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Kalyx ######

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ive been having the feels of no gf recently. this time i think ive gotten a little to attached to a character to cope. i dont want to become one of those pathetic weaboos with waifus.


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It's inevitable OP. Just come to the dark side already and get it over with.


You have to understand that gf will not bring happiness into your life, she will not solve any of your problems. She may or may not come later in your life.

Expectations create pain, let yourself free of desire and embrace pain of hard work.


Even aside from that, if you don't stand on your own two feet and make a fulfilling life for yourself you're not really going to attract a woman in the first place. Women generally become a part of the man's life as opposed to the other way around, and men with nothing to offer aren't forgiven of that the way women are


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there are few things as judgemental as a 25-30yo straight women thinking about kids. lgbt people have their own soykaf problems too but nothing has felt quite as devastating as having my friend 'size' me up while drunk. Take care of yourself.


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Also forgot to add that 2d is pure. 2d is life.


>pain of hard work
i would argue that it's actually a freedom


I tried to counter argue that, that it's both freedom and hard work, but I got to the realization that we ( at least for me ) have something broken inside us that grants us fulfillment for hard work, like we need to have purpose or something. Control over me? Fuck that. Better start defying nature.


I know how you feel, lately my forms of escapism aren't really working and I often feel like I'm wasting my life away.

I often just lay in bed at night, thinking about having a cute bf I can cuddle with and tallk about tech and stuff, sadly it will probably never happen.


i know dat feel.
i ve been thinking about it a lot recently, and concluded that i don't really want to do all that games\etc. routine.
nighttime fantasies have become pretty elaborate stories with multiple routes, i think i might try writing VNs soon.
for me, that need for cuddling is nothing but unvented sexual desire, i think actually doing this will become boring pretty soon.


It can become boring, I've never did that and I just desire a partner and a "normal" relationship.

I often fantasize about being a popstar or just someone with talent, I just don't know how to cope with these feelings anymore


i think it's more likely that a normal relationship will be pretty far from the ideal one everyone desires.


Maybe I am still too young, but it seems to me this thread is focusing overly much on the idea of being settled and with money et cetera.

While this is doubtless a nice thing to have, we seem to have yet to see how old our dear friend OP is, or quite the situation with living et cetera.

And, even still, just having a house and a salary does not make you attractive. I have met too many people who seem to think that just because they are reasonably well settled I should be leaping at the chance to have their children.
It really doesn't work like that, or not for most people anyway.


You're kind of proving what >>994 is saying by requiring your potential partner to not just (your exact word there) be well off, but also "extra". (is what I assume your personal preference in personality/looks/favorite gits/etc)

Unless you didn't mean just as what it actually means, in which case, freudian slip.


Well exactly, it's an almost insulting thought that we're all destined for happiness if we go for some sort of 'package' lifestyle. One that COINCIDENTALLY revolves entirely around buying soykaf.

People can and do fall in love without a pot to piss in, so maybe people should do themselves a favour and focus on themselves rather than what they posses or aspire to have.


I think my intent was more to indicate 'well off' ness is one of many factors that contribute to overall attractiveness.

In that case 'just' was intended to mean that someone with only one thing going for them: money, is not terrifically desirable. There are a large number of factors that contribute to desierability, having money is not the base from which all must build so much as just another quality, that for some people doesnt matter much, anyway, especially when compared to questions of compatible personalities.

Doubtless, for everyone quite how these factors are weighted depends, and doubtless over time those weights may change. But at least as I see it, it seldom is quite a checklist where you must have a good job, and you must be cute, and you must do these other things, and far more often how do a large number of factors contribute to making a cool seeming person.

As I said earlier, I am young. it seems to me very likely that someone who is older, perhaps looking to have kids soon, would have more worries about having a solid income source. At my age very few people are actually settled anyway, and consequently my emphasis, and probably the emphasis of many of my peers, would be much more on compatible personalities and interests. In five or ten years if I am still single I may have a different emphasis, we shall see how my life goes till then.


Huh, guess I just hear what I want to hear. Thanks for the reality check.

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