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Hey so I have this sort of theory or take on the relationship between hunger, boredom and loneliness.

I'm not gonna focus on what hunger is, but I get strong vibes of "change" and "void" from it. It seems to be intrinsic to living things, it allows the thing to remain active and in control, in contrast to things that do not eat and are thus just animated by external forces. Think of food, fuel, electricity, sunlight. Think of how humans seek out their food and managed to create objects that cannot seek out their own food - thus we retain the control over them, by denying or providing their food/fuel.
More complex, higher level lifeforms seem to have increasingly complex forms of hunger. While simple cellular things or light bulbs just nom stuff reflexively, mammals or hybrid powred cars have various behaviors to control when and how much food they eat which adapts to the situation. Both your dog and your car will communicate to you with increasing effort that they are hungry and they need that food - though the dog will likely seek it out itself while the car is forced to collapse predictably.
While food does have to have certain composition, its intake is still quantity-based. You eat five apples, okay. You get hungry again, you can eat five more. You can keep doing this for a pretty damn long time too. So this is where boredom starts to stick out.

While eating apples will keep chasing your hunger away based on quantity of consumption, boredom isn't digesting the material of the apple - it is digesting the pattern, type, idea, the quality of the apple. Once boredom has digested "apple", you are fucked - you can keep eating apples all you want, the pattern hunger that is boredom will not leave you. What may have been hundreds of apples to your hunger is just one meal to your boredom. The meal is digested, eating the same thing is still that meal that is already gone. You need a meal of a different quality, a different pattern. So you start eating oranges. Or you make apple pie. Or you just stop eating altogether and this new pattern of "I'm hungry as fuck" will satiate your boredom - not to mention the third pattern of "end of starvation" once you start eating apples again.

But as time goes on, boredom will eventually digest the "apples - starvation - end of starvation" pattern as well, and now you're even more royally fucked than before.
So that is it, boredom gnawing at any and all things that happen in your life, making sure you feel the hunger for new patterns once your situation becomes repetetive. You can eat new food every day, but eventually even the act of eating new food every day will become boring. You can try drugs, but you'll beome tolerant and it won't be a new sensation any more. You can learn stuff, watch movies, listen to music, do sports, travel… it doesn't fucking matter, boredom will eventually digest it all, as long as you have enough IQ to notice the patterns you inevitably follow. And once you run out of nice things to help satiate your boredom, you'll start to do dangerous stuff, perhaps get into situations that can potentially kill you just so you can avoid the psychological famine of boredom. Whatever you do, your ability to feed your boredom is limited.

And that is where others come into the picture. Other humans - and groups of them even moreso - are more complex than you. You do not stand a realistic chance to always predict them, thus eventually they will surprise you - a delicious meal for your boredom. You can learn about people, keep learning about them every day, and still they will surprise you. Perhaps not all the time, but eventually.
Unlike any other thing on this planet they are very much like you and can understand and guess your mood and needs pretty well, sometimes even better than you can. They can entertain or annoy you without active effort on your side - I mean come on I'm writing this long ass text and none of you asked or made me do it.
People are the meat and protein of your boredom diet. Without people, you'll just be eating soy, veggies and pasta all day every day. You'll have to go through the tiresome process of planting, watering, harvesting, processing and cooking it, and you'll get exactly what you worked for. What is that compared to the thrill of a hunt, where your meal is running/fighting for its life? You may even find a cute thing that flies at you and literally holds its neck to your teeth, ready to entertain, annoy, drag you around indefinitely just at the price of your attention.

Once you get used to that, the whole tending of the veggie garden gets digested by boredom in weeks. You're a hunter now, and your social boredom-belly needs delicious other-people meat to not feel hungry. But you notice that you don't have time or energy for people these days, they seem to avoid you for some reason. Before you know it, they're all gone, and you have no meat to feed your boredom. You haven't tended your veggie garden for a while and it's mostly dead, so you can't even go back to your vegan boredom meal of hobbies and studies and sports so easily. Your economy of boredom has collapsed, and you're facing a famine that won't be leaving any time soon: you're lonely.


wow, good point anon. I totally agree. Bump so more people can see this thread

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