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Kalyx ######

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Does anyone else turn to Anon for comfort?
If so, where do you find them?

I don't ask for much.
I just wanted someone to talk to/at who might listen sometimes
and maybe even care.

Did anyone else rely on mebious?
I don't know where to turn since they both went down..


there is no way to obtain comfort on the internet these days


(This might sound cliché or familiar in someway)

From times to times I start thinking this:

Is it really worth my self, thought and time about others? Or is this the wrong question?
(Search for the root anon, think and think over again, sleepless, search for your truth)

Most of the people throw you over your shoulders, or see you as a form to remind themselves that they are better in someway, or make you their support for a for of twisted defense for themselves, or they decide the easy way [ The cowards way] giving excuses..
(This including you and me)

Truth is not what other people say (Talking about psyche ), but what you impose yourself.

My life is mine, no one can make it worse or better than myself,
I only feel because I can, and I want to…. this said, I decide what I want
I want to be sad, that's fine I said that to myself
I want to be alone, that's fine I said that to myself
I want to be happy, that's fine I said that to myself
the only thing that keeps me from taking a step to fulfill what you want is yourself
people are addicted to their aspect of the world, so much that they decide to sit instead of walk or sleep
you are your only one dictator, you are you, no one can say you are bad nor good, neither yourself.

Life is full of choice, no one can force you, only you can succumb to the predetermined standard of happiness that society has forced upon us, or you can search for what really happiness means to you.
What you really like Anon?
being yourself? thinking for yourself? watching beautiful scenery? Watching movies? hear music?
make music? research random themes?watch anime? programming? basketball? maybe a fandom? maybe I want to
The questions are endless, but the only answer that matters, is yours.

Its your life, you decide, I'm not you, i don't want to force yourself to decide, its yourself the one that decides this stuff, and that is the hard part of life tbh.

Choices, life is choices
Am I happy? Am I sad?
Am I 1 ? Am I 0 ?
Am I True ? Am I False?
What I am? What….

Your problem is not a social problem
is a philosophy one…

I can't say anymore from this point


Many times. Keep your chin up mate. Life might knock your block off.


it'd be nice if more people posted at
just a shame you need to register


I use the internet to pretend I have friends and people who care about me.

Its not uncommon friend. Chat rooms and games always help.


When people say they're there to turn to.
But I don't trust them really, I don't trust my friends.
They shouldn't trust me either actually


I never needed to lie to any of you. Always there for me but always different.


File: 1504811850195.png (663.07 KB, 451x577, IMG_1922.png)

Anyone thinking the internet or 'anon' is there for them must have their head stuck in clouds.
You don't matter to anyone here, nobody gives a soykaf. Stop trying to find reliance in some sort of group or anonymous being you are deluding yourself into believing.

Grow up.
I want summer to end.


I will be your friend. Pretty sure I already am too.


File: 1505070725230.jpg (151.15 KB, 704x500, lain-who's-me.jpg)

I feel bad for anon because i feel bad for myself, and i am anon,
but you're anon too, so i feel bad for you.


I don't know, sometimes when someone posts how they feel someone usually replies with their 2 cents or just tries to relate to show they share a common hardship. You're not alone, someone knows that feeling. I post mine randomly.


Captain Fun over here clearly never into SEL :((


I never really had any friends. One of the few that I did have killed themselves last November, a couple of days before my birthday. It kinda' made me realize that since 2013 or so all I'd done was post on chans. (I dropped out of college around that time).

It's late 2017 now, coming up on the anniversary of their demise and still nothing has really changed. I'd say anons have been there for me but I haven't really spoken about it with anyone.


>I haven't really spoken about it with anyone.
feel free to speak. I'm listening.


I used to, but in the end it's really just a excuse to run away from your life. Everyone needs an escape, but we need to be improving ourselves instead of begging for approval from people who only care for us out of pity.

Every day you need to make yourself just a bit closer to someone that others will genuinely want to be around. If we don't do that then we really will be alone. And worse - we'll deserve it


i'll admit approval is nice sometimes, but mostly i just want someone to have heard me.

>Every day you need to make yourself just a bit closer to someone that others will genuinely want to be around

This is something i never explicitly thought about before.
I think right now i need 2 things:
1. skills like holding a conversation/not making people feel awkward talking to me.
2. figuring out why i have no friends/no one cares.
I think the only way i can do either of these is by spending time with people.
I've been mostly focusing on being in the right situation with the right people,
which, now that i think of it, is probably the best way to improve myself.
I will also try other methods though, now that you mention it. thanks.

If i have to change more than just acquiring new skills,
idk if i want to play this game anyways.


But it is more than acquiring new skills. It means acquiring new and/or improved attributes to manifest from your personality. People skills certainly help(and that's one of the biggest factors in attracting people), but it's more complicated then simply ticking off the boxes on a skills checklist.

You just have to remember that learning relational skills does change you as a person. Changing yourself only seems so astronomically daunting when you forget that learning those life skills, while not the end goal per se, are the first steps and most of the work involved in accomplishing your goal. We are what we do in a profoundly fundamental way.

Keep your chin up, my friend. We all like to calculate these things to death but we have to snap ourselves out of it if we want to get there

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