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Kalyx ######

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Share a short experience you recently had.

> At McDonald's, moth similar to pic related starts flying around all they lights near me.

> Flies into one of those bug trap lights.
> stuck in the sticky stuff, I can hear its wings continue to flap as it tries to get free.
> the light is up high and I would half to pull up a chair to get to it, also i imagine if i tied to pull it free it would probably pull off what ever limb is stuck in the sticky goo.
> sorry moth.
> it somehow gets out on its own and lands on my leg.
> Ive got one shot at this!
> quickly and gently cup hands around moth and bring it outside where it flies away into the night.


I should have helped it sooner. but I'm happy it survived.


late night drive

friend is driving

falling asleep

right near the ocean

look at the bright bright moon and the stars and they light up the ocean

so pretty

feel a need to appreciate this moment

so many beautiful moments like that get lost with nobody to appreciate them


bruh moment


>browsing youtube
>suggested video about a guy who keeps butterflies and moths
>watch it
>think very clearly, "you know, big moths are cool as fuck"
>imediately a huge moth flies in through my window
>moths are based mind readers.


explains why the moth chose to land on me since a had the intention to bring it outside.


>laying on my floor
>lift my chin and look directly behind me at my window
>this window has blinds that are closed, but there was one blind that was stuck open. this created a single slit that allowed me to see the outside
>focus on this slit
>see against a clear blue sky a single plane gently gliding across the sky
>perfectly align with that single 2" slit, from one end to the next
>can't hear it. only see it.
>disappears, leaving nothing but blue sky

That moment got me thinking about chance. How if I hadn't just so happened to be laying on my floor at that exact angle. At that exact moment. If that blind hadn't been stuck in that exact spot. If I hadn't looked up.
I wouldn't have seen that.

How often do you think you miss out on things, big or small, just because you don't do something that seems so innocuous, so innocent?


File: 1566375527145.jpg (80.22 KB, 500x491, feeling it.jpg)


>tell a couple, which are my friends, how cute and nice they are
>they both tell me that in that regard they can't even compete with me
>they also tell me that last night they were talking about me, how they loved me because i was always true to myself, not changing myself for others


Oddly inspirational, poetic.


Thanks, you made me smile (:
Good health and luck too you.

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