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Kalyx ######

File: 1503083378092.png (355.72 KB, 584x526, 1474907702653.png)


can you ever feel yourself slipping?

how often?

what triggers it?

do you welcome the decline?


Sure, sometimes. Usually down the stairs.

More often than I'd like.

Me being a dumbass.

No, I hurt my ass a lot.


I feel myself slip once a day

The desire to alter my mind

With open arms


I find myself slipping at random intervals throughout my life.

Whenever I do, I've found the only surefire way to ground myself is community. Why do you think I'm here?

I'll keep coming here until one day I figure my soykaf out, and then I'll still come here for the discussion.


I have a tendancy to fall into weird bad habits if left along too long it seems. Often I simply shake things up, move, alter major aspects of my life. This is not always deliberate, and this does not always help. but perhaps it keeps me from going too far into depression.

In the end I just am crazy. By ignoring what I am supposed to do and just, periodically being very crazy, I keep myself from going crazy.

If you know what I mean wink wink


File: 1513579621613.jpg (422.54 KB, 1584x1222, 1321338729060.jpg)


it only happened once but i've felt it happening for the past few months.

idk why. i realized how easy it'd be to just stop doing everythnig

i feel a strong pull to just let it happen, but i think maybe i shouldn't.



File: 1514647114570.gif (47.49 KB, 393x388, 2earth.gif)

slipping away from reality? yes, very often
slipping from sanity? also yes, but rarely i think.
I guess when realization hits hard and after a few mental breakdowns, I then stray away from thinking of problems with my life and think positive thoughts that make me feel okay for a while.


File: 1522729990401-0.jpg (6 MB, 3840x2160, idk.jpg)

I'm just going to assume I know what you're talking about.

Yeah, I have, maybe three times.

Once I was looking in the mirror and I started to think less and less until there was nothing in my mind.
This continued to the point where my brain wasn't decoding any visual information at all.
Everything was just light and colour, and nothing more. I stared directly in my own eyes without comprehending what I was looking at.

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