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Kalyx ######

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It seems my entire life is just a loop of routines changing gradually over time. I used to spend quite a bit of time on lainchan, then with intermittent periods of looping out of it for other habits. Now, seeing the work put into getting arisuchan off the ground, I feel as if I'm destined to miss out on everything. Does anyone know how to break the loop?


You could quit the Internet for a week and see what happens. If not, try to get a hobby IRL and see what happens. To break a loop takes a massive shift in your habits and it takes a while to cement.


maybe you just need a project in your life. now when I say a project I don't mean "paint this one thing" or "write a short story" or "switch jobs". i'm talking something grand and ambitious that you can work on bits and pieces of until you get too old to do it anymore. it doesn't have to be something you want to finish, or even something you're capable of finishing–in fact, it's better that way, because you never run out of it.


a loop has multiple steps. otherwise it's just a point.
what are the steps you find yourself tuck in?
try to insert a break statement wherever you can.

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