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Kalyx ######

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I start writting this post knowing that nobody will decide for me, but I feel I need to say this to アリスちゃん.

Im a college student (computer engineering). Last year (3rd year), I failed every single subject. This way, Im going to be (surely) dropped from university for 2 years.

I am feeling like I've been having a misconception of life-work-social.
I don't need to be VERY GOOD to get a job. Just being normal and accurate with the job specifications is OK for having one. Now thats ok for me.

I want to live in Japan.. for that, I would need a (VERY recommended) university degree. But I don't think I would even care. Because I would be ok if I work in a factory.
The point is that, anyway, I will be giving 8h or some more, to a company or job. Doing what Im good for (computers), etc, OR working in a repetitive job like a factory, I will end up throwing that 1/3 of my day.
I don't care the money, I don't care if that repetitive job is boring, I dont play games, I dont need a car, Im ok being saver,…
I wouldn't care.

Im good with languages (I really like japanese and I understand it naturally although Im still N4~) but I'll surely need to perform some kind of academic course of it. It would be neccesary for the CV -> Interpretation/Translation jobs. <- 8000$ <- Work.

This 2 years little stop, would be used to learn more, or work, or get driver license… Im don't like that kind of idle life, although I had a really bad year.

Let's say I get a job in a factory there (because there is no visa issues). Just living, paying everything,… 1/3 of the day for sleep , 1/3 for work and 1/3 for personal time (studying jp, computers (im an IT guy, undstand I need to learn more of this everytime xd), )
Let's say that 65% of my wage would be for the rent of the house, 20% bills and food, and 15% for me.
I would be happy for that but it would be really unstable economically.

I didn't want to ask anything really, ……… maybe I just need to say this to アリス。。。
So I would like to hear your experiences if similar.. Thank you.

With Love,
For Alice.


From what I've heard it's hard to get a job in Japan as a foreigner, even manual labor jobs they prefer to hire natives. Without a degree I'm not sure what you could do, you might be able to get a job as an English teachers assistant but I think you usually need to have a degree in something to be considered.


I have non-native friends there. They told me that there is always job and its easy to get one from a factory. He doesn't have degree and doesn't speak jp (N5 or lower level)

Its factible.


File: 1508480520665.gif (751.33 KB, 500x375, nomnom.gif)

>doesn't care about type of work
>doesn't care how boring is the work
>doesn't play games (I assume you're covering any and all hobbies/pastimes that take up significant time and energy)
>doesn't care about pay, willing to live as frugally as is livable
>plans to spend all or most personal time on language learning and training for the job

>wants nothing more than to live in glorious nippon

With all due respect, and without wanting to discourage you from living the life you choose….that soy is kinda fuarked. Are these really your priorities, Alice?


I did the same some 10 years ago … left my job, took my little money and moved to the EU. I stayed there for 8 years then other places until some months ago. Best experience of my life, a major defining factor of my person.

I found work as a webdev for a seedy porn company. If you're at all computer literate, I'd suggest the same, work is easy to come by and decently paying.

If you can at all quickly exit cleanly (drop out, don't fail) from university, do that really really really. The newness of being a foreigner wears off the longer you're there. You can always transfer to another university in the future or reenroll (maybe) or whatever. But if you exit uncleanly, you ruin your life.

Personally, I'd say forget focusing on the language. I found, a large part of the value of a foreigner is in being foreign. You'll never be able to compete on a language / cultural level with locals, you're not a local. But if you capitalize on your strengths you drastically increase your value as a person.

I didn't tell anyone when I left, I just got on the plane and left. Not my family, not my friends. That was a mistake. I think, everyone would not had approved, but in the end ultimately accepted … and having that support is the best.

I think, it is really important to sit down with yourself and really examine exactly why you want to do it and then be able to vocalize it to others. I felt once I had done that, it made my life much easier. Even stupid reasons such as "grow as a person" are OK, but it is a great milestone to be able to clearly articulate where you are in your journey.

Lastly, I found that the first year, or 2 years were amazing. Years 2-3 were meh, then bad. Many of my fellow foreigner friends had the same experience. But your experiences are your own.

Have a good time.



>>doesn't play games (I assume you're covering any and all hobbies/pastimes that take up significant time and energy)

Im not like that xd

>>wants nothing more than to live in glorious nippon

It would make some of my dreams. But Im not that kind of obsessed person.
The point is that I wont be different giving 8h/10h /day to a company working in software or with other, doing some basic work. So, since I don't really care about money, and I'll give X hours daily to a company, I don't really care other things..


Really helpful. That experience is priceless. I'll think what you said. Thank you.

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