don't name it arisuchan/alicechan



I'll put my metaphorical vote behind alicechan (I'm a fan of Lewis Carroll, what can I say?) with arisuchan a close second.


tohachan (Blame!)
ghostchan (GITS)


Why not both?



File: 1499702256142.jpg (74.9 KB, 800x430, perfect_fucking_blue.jpg)

tfw .org is the avatar we lost control of


have we considered a neuromancer theme?
one like


I can't read this without the phrase "Notice me, Dixie-senpai!" running through my head.


- Blurchan
- greychan

- ohmchan
- blandchan


As far as the morbid symbology and subreptitious references go, I like alice. I agree with >>1084 as well. It could be something more creative than alicechan, like alicenoir or
I like it less chan, less anime-centric, less cultish. As for the aesthetic/recurring theme; you don't enforce culture like it's law, you make culture through your interactions. I think we have enough personality to leave the chan+anime+etc culture behind, and cutting the cord from lainchan could be the transition event. As for the *lain projects, I think they can each discuss the matter and transition at will, if they think that the change can be an evolution for the better. The alizine for example could be less bleeding cyb and more playful, less technical, more /zzz/, etc, alice could be to .jp as .jp is to .org. It's a new perspective, a transition.

Also Kalyx is cyb and fun but this thread is bonkers.
>Kalyx: what should we do with the name?
>everyone: change it to arisuchan or alicechan.
>Kalyx: anything but change it to arisuchan or alicechan, over my dead body.
>everyone: [drama]
>Kalyx: [weird statements]
>everyone: [other ideas and domain names speculation]
>Kalyx: old lainchan was nice
>everyone: ^
>Kalyx: oh no idk what to do
>everyone: change it to arisuchan or alicechan.

>Rainchan as a name would put emphasize on the importance of community precipitation.
It reminds me of that Blade Runner quote about tears in rain or tears in the rain.

>People in that society could be induced to feel debilitating guilt over the slightest social or religious infraction, no matter how innocent by modern standards.
But his tale is up to the eyebrows in drug references. He'd be angry-mob-lynched in that kind of society for publishing that to children.


File: 1499740517023.jpg (50.2 KB, 342x475, 5140N5MTJPL.jpg)

A conversation is bonkers to you?

btw perfect blue was something I considered back in 2014 in parallel to going with lainchan.



One of the great tragedies of life is that the world never saw a Satoshi Kon/David Lynch collaboration.


I agree with all that say "drop the *chan", it'd be a good way to separate the community we have from the soykaffest that is ChanZ.
I don't know anymore what the character of the site is supposed to be. I like the fact that we have a strong technical character, but maybe it's because I'm a computer autists. Maybe we can call ourselves HAKMEM?
Just kidding. >>1208 Perfect Blue is cool too. By the way, I know you're DA GREAT KALYX founder of lainchan n all but… what do the mods, and particularly, our admin Seph-sama think?
This conversation is going nowhere, let's just change the name to or something.


>inb4 gets forked into arisuchan


>By the way, I know you're DA GREAT KALYX founder of lainchan n all but… what do the mods, and particularly, our admin Seph-sama think?
I personally like arisu/alice-chan for all the reasons cited in >>1167 and more, but it's not just about me. I'm not going to break the staff in half over a fucking name.


So half the staff don't want to change the name, yet it looks like the majority of the community do?
Is this site catering to the staff or community, I forget?


Id like to point out the fact that the staff is part of the community, and the community composes the staff.

Looking at this thread it remains difficult to really see the leanings of the community overall, its possible that there are some people who would strongly opine here, but never visit /q and consequently are unaware of this thread, its also possible that there are people who simply see this thread as probably going no where and arent participating even though they do have an opnion on the matters at hand.

We just can't easily evaluate the actual leanings of the community here.


File: 1499968252048.gif (1.7 MB, 350x340, LiruThumbsUp.gif)

I'm down with calling it, it doesn't have the annoying "chan", implies some intellectual content, and all around a great name.


My non existent vote is for Eastern Calculus.


Here's a list of all the ideas I've seen so far, sorry if I missed yours.

* cypherchan
GhostChan >>1048




This thread is pointless.


I really feel like it is, they're taking too long to act and I don't see sign of resolution.


we are busy bruh. Nobody who volunteers here is stretching themselves out too far like we did at old lainchan. Seph especially has been doing irl stuff. Same with me and the others. The name change/not change is not on our top ten list.


File: 1500038575433.jpg (141.57 KB, 1920x1080, [bonkai77] Blame! (2017) [….jpg)

Ah well,


.jp isn't going anywhere. I think we've got plenty of time to sort this out, and it wasn't ever implied that it would be quick.


Eastern Calculus is the best name here. The Wired is the second runner up, I don't like starting with "The"


it's /their/ site. I couldn't care less if they change the name to, the community is different from the handle. That's why we have a nice userbase here after the split and all the drama that it spawned


>Nice userbase
What users?


You, me.


Only us and the mods.


More than two users and this would be mayhem


I like this. It keeps the Lain association, the importance of which has already been discussed, but breaks the Lainchan association. It's also a nice wordplay. And it would satisfy the people who want to break any chan association.

>its possible that there are some people who would strongly opine here, but never visit /q and consequently are unaware of this thread
This is a good point. There's been a lot of suggestions made, and a survey. I think it would be a good idea to either take the survey or make a new one (make sure it does not require JS) and make it a link at the top, under the link to /λ/. It could say something like "We are considering changing Lainchan's name. Please take this survey to let us know which name you like the most." Then, everyone on every board would see it and have a chance to quickly give their input. I would also suggest having options for "No Change" or "Lainchan" and "Other" for the people who do not want a change or do and just do not like any of the suggested names. If "other" is popular, it can be discussed more. Otherwise, whatever gets a lot of support and admin approval could be used, or the top few could get a new survey to decide the final name, etc. It would not take a lot of work and might help get things rolling a little bit.


>>1233 doesn't remotely make me think of lain, but "latin america" instead.


>>1236 (Me)
dumb me, I didn't notice the '' part
irrelevant post so saging the sticky


File: 1500800285978.jpg (134.69 KB, 640x640, divtech-divtechstuff-nstgr….jpg)

Like previous posters stated, I don't think that we have to rush it. Forcing a solution right now might result in an undesirable outcome anyway. Cyberpunk, a fantasy that has become reality, certainly is an influence for the most of us. My feelings about this site is that it should be a refuge from the craziness that is happening in the wired and outside of it (take the battle between the far left and the far right as an example or the ongoing increase of living costs) and at the same time an incubator for solutions, we haven't dreamed of. In my view, we'll be able to come up with a name for this place after at least many months of activity. After a certain amount of time has passed we could take a look at what kind of users are attracted to the site and which kind of content they regularly share and discuss. We can derive a name to summarize the sites activity and describes its prevalent mood while also hinting into the direction that the community has to take.

How about bingeing RL :)


File: 1502047274658.gif (13.29 KB, 213x361, communist_animu.gif)


A reference to the short story "The Library of Babel"[1] by Jorge Luis Borges and its infinite, yet periodic, library (hence the reference to an aleph number)[2].

Alice in the style of >>1075 could be a mascot (no reason to keep just one). That banner is straight-up beautiful.




My votes on alicechan or rainchan.



lol. someone should buy that just as a redirect.


I prefer alicechan to arisuchan, since it's the actual name rather than weebspeak


>I prefer alicechan to arisuchan, since it's the actual name rather than weebspeak

I think they are using both:

>If you look at the banners, some say Arisuchan and other say Alicechan. Some link to and others link to I think it would be more appropriate to have both than just one or the other.


Why does the name have to be "SOMETHING"-chan ? Why not break with convention and give the site a unique name?

There are endless examples you could draw on from Serial Experiments Lain that would be true to the spirit of the site as well as unique.

> It's awkward now that applechan is associating with questionable content like (you know what I mean).

Any time your site has "chan" in the name, normal people will assume there is pedosoykaf.

Normal people cartoons of schoolgirls plastered all over your site and naturally ask, "Why would a grown man collect and share such images?" Since you've basically made a whole fucking site dedicated to an anime about this you should get used to people assuming you're a peedo.


I'm also in favor of a unique name. I'm getting tired of seeing "chan" for image boards.


not to be rude but are we trying to appeal to so called normal people? it seems the theme of this cha– erm, this site is fairly niche, and generally our audience consists of people who will be informed as to the nature of the site by the term chan, not confused unduly offput.

that said, I have nothing in principal against the use of a name other than chan, i just dont really concur with the view that we should avoid such a name on the grounds that it has the term chan. its a description, in this case, its a valid description. there is nothing wrong with honest descriptive names.

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