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Kalyx ######

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This idea has always fascinated me and I wanted to know what my fellow lains thought. I've been pretty upset about a lot of things going on now and I'm wondering if this would make me feel better or if it'll just fucking suck and make me miserable. I remember reading /k/ threads about it when I was younger and it certainly helped to create the romantic notion of bushcraft I have today. Has anyone gone out into the wilderness to just rough it before? Did you know how long you were going to stay? What did you bring with you. Before the summer ends I want to hike down the highway and just go into the woods somewhere for a bit, find some peace.


I would not think it truly possible to disconnect by hiking down a highway. For a true innawoods experience, try going where there is no highway.

/k/ likes to romanticize innawoods, but most of them are basement dwellers. If you're looking for proper innawoods advice, /out/ is the board to hit up.


i find that even just normal camping rather than completely "roughing it" can be super beneficial. just decide on a weekend, and then that friday night, head to the campground, hike n soykaf, do whatever you want, leave sunday morning. it's super refreshing.


It can be a good experience, but don't fall for the how_to_inawoods.pdf threads about building shelters from sticks, eating weird stuff like you're Bear Grills, and DIYing everything like you're a post-apoc savant caveman. Find a group of people and travel together, or go specifically to a small town or retired community.
>to just rough it
Same, I'd advice you to not do it alone. It's (IMO) much more fulfilling if you have companion. Otherwise you'd go from having too much to having too little.


dont worry about all that bushcraft stuff, its really only for survival situations. just pack a sleeping bag, water m, food check the weather and spend a day wondering around, then find a comfy place to sleep/ waking up in the woods is the best experience/


So if you're in the US I would go to a free campground, these are national forests that don't charge for people to camp there and lets folks pop in with not even so much as a peep from the Forest Service. I think /k/ telling you to rough it like a caveman is bit stupid, but bring some crackers, jerky and a case of beer, just be responsible. There's a lot of nasty wildlife where I live so I'd sleep in my car, but if you don't have to worry about that you should be fine wandering around, get a walking stick if there's inclines, because it can let you check out if its safe to step somewhere.


Yes. Good stuff. I generally prefer to operate out of my vehicle when innawoods but I have started learning bushcrafting, some ultralight hiking/camping skills, etc. to support some of my other hobbies. I don't really buy the 'roughing it' bit though, roughing it means you're doing something wrong heh.

As for skills building; go follow this dude on youtube. Published author, relatively well regarded, blah blah blah. That and I find his channel really relaxing. And yes the early videos are recorded on a potato.


File: 1501259122073-0.png (484.9 KB, 1000x1200, Kinwoodspt3.png)

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I got you lainon. I will dump some general info-graphics.


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If you use an android device, I recently found an "app" called "Offline Survival Guide". It compiles a good deal of information such as that posted in this thread.


You really need to practice this stuff, doing it in your backyard following instructions is different to doing it in a forest at 6pm with a light drizzle and you're tired and your fingers are freezing up because you done goofed and got distracted and left setting up camp too late.

Or worse; you're stranded/injured and now trying to setup camp in soykaf conditions.

Things like starting a fire can get very difficult in soykaf conditions if you haven't practiced.



Good channel. Him and Dave Canterbury are my two main channels I follow for this stuff.


OP, maybe try to do some hiking. Do some shorter one day routes and then advance on some serious hiking paths.

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